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Creative Preschool Disney Activities (D- Dumbo)

Step Right Up: Dumbo’s Circus Adventure – A Whimsical Homeschool Journey

It’s Dumbo Week for our Disney Preschool at Home Series. Get inspired with these lesson plans of educational activities, and playful fun!

Welcome, fellow homeschool parents, to a world where imagination takes flight and the magic of learning comes alive under the big top! Join us for more fun preschool Disney activities as we embark on a week-long adventure inspired by one of Disney’s most beloved characters, Dumbo.

In this enchanting journey, we’ll be crafting, exploring, and creating unforgettable memories centered around elephants and the thrilling world of the circus. From dazzling sensory bins to heartwarming movie nights, get ready to make homeschooling an exhilarating and whimsical experience for your little ones. So, grab your tickets and get inspired with these fun Dumbo activities for preschoolers!

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Disney Themed Kindergarten and Preschool Activities at Home

“Dumbo’s Circus Adventure” Sensory Bin

Materials Needed:

  1. Plastic or wooden bin (large enough for your child to play comfortably)
  2. Popcorn Kernels (un-popped)
  3. Shell Peanuts (ensure there are no allergies)
  4. Small plastic elephant figurine
  5. Feathers in various colors
  6. Miniature circus-related items (like bouncy balls, tiny flags, small hoops)
  7. Plastic or foam stars for extra magic
  8. Small scoops, spoons, and containers for scooping and pouring


  1. Fill the bin: Pour the popcorn kernels into the plastic bin, creating a textured base. Next, add some peanuts.
  2. Elephant parade: Place small plastic elephant figurines in the sensory bin, creating a delightful elephant parade for your child to discover.
  3. Feather frenzy: Scatter feathers in various colors throughout the sensory bin, mimicking the vibrant circus atmosphere.
  4. Circus surprises: Add miniature circus-related items like bouncy balls, tiny flags, and small hoops, adding an element of surprise and excitement.
  5. Shimmering stars: Place plastic or foam stars in the sensory bin, creating a magical starry sky just like the circus under the big top.

Play Ideas:

  • Encourage your child to scoop and pour the peanuts using the small scoops and containers, enhancing their fine motor skills.
  • Let your child create their own circus stories using the elephant figurines and circus-related items.
  • Explore the different textures of the peanuts and feathers, engaging your child’s sense of touch.
  • Write specific letters, numbers or sight words on the peanuts for bonus educational fun!

Please ensure that there are no peanut allergies in your household or among children who may play with this sensory bin. If allergies are a concern, you can use alternative materials like rice or beans.

The “Dumbo’s Circus Adventure” Sensory Bin will transport your little one into the whimsical world of Dumbo and the circus, providing hours of sensory play and imaginative circus fun. Get ready for a peanut-packed adventure! Ready for more? Here’s a week-long lesson plan full of creativity, educational activities, and playful fun:

Week 4: Letter “D” – Dumbo Activities for Preschoolers

Introduction to Letter “D” and Dumbo (Day 1)

  • Craft Activity: Create a “D” is for Dumbo elephant using construction paper, markers, and googly eyes.
  • Educational Activity: Practice tracing the letter “D” and draw a picture of Dumbo.
  • Snack Idea: Enjoy popcorn and discuss how “D” is for Dumbo and delicious popcorn.

Dumbo’s Circus Fun (Day 2)

  • Movie Time: Watch Dumbo together and discuss the adorable character, Dumbo. Talk about his journey and challenges. Point out how people treated Dumbo because he looked different.
  • Craft Activity: Make a mini circus tent craft using paper, glue, and crayons.
  • Educational Activity: Introduce the concept of a circus and its different elements, like tents, clowns, and acrobats.
  • Snack Idea: Serve animal crackers and talk about how the circus has all sorts of animals.

Elephant Exploration (Day 3)

  • Craft Activity: Create elephant masks using paper plates, paint, and construction paper.
  • Educational Activity: Learn about elephants’ characteristics, habitats, and how they use their trunks.
  • Snack Idea: Have celery sticks with peanut butter, representing an elephant’s trunk and favorite snack.

Circus Animal Parade (Day 4)

  • Outdoor Activity: Have a mini circus in your backyard or living room. Walk the tightrope, play with stuffed animals, do silly tricks like a clown, or any other type of “circus” behavior that is fun for kids.
  • Craft Activity: Decorate a parade hat or banner using markers, stickers, and ribbons.
  • Educational Activity: Discuss different circus animals and their unique features.
  • Snack Idea: Enjoy a fruit kabob parade with assorted fruits on skewers.

Big Top Spectacular (Day 5)

  • Indoor Activity: Set up a living room circus performance with family members. Each person can have a role, from acrobat to clown.
  • Craft Activity: Create clown hats using construction paper and colorful markers.
  • Educational Activity: Practice taking turns and imaginative play while performing the circus acts.
  • Snack Idea: Serve mini hot dogs or popcorn, just like the circus concessions.

Throughout the week, read Dumbo-themed storybooks and discuss the importance of uniqueness and kindness, just like Dumbo’s story teaches us. Encourage imaginative play where your child can create their own circus acts and stories.

Curtain Call: A Bow to Dumbo’s Circus Adventure

As the curtains draw to a close on our magical week inspired by Dumbo and the circus, we’re left with a treasure trove of memories that will linger in our hearts. From crafting charming elephant masks to exploring the vibrant world of circus animals, we’ve journeyed through a whimsical realm of learning and imagination.

As homeschool parents, we know that every moment of discovery, every sparkle of creativity, and every peal of laughter is a testament to the power of education beyond the traditional classroom. So, let’s take a final bow, cherishing the giggles, the “a-ha” moments, and the shared joy of learning together. The spotlight may fade, but the memories we’ve crafted will forever shine bright, guiding us on the path of wonder and exploration. Until the next adventure, thank you for joining us under the magical big top of “Dumbo’s Circus Adventure”! I hope these Dumbo activities inspire fun and magic in your home.

Free Dumbo Preschool Printable Worksheets

Click the image below to download my set of Dumbo inspired printable worksheets.

Disney Preschool at Home

A – Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) -or- Ariel (Little Mermaid)

B – Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

C – Cinderella

D – Dumbo

E – Eva (Wall-E)

F – Fairies

G – Genie

H – Hei Hei (Moana)

I – Inside Out

J – Jack Skellington

K – Kevin (Up)

L – Lilo or Lightning McQueen

M – Monster’s Inc

N – Nemo (Finding Nemo)

O – Olaf (Frozen)

P – Pascal (Tangled)

Q – Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland)

R – Raya 

S – Snow White

T – Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)

U – Ursula

V – Vanellope von Schweetz (Wreck-It Ralph)

W – Woody

X – Rex (Toy Story)

Y – Yzma (The Emperor’s New Groove)

Z – Zootopia

***All copyrights and trademarks of the character images and references used belong to their respective owners. This is not a licensed product. I do not claim ownership to any of the characters/graphics used in this free printable download. I do not claim ownership of any of the movies or characters mentioned in my preschool at home activities.


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