11+ Easy Beauty and the Beast Crafts

11+ Easy Beauty and the Beast Crafts

Since preschool has ended pretty abruptly this year, I’ve been working hard to keep my two daughters entertained. After having a lot of fun doing our Disney at Home day, I have planned several princess themed Disney days to bring some fun into our home.

Whether you’re planning a Beauty and the Beast party, a family movie night or just need activities to keep your little one’s busy, check out these super easy and fun Beauty and the Beast crafts ideas for your little girl to enjoy.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Rose Craft

Nothing is more iconic than the enchanted rose from classic movie, Beauty and the Beast. This craft is super easy with craft supplies we already had at home. First, we used red tissue paper and followed this tutorial to create a rose.

Next, we used a green sparkly pipe cleaner for the stem. Finally, we added a brown craft foam base and a clear plastic cup (a mason jar would work too) for the cover. I used a hot glue gun to afix the stem to the base.

Beauty and the Beast Magic Mirror Craft

Another one of my favorite Beauty and the Beast DIY crafts is making an enchanted mirror. This full tutorial is super easy to follow. Dollar Tree sells these beautiful (and cheap) ornate handheld mirrors in a variety of colors.

While I have purchased them in silver before, on my most recent trip to the dollar store they only had black, so I had to make do. I added some silver metallic paint using a foam brush to give it a more authentic look.

My girls added press on rhinestone stickers and I helped them hot glue pearls and other decor to their mirrors to complete the look. You can also put a picture of the original beauty Belle, a family member or friend in the mirror glass part or just leave it blank to be used as a mirror.

Stained Glass Design DIY

One of the best Beauty and the Beast crafts for toddlers is this DIY stained glass window. First, start with a piece of card stock and cut up pieces of tissue paper in different colors. Next, give your toddler or preschooler a paint brush and a little glue and let them craft away.

For older kids, you can also give thin strips of black card stock to make the window frame.

Make the “Grey Stuff”

Try the grey stuff, it’s delicious, don’t believe me, ask the dishes! You can make a version of your own grey stuff to enjoy at home. Kids love to help in the kitchen. While there are lots of recipes for grey stuff, the easiest way to make it is with a little food coloring.

We made chocolate cupcakes with white vanilla frosting (because that’s what I already had in the pantry). If you add blue, green and red food coloring (in equal amounts) it makes a lovely grey color.

I mixed in 10 drops of each to a full can of frosting to get this shade. We decorated our cupcakes with Sprinkle Pop Princess Sprinkles in the Belle of the Ball Princess Mix.

Special thanks to Sprinkle Pop for sending us their princess sprinkles to try out! These cupcakes would make such an amazing addition to a princess tea party.

More Easy Beauty and the Beast Crafts

I hope these ideas spark inspiration for your little princesses. If you love these Beauty and the Beast craft projects, check out my birthday party ideas.

11+ Easy Beauty and the Beast Crafts


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