Easy Preschool at Home Activities for Beauty and the Beast

by Kayla Peloquin

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I’ve shared our overall homeschool plan for my 3 yr old and Kindergartener and the mermaid activities from our Ariel week. This week, we’re focusing on B-B-Belle. We are learning about France, telling time, and making some delicious treats. Here are my easy Preschool at Home Activities for Beauty and the Beast.

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Beauty and the Beast Sensory Bin

We start each day with a sensory tabletop activity. This week, I created Belle bins with yellow dyed rice, red jewels, tea cups/saucers, some puff balls, a Belle toy and of course a few sparkly things. I love the creative play these bins inspire. My girls come up with lots of awesome activities to do with the supplies they are given.

Learning Parts of a Book 

This week we are doing lots of reading, just like Belle. One of our Preschool at Home Activities is learning about the roles of the author and illustrator and what the main parts of a book are. In addition, we are discussing who, where, what, when, where and why for each story we read.

Books we read this week on Amazon FreeTime Unlimited:

Virtual Trip to France

Our cultural lesson for this week takes us to France. This YouTube video is a great age appropriate resource to teach little ones about France, and this one is all about the Eiffel Tower. My girls also love these National Geographic videos for kids.

We also made croissants and even had a special macaron dessert treat. Eating food themed to another country is such a fun way to integrate our lessons with real life. This is one huge benefit of homeschool. I love that our education isn’t limited to certain times of the day.

Beauty and the Beast Bookmark Printable

This free printable bookmark activity was perfect for practicing fine motor skills. My girls also worked on their scissor skills cutting it out. Plus we were able to use them while reading for the rest of the week.

Addition & Subtraction

Most of our math lessons thus far have included reviewing numbers, counting practice and introducing simple addition/subtraction. My kindergartener does really well with hands on practice so counting with beads this week is a great way to practice her addition and subtraction skills. She also practiced with little red flowers. They would have been more appropriate if they were mini roses, but we used what we had on hand.

Introducing Clocks and Time

We introduced clocks this week and are learning about the hours, minutes and how to tell time. We sing this song each morning. I remember learning through song in elementary school. It made things so much easier and more fun. I try to find songs for nearly every topic we cover to help my girls learn remember the concepts easily.

Cogsworth Clock Craft

Our big art project this week is making a Cogsworth clock face. We used gold paper plates, tan paint, craft foam, and glue to make these clocks come to life. This tied in so perfectly with our clock lesson too.

Follow along with our Disney Homeschool fun on Instagram! I hope this resource is helpful in planning your preschool activities at home. If you participate, please tag me on social media! I would love to see your family learning with us. And don’t forget to download your Disney ABC’s FREE printable coloring set.

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