Best Frozen Birthday Party Ideas + Free Printables

Best Frozen Birthday Party Ideas + Free Printables

Everything you need for a magical Frozen Birthday Party Celebration PLUS Frozen Party food labels free printable download

Welcome to a world of enchantment and ice with my “Frozen” themed party guide, perfect for the little Frozen fan in your life! From Olaf noses to Elsa crowns, I’ve got you covered with easy food ideas, DIY decor, and thrifty party favors, all accompanied by free printable Frozen food labels to make your Frozen birthday party truly magical.

​I have hosted over one hundred Frozen themed parties with my party planning company, plus two Frozen parties for my own girls. Here are the best ideas to help make your party a success!

Enchanting “Frozen” Food Ideas

Delight your guests with themed snacks that are as easy to make as they are fun to eat. Serve “Olaf Noses” (carrot sticks) and “Sven Antlers” (pretzel sticks) alongside blue jello for a cool, icy treat.

Make your party food stand out with my Frozen party food labels free printable, turning simple dishes into party favorites. Download food labels and tent cards to mark each dish with names inspired by the beloved movie.

​Here are the foods we had at my daughter’s party:

  • Melted Snowman (bottled water)
  • Marshmallow’s Powdered Donuts
  • Sandwiches
  • Frozen Hearts (White Chocolate Covered Strawberries)
  • Hmmm Chocolate Chip Muffins
  • Olaf’s Nose (carrots)
  • Olaf’s Mix (pretzels, marshmallows, chocolate chips and churro sticks)
  • Yoohoo (Big Summer Blowout) Drinks

DIY “Frozen” Decor That Sparkles

Transform your party space into a Frozen wonderland with DIY decorations that won’t break the bank. Create a blizzard of paper snowflakes and hang them from the ceiling, and use blue streamers to mimic the Northern lights of Arendelle. 

Craft a stunning backdrop with pretty blues, silver and purple. Include large snowflake decorations and images of Elsa & Anna, easily found at craft stores or made at home. These simple touches bring the Frozen theme to life, creating a magical setting for your party.

I created a sparkly “3” and spelled my daughter’s name using Paper Mache letters from Hobby Lobby. This is an easy and thrifty way to help personalize a party on a budget.

If you want a more elaborate look, you can also set the table and add in thrifted China tea sets, paper cups with Frozen stickers, pretty flowers from the supermarket or special place cards for each guest.

Thrifty “Frozen” Party Favors

Creating memorable party favors is a fantastic way to end your Frozen-themed celebration on a high note. Here are five enchanting ideas that your little guests will absolutely love:

Snowflake Soap

Craft or purchase small snowflake-shaped soaps as a whimsical and practical party favor. You can find these in icy blue and white colors to match the Frozen theme. Package them in clear cellophane tied with a silver ribbon, and attach a personalized thank you tag for a special touch.

Frozen Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets with Frozen-themed charms, such as snowflakes, ice castles, and character images, make for a delightful keepsake. These can be easily assembled with supplies from craft stores and are sure to be a hit with kids who want to carry a piece of the magic with them.

Personalized Snow Globes

Small DIY snow globes with a Frozen twist are a unique favor idea. Use mini figurines of Elsa, Anna, Olaf, or other characters and glitter to create a wintry scene inside a small jar or globe. Add each guest’s name to their snow globe for a personalized and magical gift.

Olaf Build-a-Snowman Kits

Assemble small kits containing marshmallows, pretzel sticks, chocolate chips, and carrot-shaped candy for the nose. Include instructions on how to build their own edible Olaf. This tasty and interactive favor is sure to bring smiles and a bit of creativity to snack time.

Frozen Coloring Sets

Create coloring sets with Frozen-themed coloring books or printouts and a pack of crayons or markers. You can even add Frozen stickers and a small snowflake stamp for extra fun. This is a great favor that encourages creativity and provides a quiet activity for kids to enjoy post-party.

Each of these Frozen-themed party favors offers a unique way to thank your guests for attending, providing them with a magical memento of the celebration. These thoughtful and imaginative gifts are sure to keep the Frozen enchantment alive long after the party ends.

Frozen Crafts for Kids: Creative Fun in Arendelle

Keep the magic alive and the little ones entertained with engaging Frozen-themed crafts. These activities not only complement the party theme but also allow kids to unleash their creativity and take home a piece of the enchantment.

Snowflake Wands

Crafting Elsa-inspired snowflake wands is a simple and magical activity. All you need are some wooden dowels, glittery foam sheets, and an assortment of sequins and ribbons. Kids can cut out snowflake shapes from the foam, decorate them with sequins, and attach them to the dowels to create their magical wands.

Build Your Own Olaf

What’s a Frozen party without everyone’s favorite snowman? Provide the kids with white playdough or styrofoam balls, along with accessories like twig arms, button eyes, and carrot noses. Watch as each child brings their own version of Olaf to life, fostering a fun and creative environment.

Elsa’s Ice Castles

Using sugar cubes, kids can construct their own shimmering ice castles. Provide blue and silver glitter, along with some glue, to add that icy sparkle to their architectural creations. This craft not only aligns with the Frozen theme but also encourages problem-solving and imaginative play.

Anna and Elsa Crowns

Pre-cut crown shapes from colored construction paper or felt, and set up a decorating station with jewels, stickers, and markers. Children can personalize their crowns, inspired by their favorite character, whether they’re team Anna or team Elsa. This activity is sure to be a hit, allowing each child to feel like royalty.

Frozen Slime

Slime is always a party favorite, and adding a Frozen twist makes it even better. With just a few ingredients like clear glue, water, borax, and blue glitter, you can help kids create their own “frozen” slime. This gooey, sparkly concoction will provide hours of fun and a memorable take-home gift.

Bringing Arendelle to Life: Hiring an Elsa Impersonator

To add a truly magical touch to your Frozen-themed party, consider hiring an Elsa impersonator. Having a real-life Elsa greet your little guests can transform your celebration into an unforgettable adventure straight out of Arendelle.

Here’s how to make it happen:

Finding the Right Elsa

Start by researching local party entertainment companies that offer character impersonators. Look for reviews, testimonials, and photos to ensure the quality and authenticity of the Elsa impersonator. It’s important to choose someone who not only looks the part but can also embody Elsa’s warmth and regal presence.

What to Expect

A talented Elsa impersonator can offer a range of activities to enchant your party guests:

  • Singing Performance: Imagine the delight when Elsa sings “Let It Go” and other Frozen hits live at your party. It’s a moment that will have everyone joining in.
  • Storytelling: Elsa can captivate the kids with tales from her adventures in Arendelle, sharing stories of bravery, friendship, and magic.
  • Photo Opportunities: Ensure there’s time for each child to take a photo with Elsa. These snapshots will be treasured keepsakes, immortalizing the magical encounter.
  • Games and Activities: From Frozen-themed games to magical “ice” powers demonstrations, Elsa can lead a variety of engaging activities that align with the party theme.

Booking and Preparation

Once you’ve found the perfect Elsa, it’s crucial to book well in advance, as these popular characters can get booked up quickly, especially during peak party seasons. Discuss with the impersonator or the entertainment company about your party details, the number of guests, and any specific activities or songs you’d like included.

Setting the Scene

Prepare a special “throne” or area for Elsa where she can perform and interact with the children. Decorate this space with icy blues and shimmering whites to mimic her ice castle, creating a stunning backdrop for performances and photos.

Creating Lasting Memories

The presence of an Elsa impersonator can elevate your Frozen-themed party from delightful to truly extraordinary. It’s not just about the visual impact; it’s the emotional connection and the joy that comes from seeing children’s favorite characters come to life before their eyes.

Incorporating an Elsa impersonator into your Frozen party planning can bring a touch of Arendelle’s magic to your celebration, making it a memorable experience for your little girl and their guests. With songs, stories, and smiles, Elsa will surely make your party an enchanting affair that will be talked about long after the last snowflake has fallen.

Frozen Games for Enchanted Fun

Inject some extra excitement into your Frozen birthday party with these delightful Frozen-themed games. They’re perfect for keeping the party energy high and ensuring everyone has a blast!

Pin the Nose on Olaf

A frosty twist on the classic party game, Pin the Nose on Olaf, will have kids giggling with joy. Create or print out a large picture of Olaf without his carrot nose, and prepare orange paper cutouts or felt pieces for the noses. Blindfold the children, spin them around, and watch them attempt to place Olaf’s nose in the right spot. It’s simple, fun, and a sure hit among the little guests.

Elsa’s Freeze Dance

Crank up the Frozen soundtrack and invite the kids to show off their best dance moves. When the music stops, everyone must freeze in their position. The last one to stop moving is out, and the game continues until one dancer is left standing. Elsa’s Freeze Dance is an excellent way for kids to burn off some energy and have a ton of fun.

Snowball Toss

Create a winter wonderland with a snowball toss game. Use white styrofoam balls or make soft, plush snowballs from white fabric. We found ‘snowballs” on clearance after the Christmas season.

Set up buckets or containers with pictures of Frozen characters, and have the kids try to toss the snowballs into the buckets from a distance. Each successful toss scores points, adding a competitive edge to the game.

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

In this team game, children work together to “build a snowman” using rolls of toilet paper. One team member stands still while the others wrap them in white paper, striving to make the best snowman.

Add accessories like scarves, hats, and paper carrot noses for extra fun. It’s a great activity for teamwork and creativity, and it results in some hilarious photo opportunities.

Ice Block Sensory Bin

Freeze small Frozen-themed toys, trinkets, or colored ice cubes in large blocks of ice. Fill a bin with fake snow and other fun sensory play accessories for little ones to explore. This is not only exciting but also a great way to cool down on a hot day.

With these Frozen-themed games, your party is sure to be a memorable hit. Each game is designed to immerse the kids in the magical world of Frozen while ensuring they’re engaged and entertained throughout the celebration. Let the games begin, and may the best little Frozen fan win!

Wrapping Up

These Frozen crafts offer a fantastic way for kids to engage with the theme actively and take a piece of the party magic home. Set up craft stations with all the necessary materials and simple instructions, and let the kids’ imaginations run wild in the world of Arendelle. Not only will they have a blast during the party, but they’ll also have handmade keepsakes to remember the fun by.

Frozen Party Food Labels Free Printable Download

My FREE Fozen party food labels free printable is available for download at the bottom of this post. It includes gorgeous Frozen party ideas like water bottle labels, cupcake toppers, and awesome snowman snack labels. Simply right-click to download the PDF files, print them on photo paper or cardstock, and you’re ready to add a magical touch to your Frozen birthday party. Remember, these printables are for personal use only.

With these simple and affordable ideas, your Frozen birthday party is sure to be a hit. I hope this Frozen party food labels free printable is helpful in planning your party. From the delicious themed treats and stunning DIY decor to the adorable take-home favors, every little detail brings the magic of Frozen to life.

Did you throw a Frozen-themed party with these ideas? I’d love to hear about it! Share your stories, photos, and tips on my Facebook page or in the comments below. And don’t forget to spread the magic by sharing this post on social media. Let’s make every Frozen birthday party a memorable adventure!

For more birthday party ideas, fun party games, and free printables, keep following my blog. Happy planning, and may your Frozen party be filled with joy, laughter, and a touch of Elsa’s magic!


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