Disney’s Epcot Easter Egg Hunt Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Epcot Easter Egg Hunt

Every year, Epcot at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL hosts the EGGstravaganza egg hunt around the World Showcase. Large eggs (12″ tall) are hidden in several countries. To participate, you must purchase a map which also comes with your selection of a prize egg to keep (see options below).

The map includes stickers of each character to match up to the country in which they are found. Don’t be fooled, the Epcot Easter Egg Hunt isn’t just for kids! Some of the eggs are quite difficult to find, even for adults. Spoilers ahead! I’m sharing the ultimate guide to where each egg is hidden below. Let’s start the Epcot Easter Egg Hunt!


Head into the Mexico pavilion and look up on the balcony to the left side just before the entrance to the Three Amigos ride. You’ll see the “Donald Duck” egg perched on the balcony.

Epcot Easter Egg Hunt Mexico Donald Duck


Head to the ‘Reindeer Gift Shop’ located right next to the Anna and Elsa meet and greet entrance. The “Daisy Duck”egg is perched up in the beams just inside the entrance.


After the first two eggs were ‘inside’ we spent time carefully searching every nook and cranny of the China gift shops, only to discover that this egg was actually hidden OUTSIDE. Look next to the cafe, in the grass by the pond, you’ll spot the “Pluto”egg.

Epcot Easter Egg Hunt China Pluto


This one was pretty easily spotted! On the top of the building which houses all of the drums, look carefully for the “Chip” egg. How can you tell this apart from the Dale egg you ask? Because Chip has a black nose and Dale has a red nose.

Epcot Easter Egg Hunt Outpost


Head to the KidCot station in the back of the gift shop (sign shown below). You’ll see the “Dale” egg on top of the shelf above the Snow White display. BTW isn’t that Snow White dress absolutely adorable?!


Walk toward the back of Italy and then turn around and look up. This one took us a while to spot! Perched way up high, in the top of the tower, you can see a “Goofy” egg hidden.

The American Experience

Walk into the gift shop (Heritage Manor Gifts) located just next to the ‘American Experience’ theater. You’ll spot the “Mickey Mouse” egg on the very back shelf.


Near the water by the main walk way, not far from the famous photospot, look in the bushes, you can easily spot the “Figment” egg.


Look atop the tower to the left as you approach Morocco and see “Perry the Platypus” egg.


Walk into the gift shop in the far back (where they sell delicious macaroons), on the far left, you can spot the “Minnie Mouse” egg perched above the seating area.

Epcot Easter Egg Hunt France Minnie Mouse

United Kingdom

Head back to the toy section in the gift shop (this is also where Alice meets if it’s raining outside). You’ll see a “White Rabbit” egg on top of the book shelf in the far back left corner.

Epcot Easter Egg Hunt United Kingdom


Head to the water fall at the very back of Canada (if you have a stroller be sure to take the boardwalk) and spot the “Thumper” egg near the water.

Egg maps can be purchased all around the World Showcase, and you can redeem your prize egg before or after completion. If you’re an annual pass holder, be sure to show your pass for a 20% discount on your map purchase. Have you participated in the Epcot Easter Egg Hunt? This was our first time but certainly won’t be the last. We had so much fun spotting all the eggs and exploring new parts of one of our favorite parks!

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Epcot Egg Hunt Ultimate Cheat Sheet 2017

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