Amazing Pirate Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Ahoy, mateys! Last year, I planned an unforgettable pirate-themed birthday party for my daughter’s 6th birthday, and it was such a blast! With lots of decorations and fun ideas, we transformed my parents pool area into a high-seas adventure that had all the little pirates grinning from ear to ear. See more of our past parties here.

Invitations: Setting the Stage for Adventure

To start the fun, we sent out treasure map invitations. They looked like ancient scrolls, leading the way to our pirate ship (aka the backyard pool). It was a great way to get the kids excited for the big day.

Transforming the Pool Area for a Pirate Themed Birthday Party

Our pirate decorations included a jolly roger flag, pirate hats, and eye patches for all the party guests. We used a mix of thrift stores and the local party store to find pirate flags, wooden crates, and pirate-themed decor. The back porch was decked out in sea foam greens and teals, creating the perfect setting for our little buccaneers.

To really bring the pirate theme to life, we hung pirate flags around the pool area and draped red fabric to give it a nautical feel. Wooden crates were stacked to resemble treasure chests, and we scattered plastic coins and gold nuggets around for an authentic touch. 

I found some great pirate party supplies at the dollar store, including pirate hooks, fake gold coins, and pirate gear for the kids to wear. The place settings featured pirate paper plates and matching napkins, and we used red and black striped tablecloths to tie everything together.

To add a splash of color, I used lots of balloons to create a balloon arch in sea foam green, black and gold. I also created a fun photo booth area with a pirate-themed backdrop and props, like pirate hats, swords, and pirate hooks, which was a big hit with both kids and parents.

The dessert table was a real showstopper, adorned with pirate ship cupcakes and a pirate ship cake. We even had a treasure chest filled with faux gems and a bedazzled number 6, adding to the treasure hunt excitement. Overall, the decorations turned our pool area into a pirate’s paradise, making the party a lot of fun for everyone!

Fun Stations and a Treasure Hunt

The highlight of the party was the treasure hunt with stations and fun clues. Here’s how we did it:

  1. Dress-Up Station: As soon as the guests arrived, they got to dress up in pirate gear with swords, pirate hooks, eye patches, and bandanas. They all looked ready to sail the high seas!
  2. Sand Bottle Art: We had dolphin shaped sand bottles for all the kids and various colors of sand for them to make their own sand art.
  3. Walk the Plank Station: A wooden beam served as our plank, and the kids had a lot of fun testing their balance.
  4. Mermaid Station: A real-life mermaid read a pirate story and did tattoos for all the kids. This was definitely a favorite idea for the little ones.
  5. Treasure Box Pinata: The treasure hunt ended with a treasure box pinata filled with fun prizes like bead necklaces, ring pops, and chocolate gold coins.

Each station had clues that led the kids to the next clue, and seeing them solve each part of the scavenger hunt was a great way to keep them entertained.

Delicious Pirate Food Ideas

For the food table, we had plenty of pirate party food ideas. The main attraction was a pirate ship cake, which I made using chocolate cupcakes and a pirate paper plate sail. The top of the cake was decorated with pirate cupcake toppers and lots of chocolate icing.

We also served:

  • Pirate Booty: Popcorn.
  • Pirate Grub: Grilled chicken and hot dogs.
  • Seashell Mac and Cheese: A cheesy delight shaped like seashells.
  • Pirate Puffs: Cheetos.
  • Fish and Chips: Goldfish crackers with chips and salsa.
  • Seaweed Salad: A fun and healthy green salad.
  • Ocean Punch: A tropical mix of coconut and pineapple juice with blue Hawaiian punch.
  • Swashbuckler Sweet Tea: Refreshing sweet tea perfect for the high seas.

Party Favors: Sending Guests Home with Treasure

Each party guest went home with loot bags filled with pirate treasure. The loot bags included plastic coins, gold doubloons, chocolate gold coins, pirate hooks, and pirate name tags.

We got most of the pirate party supplies from the dollar store and Amazon. The Amazon Services LLC Associates Program was a great help in finding affordable items without extra cost.

Final Touches: Photo Booth and Party Details

No party is complete without a photo booth! We set up a pirate-themed photo booth with props like pirate hats, pirate flags, and fake gold coins. It was a hit with both the kids and parents.

For place settings, I used pirate paper plates and napkins. The dessert table was adorned with chocolate cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes, each with little pirate-themed toppers.

A Good Time for All at a Pirate Themed Birthday Party

Overall, the pirate birthday party was a huge success. Seeing the joy on my daughter’s face and hearing the laughter of all the little pirates made all the party planning worth it. If you’re thinking of throwing a pirate-themed party, I hope these ideas inspire you. Happy birthday to your little buccaneer, and may your party be filled with lots of fun and buried treasure!

Free Pirate Party Printables

No pirate-themed birthday party is complete without some fun printables to add extra charm and excitement. Here are some free party printables that you can easily download and use to enhance your pirate party:


  • Pirate Banners: “Happy Birthday” banners with pirate designs to hang around the party area.
  • Pirate Signs: 8×10 and 4×6 signs
  • Pirate Circles: Circles for favor tags or cupcake toppers

Activities and Games

  • Treasure Hunt Clues: Ready-made clues for your treasure hunt to guide the kids from one station to the next. These clues even rhyme and are crafted to sound just like real pirate-speak!

Food Labels

  • Pirate Party Food Labels: Fun labels for all your pirate-themed snacks, like “Pirate Booty” for popcorn and “Fish and Chips” for goldfish crackers and chips.
  • Drink Labels: Labels for “Ocean Punch” and “Swashbuckler Sweet Tea” to wrap around your drink bottles.
  • Water Bottle Labels


These printables are a great way to add a personal touch to your party without extra cost. Download them, print them out, and get ready to set sail on an unforgettable adventure!

Enjoy planning your pirate party, and may your little buccaneers have a jolly good time!

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