Mermaid Activities for Preschoolers

Little Mermaid Activities for Preschoolers

We’re kicking off our Disney Preschool at Home with A-A-Ariel and 23 fun and easy Little Mermaid Activities for Preschoolers. The first activity we do at the start of the week is color our super letter theme sheet. You can also download the entire Disney ABC set below to follow along with us.

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Mermaid Activities for Preschoolers

Mermaid Themed Books to Read

Books are great, but spending tons of money and space to store them is not. In lieu of buying tons of books for each week’s theme, I am using e-books found on Amazon FreeTime. With over 16,000 books, apps and games for kids, and as little as $3.99 a month, this is a great resource for homeschooling parents. If you use this link to sign up you can also receive a free 30 day trial to test it out. All of these books are available for download via Amazon FreeTime.

Mermaid Sensory Bin

Sensory activities are a great way to encourage creativity and independent play. Our ocean themed bins included rice (dyed blue), rocks, sea shells, gems and shell shaped pasta. I also included an Ariel and Flounder toy to stick with our Little Mermaid theme. For my Kindergartener, I drew numbers and letters on the sea shells for her to review.

Mermaid Activities for Preschoolers

Bubbles Counting Game

We practiced our counting skills by popping bubbles. I used this bubble machine and turned on ‘Under the Sea’. We had a contest to see who could pop the most bubbles and also practice counting.

Easy Jellyfish Craft

For our art activity this week, we made jellyfish using paper plates, paper, ribbons, googly eyes and glue. To make the swirling tentacles, I drew a circle design for my daughter to cut along. We glued the paper and ribbon and then sandwiched the other half of the paper plate on top, also securing with staples along the bottom to ensure everything stayed together.

Treasure Map Hunt

This week we discussed the importance of being able to follow a map to find something. What better way to implement this lesson than to make treasure maps! I hand drew an easy map for each child. My Kindergartener had sight words to find, while my 3 yr old had numbers to follow in sequential order. I used sticky notes to label things in our home and at the end, they found our treasure box and were able to pick out a prize.

Mermaid Body Trace Activity

I used banner paper to trace my daughters’ bodies. Instead of giving them two separate legs, I had them keep their knees/ankles together and turned their feet into a mermaid tail. I supplied them with water color paints to design their masterpiece. They spent two hours painting their life size mermaid portraits, so a total win for us!

Simple Addition with Jewel Counters 

For my 3 year old we used these acrylic jewels for counting practice, but for my Kindergartener we worked on addition skills up to 10. These gems were a huge hit and are incredibly affordable. I plan to use these with lots of our themes so they’re also a great investment long term.

Mermaid Activities for Preschoolers

More Mermaid Crafts for Preschoolers

Here are some more fun activities and mermaid crafts for preschoolers. These ideas could easily be incorporated into a Little Mermaid week of lessons.


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