Disney Themed Kindergarten and Preschool Activities at Home

Like many families this year, we’ve made the choice to homeschool our girls. My daughters are 3 and 5 so finding curriculum and activities to help challenge and educate both of them has been imperative. Planning preschool activities at home doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact, it can be quite easy!

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Disney Themed Kindergarten and Preschool Activities at Home

It’s no secret that my family loves Disney and I thought, how fun would it be to have Disney themed lessons. Of course, that isn’t something I could find available so naturally decided to create my own. Here is our kindergarten homeschool lesson plans and Disney activities for preschoolers, plus free coloring printable set.

Doing What is Best for Your Child

First and foremost, I am not a teacher. If you’re homeschooling, it is important to do what is best for your child, which may or may not be included in what I share. My goal is to foster a love of learning in my daughters. They love Disney so this is an easy way to keep them excited.

I have developed goals for each of them based on their age and past education. For my kindergartener, our plan is tailored to what is necessary to prepare her to excel in first grade. For my 3-yr-old, we’re really just focusing on having fun and keeping her busy. These Disney activities for preschoolers do just that.

Preparation is Key

I typically prepare our weekly lesson the Sunday before the week begins. I have a planner I write out our daily goals (sometimes we don’t get to all of them). We have designated Friday as our field trip or hands on day so we only do formal instruction Monday through Thursday.

Disney Themed Kindergarten and Preschool Activities at Home

Preschool & Kindergarten Homeschool Daily Schedule

We are not big “schedule” people, but I knew we needed a good routine for homeschooling. Even if we don’t start at the exact same time every day, we still follow the same flow so my girls know what to expect. Since they both attended preschool last year, they had some input in creating our schedule and insisted on tabletops, circle time and snack.

Tabletop Activity

We start each morning with tabletop activities. My girls love sensory bins so I create a themed bin each week to match our theme. This helps them practice their fine motor skills and gives them an opportunity for imaginative play.

We also plan to rotate in different games, play dough and other Montessori style activities as fits within the theme to keep it fresh.

Disney Themed Kindergarten and Preschool Activities at Home

Circle Time

During circle time we don’t actually sit in a circle, this is just what my girls wanted to call it. We do our daily calendar to review the day of the week, date, weather and upcoming events. Next, we sing a few songs (check out my YouTube playlist of our favorites). Finally, we read a story that relates to our theme of the week.

My mom gave my daughters these tablets as a “back to school” surprise. With the tablets, we received a subscription to Amazon FreeTime which gives us access to thousands of e-books. I search on their tablets for books related to our weekly theme and download ones that fit best. We don’t have space for a ton of extra books in our home so this has been a great solution to keep everything digital.

Sign up for a FREE trial of Amazon FreeTime here.

Language Arts

During our daily language arts study, we are focusing on letter recognition for my 3 yr old and handwriting practice, sight words and reading basics for my 5 yr old. I am using these workbooks for my girls which we work on a few pages each day.


This was another request from my kindergartener, snack time. Most days this serves as a brain break and buffer between lessons. One day each week I try to prepare a snack that is also themed to our overarching lesson for a little added fun.

Disney Themed Kindergarten and Preschool Activities at Home


For math, I incorporate elements to match our theme. For example, mini pumpkins for Cinderella, pearls and seashells for Ariel or peanuts and feathers for Dumbo. These items work great for practicing counting skills (for my preschooler) and addition/subtraction (for my kindergartener). We also do a couple of worksheets in our workbook for math time as well.

Creative Lesson

Our creative lesson varies each day between social studies, science, art and movement/music. In keeping with our theme for the week, I try to create a lesson that compliments it.

Weekly Lessons: Preschool Activities at Home

Here is our weekly breakdown for the school year. Each week, we focus on an overarching theme. As I complete the week, I will share a new blog post with more in depth descriptions of what we did and links to the activities. I’ll link them below as I add new ones.

Disney Themed Kindergarten and Preschool Activities at Home

All of the “super letter” weeks are Disney themes, however, the remainder of our school year isn’t ALL Disney. Each week will still be crafted for kids to have fun through learning, even if it isn’t Disney.

  • A- Ariel
  • B- Belle
  • C- Cinderella
  • D- Dumbo
  • E- Elena
  • F- Fairy
  • G- Genie
  • H- Hercules
  • I- Inside Out
  • J- Jack Skellington
  • K- Kermit
  • L- Lilo
  • M- Moana
  • N- Nemo
  • O- Olaf
  • P- Pascal
  • Q- Queen of Hearts
  • R- Ratatouille
  • S- Snow White
  • T- Tiana
  • U- Up
  • V-Vanellope
  • W- Wendy
  • X- Rex
  • Y- Yzma
  • Z- Zootopia
  • Doctor Week (Doc McStuffins)
  • Dr Suess Week
  • All About Insects (A Bug’s Life)
  • Brave (Week of St Patricks Day)
  • Rainforest (Tarzan)
  • Butterflies
  • Earth Week (Wall-E)
  • Dinosaurs
  • 5 Senses
  • Space (Week of May the 4th)
  • Superheroes
  • Harry Potter
  • Rainbows/Trolls

I hope this resource is helpful in planning your preschool activities at home. If you participate, please tag me on social media! I would love to see your family learning with us.


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