Toy Story Birthday Party Ideas

Toy Story Birthday Party Ideas + Free Printables

Toy Story Birthday Party Ideas + Free Printables

Hey howdy hey, we’re celebrating a first birthday! My daughter Aria turned one this year and we wanted to celebrate with a fun and unique theme. The Toy Story franchise has always been one of our family’s favorite movies and was the perfect way to commemorate her first birthday.

Here are my Toy Story birthday party ideas. Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom to access my Toy Story free printables too!

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Toy Story Birthday Party Ideas

Fun Toy Story Party Ideas: Birthday Decor

For her Toy Story Birthday, I used the primary colors of red, yellow and sky blue. I love using a stand alone back drop for parties, especially behind the food table. It makes it so easy to set up and clean up. Pair with curtains in your party theme and you’re ready to party.

Here is a fun Toy Story themed backdrop from Amazon if you want something easy. Toy Story Birthday Party Ideas

On the food table, I worked in lots of western touches, like these mini bales of hay, burlap and lots of bandana print fabric. Another party planning trick is to use boxes underneath the tablecloth to help give your food table height and variation.

I used Woody, Jessie and Bullseye Toy Story toys from when I was a kid, which my girls both play with now. I made the banner using a variety of different colored ribbon.

They’re tied onto a strip of twine to string across the backdrop. I made the “1” from blue felt and a few layers of additional white felt pieces for the clouds.

Toy Story Birthday Party Ideas

The red monkeys hanging on the backdrop were cut from glitter paper on my Cricut. Lastly, I made the ‘ONE’ from Paper Mache letters from Hobby Lobby.

I painted them to look like Jessie, Buzz Lightyear and Woody. Overall, I loved the way our Toy Story Birthday Party food table came out.

Toy Story Birthday Party Table Centerpiece

Toy Story Snack Ideas & Birthday Party Foods

There are so many fun ways to incorporate the Toy Story theme into party food. Themed food is a fun way to make a party really come to life!

Check out these easy Toy Story Party food ideas to make your themed party a hit!

At our Toy Story First Birthday, we served Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets, named “Sarge’s Chicken Nuggets”. I positioned oversized green army men from the Dollar Tree around the platter. There were also some ‘repelling’ down the backdrop for some added character.

Toy Story Birthday Party Food Ideas

Also, we had Hamm’s Ham and Cheese platter, Slinky Dog’s Mac & Cheese (made with spiral pasta) and Mr & Mrs Potato Head’s Potato Chips & Dip.

Toy Story Birthday Party Food Ideas

I created ‘There’s a Snake in My boot’ Jello cups with a gummy worm (or gummy snakes!) and glitter cut out cowboy boots to look like Woody’s boots. These were such a big hit with the little guests!

Toy Story Birthday Party Food Ideas

In addition, I made Alien Marshmallow pops using a water spray bottle and food coloring. Once dry, I added the eyes with a little green frosting and the black mouths with glitter black gel icing.

Toy Story Birthday Party Food Ideas

We also had a make your own pizzas station with a fun sign that said “Pizza Planet” to play into the Toy Story theme. I’ve also seen some moms make a Pizza Planet sticker to put on normal delivery pizza boxes.

Don’t forget to download these party food cards as part of my Toy Story free printables package!

Toy Story Cupcakes Birthday Party Ideas

Buzz Lightyear Birthday: Out of this World Drink Station

It’s always fun to present the drinks in a creative and themed way. The Toy Story Birthday Party drink station was Buzz Lightyear themed in green and purple.

I made alien eyes for the Green Punch, made from Mountain Dew, Sprite and Green Hawaiian Punch.

Buzz Lightyear Birthday: Out of this World Drink Station

The Alien cups, purchased from the Dollar Tree, had glued on googly small eyes (also from Dollar Tree). We also served Sweet Tea, titled “To Infini-TEA and Beyond”.

Toy Story Birthday Party Drink Ideas and toy story free printables
Buzz Lightyear Birthday: Out of this World Drink Station

Toy Story Birthday Party Photo Props

No party is complete without some fun photos. I created this backdrop with a queen size blue flat sheet and cloud cutouts made from white paper pinned on.

The block letters are made from $0.98 boxes from Walmart. I flipped them inside out before painting them and then free handed the letters.

Toy Story Birthday Party Photo Props

In addition, I made an Etch-e-Sketch out of a red piece of foam board and two Tubberwear bowls spray painted white. I purchased the Woody cowboy hats from the Dollar Tree.

These photo props were fun for fans of all ages and added a touch of magic to our party.

Toy Story Birthday Party DIY Photo Props

I added twine woven around the edge and some felt around the crown. Lastly, the Buzz Lightyear piece was the most involved. I made it from a diaper box and painted by hand.

It was so much fun to try on and a huge hit at our Toy Story themed birthday party.

Toy Story Birthday Party Photo Props

Toy Story 1st Birthday Party Ideas & Cake Smash

It’s not a first birthday without a cake smash. After all our guests finished eating, we removed the food from the table and placed my daughter’s highchair right in the middle so everyone could see.

She loved her cake and it made for super cute pictures.

Toy Story 1st Birthday Party Ideas & Cake Smash
Toy Story 1st Birthday Party Ideas & Cake Smash
Toy Story 1st Birthday Party Ideas & Cake Smash

Toy Story Free Printables Download

We had so much fun celebrating Aria’s Toy Story 1st Birthday Party. If you’re planning a Toy Story Birthday Party yourself, I hope these ideas are helpful. Join my VIP Facebook group to access my free Toy Story birthday party printables, including:

  • Food Cards: Hamm’s Ham and Cheese, Slinky Dog Mac & Cheese, Sarge’s Chicken Nuggets and Mr Potato Chips
  • 5×7 ‘There’s a Snake in my Boot’
  • 5×7 Happy Birthday
  • 4×6 Alien ‘I have been chosen’
  • 4×6 Buzz ‘To Inifini-TEA and Beyond’

Follow this link to join:</a>

Answer the questions and once approved, you’ll be granted access. Click on “files” to see all free printables for check out the pinned post. Hope your Toy Story party is out of this world! Have you visited Toy Story Land at Disney World?

Toy Story First Birthday Ideas
Toy Story Birthday Party for Aria’s First Birthday


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