She Ra Birthday Party Ideas + Free Printables

For my daughter’s fourth birthday, she wanted a She-Ra and the Princesses of Power themed party based on the popular Netflix original series by Dreamworks. I must preface this post by stating that She-Ra birthday party supplies are so rare and hard to find. There are some retro She-Ra items available online, but they do not reflect the current look of the characters in the Netflix show.

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I did find a post from one of my favorite bloggers, Mama’s Geeky, on a former She-Ra watch party she hosted, but other than that, this party had to be created from scratch. My daughter sure knows how to challenge my party planning skills but she has some good ideas too! She even helped me come up with the food ideas and the whole cake concept. Read on to see how this party came together.

She Ra Birthday Party

She Ra Birthday Supplies & Party Decoration

As I mentioned before, She-Ra birthday party supplies are so difficult to fin, so I spent a lot of time creating printable designs to incorporate the characters into our party decor. If your child is having a She Ra Birthday Party, you can download the digital file at the end of this post. Hopefully that saves you a lot of time! We went with a blue galaxy color palette with pops of gold and red (like She Ra’s costume). For the food table, I used this backdrop frame, teal curtains and a galaxy print vinyl backdrop from my daughter’s Star Wars Jedi Princess themed 3rd birthday. My daughter decided she wanted a table for the guests to sit at themed after Mermista, Perfumia and Frosta. We incorporated a few elements to represent each.

She Ra Birthday Party with Mermista, Perfuma and Frosta

Princess of Power: She-Ra Princess Birthday Party Activities

My daughter was very insistent on a ‘make-up’ station so we themed that to Glimmer with lots of sparkles. The station included make-up, nails and comb in tiaras for all the guests to keep. We also found foam swords at the Dollar Tree and made a She-Ra Sword Station. I purchased press on gems and foam stickers from Hobby Lobby so they were easily decorated by little hands.

Party Food Inspired by She Ra Characters

As I mentioned before, my daughter had lots of great ideas about party food. Together, we came up with one food item for each character including:

  • Entrapta’s Mini Hotdogs (since she only eats mini foods in the show)
  • Frosta’s Sweet Treats (marshmallows and rock candy)
  • Glimmer’s Sparkle Sandwiches (made using baking glitter dust to color the bread)
  • Swiftwind Veggies
  • Sorpia’s Poison Punch
  • Bow’s Chicken Wings
  • Mermista’s Seashell Mac & Cheese
  • Perfuma’s Fruit Salad

Stacked Rainbow Birthday Cake

My daughter requested a rainbow galaxy cake for her She-Ra birthday party. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of the inside of the cake, but it came out pretty cool. Generally, I am not one who thrives in the kitchen, so I was pretty proud of this cake. I mixed three boxes of white cake mix and divided the batter into six bowls, stirred in food coloring to make red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. I then baked all six layers in different pans. Once completely cooled, I stacked the cake layers using buttercream frosting and also frosted the entire outside of the cake. I smoothed everything out and put the cake in the fridge to set overnight.

How to Make a Galaxy Cake

The next morning, I followed this tutorial for how to make a galaxy cake glaze. It was surprisingly very easy! I must say, it’s important to keep a close watch on the stove though because it goes from nothing to boiling super quick. Straining the liquid is also VERY important. I divided the glaze and added food coloring to get the colors I wanted. Once cooled to the proper temperature, I crossed my fingers and poured it over the cake. It worked perfectly and left such a cool galaxy look on the cake. I added some sparkly sprinkles and put it in the fridge to ensure it set properly.

She Ra Cake Topper

The She-Ra cake topper is made from a printable file (link shared at the bottom of this post) hot glued to wooden skewers to stick into the cake. I didn’t put the topper into the cake until right before guests arrived because I really wanted to ensure the glaze was set and refrigerated for as long as possible. The cupcakes were made with the leftover batter, just in case the glaze ended up being a disaster. I created the character cupcake toppers with tooth picks and a 1.5″ paper punch to match the theme.

DIY She Ra Costume

In addition to a lack of She-Ra themed party supplies, it is also near impossible to find a kids She-Ra costume, so we improvised. I created this She-Ra Logo file and uploaded it to my Circut Design Space. I cut the image on gold glitter heat transfer vinyl and then a-fixed it to a plain white tank top using my Cricut Heat Press. We paired this shirt with white shorts (found at Wal-Mart), a red cape, gold combat boots, and an Elena of Avalor tiara (all of which my daughter already had). The sword she is holding is actually a Wonder Woman sword.

She-Ra Characters

It’s not a birthday party unless a character shows up! I’m so lucky to know so many awesome and talented people. My friend Jessica loves to cosplay and already shared with me her love for the She-Ra Netflix show. She also happens to have a friend from Colorado who already planned to be in town during my daughter’s party and also owned a Glimmer cosplay outfit too. Together, they brought the characters to life and made my daughter’s birthday party so special. She still talks about how she loved doing make-up with Glimmer and making swords with She-Ra!

She Ra Costume
You can check out more of their cosplays on Instagram at @whimsicalwishescosplay and @tshrimp123

Download She Ra Party Printables

If your child wants a She Ra birthday party, be sure to download my high quality printables below! These printable designs are for personal use only. The download includes:

  • Cake Topper
  • Cupcake Toppers
  • Pre-filled Food Cards
  • Frosta 4×6
  • Mermista 4×6
  • Perfuma 4×6
  • Glimmer Makeup 4×6
  • She Ra Sword Making 4×6
  • Happy Birthday Sign 4×6
  • She Ra Galaxy 4×6



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