Easter Basket Ideas for Baby’s First Easter

by Kayla Peloquin

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Baby’s first Easter! Another milestone in a year that’s just FLYING by! Growing up there were ‘staple’ items that we received every Easter Sunday, chocolate crosses, jellybeans, eggs with silver dollars, and of course our favorite type of candy. Baby’s first Easter Basket is a little different though since she can’t consume candy yet 😉

Here’s some last minute, NON CANDY, Easter Basket ideas for your baby.

1. Fill Easter eggs with fruit flavored yogurt melts or Gerber Puffs.
2. Swim gear! Summer is quickly approaching. Include a new swimsuit, summer hat, inflatable pool toys, baby sunblock or sand toys in the Easter Basket
3. Teething toys
4. Favorite TV shows on DVD. We bought VeggieTales and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for my princess
5. Books- there’s a ton of cheap and adorable books that are age appropriate. My princess loves the books with textures.
6. Bubbles- such a fun activity for kids of all ages! And of you’re lazy, like me, you can buy a bubble gun so you don’t even need to blow them!
7. Bath Toys- bath time is just starting to get fun in our house and bath toys definitely add to that
8. TOMY Hide and Squeak Eggs: Hide N Squeak Eggs

Hope these ideas have provided some inspiration to fill your baby’s first Easter basket.

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