7 Fun Zoom Birthday Party Ideas - How to Have a Virtual Birthday Party

7 Fun Zoom Birthday Party Ideas: How to Have a Virtual Birthday Party

7 Fun Zoom Birthday Party Ideas: How to Have a Virtual Birthday Party

Parties may be cancelled but celebrations are not. Due to recent social distancing guidelines, birthday parties have been put on hold. However, many little kids don’t understand why and may have a hard time accepting that they have to miss out on tradition birthday party festivities. While we can’t necessarily celebrate in person, we can still connect virtually. If you’re wondering how to have a virtual birthday party, check out these seven fun Zoom birthday party ideas.

How to Have a Virtual Birthday Party

First and foremost, you will need to decide on the best technical tool to actually host your virtual birthday party. I highly recommend using Zoom which is a free video chat tool available for both computers and mobile devices.

Once installed, you can schedule a call and invite people via email or by sending a link. It is best to set your Zoom with a password to ensure no unwanted visitors pop in. If it’s your first time using Zoom, be sure to do a test run before the party date and try it out to troubleshoot any issues. Here are some great tutorials on How to Use Zoom if you need help.

How to Have a Virtual Birthday Party

Sending Virtual Party Invitations

Like any typical party, after choosing your date/time, you’ll then want to create party invitations. Paperless Post offers a whole line of custom virtual invitations and plenty of other mailable options. Etsy also provides custom digital files which can be emailed. If you’re more crafty, create a beautiful invite in Canva for free and use it to create a Facebook event to invite friends and family.

Choosing a Virtual Birthday Party Theme

The next step in planning your child’s virtual birthday party is finding a theme. After sharing my tips for planning your Zoom Birthday Party, I will list seven fun party ideas for your child including decoration ideas, party games and activities and ways to make it fun for your virtual guests as well as the birthday child.

Decorate Your Home for a Birthday Party

Even though the guests are attending “virtually” you will still want to decorate your home to make the party feel authentic. Most Party City stores are still open for curbside (no contact) pick up which means you can still get birthday balloons, plates, cups, banners, etc. Amazon is another great option for party supplies as long as you order with extra time to spare.

Virtual Birthday Party Ideas

Dress the Part

Just because guests aren’t attending in person, doesn’t mean you can’t dress up! Wear those matching shirts, dress in fancy clothes or invite little guests to wear their princess best for the virtual party. Purchasing a new dress or outfit for the birthday girl/boy is another great way to make them feel extra special for their celebration.

Make a Birthday Cake

It’s not a birthday party without some yummy treats! Try planning a special meal just for your family before the party officially starts. You can deliver cupcakes to guests’ mailboxes (or porch) the morning of the party. Another fun idea is to host a cake baking contest for all of the attendees. It’s a great way for each family to spend time together in the kitchen and gives everyone a piece of cake to eat after singing happy birthday.

Virtual Birthday Party

Plan Virtual Party Activities

Just like a normal birthday party, you will want to organize a few fun activities for the kids to do together. A virtual scavenger hunt, game of charades, any type of contest, or an easy DIY craft are all great ideas to keep the kids engaged and having fun together. Another option is to hire a professional. Birthday entertainers are struggling right now, but many have pivoted to provide virtual services to their clients. Hire a princess character, magician, clown, scientist, animal specialist, etc to add extra entertainment to your Zoom Birthday Party.

It’s also important to take into account that your child may not want a ton of activities. Would they rather speak one-on-one with each guest? Or perhaps talk to long distance family members before or after meeting with their friends? Be sure to ask your child to ensure that they don’t feel overwhelmed with too many guests to talk to at once. A good rule of thumb is to keep the guest count to the same age as the child. So for a 5-yr-old only invite 5 guests (or less).

Send Something

Kids absolutely love receiving mail. Ask your guests beforehand to create a handmade birthday card to send to the birthday child to open during the party. If guests want to give a present, ensure they can drop it off or mail it ahead of time. After the party, send out a sweet thank you card or fun little “party favor” to your child’s friends who are able to attend.

Throwing a Virtual Birthday Party via Zoom

7 Fun Zoom Birthday Party Ideas

I love planning themed birthday parties. A fun theme can definitely elevate a traditional birthday and create a more memorable experience for the birthday child and their guests. These seven fun birthday party themes are perfect for a Zoom birthday and include activity ideas and links to help make planning a bit easier.

1. Virtual Spa Birthday Party

Everyone needs a little relaxation, especially right now. Deliver “spa kits” to each guest before the party starts including a facial, nail polish and fun favor like a bath bomb or sleep mask. Play some tranquil relaxing music in the background. Invite all guests to wear their pajamas or favorite bathrobe to the call.

Virtual Spa Birthday Party

Let the kids apply their facial and giggle while watching each other. You can have each parent paint their own child’s nails or for older kids, they can paint them on their own. You can add glitter or nail art stickers to the kits as well. If you want to add on an easy craft (include the items in the “spa kits”), try something like this DIY Lipgloss or Body Glitter. For more party fun, add another screen with karaoke (simply search for karaoke videos on YouTube) and let the kids jam out to their favorite music.

2. Red Carpet Movie Premiere Party

Invite everyone to arrive in their award show best, fancy dresses and accessories are a must! Have the kids make their own microphone from a toilet paper roll and give them “Red Carpet” questions to interview each other. Play celebrity trivia based on your child’s favorite stars. After giving them plenty of time to chat and sing happy birthday during the “pre-show”, encourage them to hit the concession stand and grab some popcorn.

 Red Carpet Movie Premiere Party

Finally, choose a favorite movie on Netflix and have all guests start it at the same time. They can comment and laugh together while watching the movie. If you want to provide a “movie kit” to deliver to each guest include a package of popcorn, box of movie candy, and a fancy pair of sunglasses.

3. Zoom Princess Party

Encourage guests to wear their favorite princess dress or outfit. Depending on the theme, choose a fun and easy Disney Princess craft the kids can make with items they have at home. You can even deliver a princess wand, tiara and mini make-up kit to guests ahead of time.

Zoom Princess Party

Invite a princess to do a virtual video call with the kids. Most princess party entertainers are currently offering characters who will do story time, activities and even sing to you child and her guests.

4. Virtual Slime Birthday Party Ideas

Despite it being messy, kids LOVE slime! Provide each of your guests with a slime kit to mix their own batch while on the call. Let each child be creative by adding their own color, scent, glitter or texture to their slime batch.

Virtual Slime Birthday Party Ideas

Plan a few fun ‘Minute to Win It’ style games just give the parents a head’s up on what common household items are needed before the call starts.

5. Zoom Dance Party for Kids

If your child loves to dance, this might be the perfect idea for you! Make a custom mix of her favorite songs to play during the party. Contact a local dance studio (maybe even a babysitter or family friend with dance experience). Ask if they can create an easy to learn dance to teach the guests (for a small payment).

Alternatively, you could find an easy YouTube tutorial to play on the Zoom call. Even videos of ‘Just Dance’ games are great for kids to follow along. Check out these fun dance games for kids. Add in some cool lights or give each guest a pack of glow sticks before the party and turn the lights off for a good time!

6. Superhero Virtual Birthday Party

This theme is a great idea for a party with both boys and girls. Download and print a superhero mask template and have guests design their own mask to wear. This craft for DIY superhero cuffs from toilet paper rolls is really neat too. Play Superhero Bingo with everyone or fill out this fun mad lib sheet.

Superhero Virtual Birthday Party

Play popular superhero music and ask the kids to guess which hero the song belongs to. You can also hire an appearance from a real life superhero. Check your local party company or ask cosplayers who may be willing to do it for cheap (or free).

7. Online Baking Party

Deliver cake mixes and frosting sets (don’t forget the sprinkles)to each guest. Host a baking contest between all the virtual attendees and let them bake together. While cakes are in the oven, play a fun sleepover type game like this one. If the kids are younger, bake cupcakes ahead of time and just include decorating supplies.

Online Baking Party

Let the kids design their own dessert masterpieces and choose fun titles for each such as “Best Use of Color”, “Coolest Design”, or “Bakers Choice”. Make a list of titles beforehand and let the birthday girl assign awards. Once the baking and decorating is complete, sing Happy Birthday and have each kid enjoy their work of art.

Plan Your Virtual Birthday Party

Although parties look a little different right now, there are still lots of ways to make it fun and memorable for your child and their friends. While we can’t necessarily celebrate in person, we can still connect virtually. I hope these Zoom birthday party ideas are inspiring for your own celebration.

Need party printables to make your child’s virtual birthday party extra special? Check out these themes that I’ve shared about in the past.

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7 Fun Zoom Birthday Party Ideas: How to Have a Virtual Birthday Party


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