Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas + Free Unicorn Party Printables

by Kayla Peloquin
Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas & Printables

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Unicorns are one of the latest trends right now for little girls. From unicorn bath bombs to unicorn dyed hair, we just can’t get enough of these magical creatures.

I was so excited because one of our party clients requested a Unicorn themed party for her little girl (see more of our parties here). If you’re searching for how to plan a unicorn party for girls, you’re come to the right place!

Here are a few fun Unicorn party ideas to help make your party a success! Want something different? Check out this Unicorn Spa Party and free printables.

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Bright Color Scheme for Unicorn Birthday Party

For a successful unicorn party theme, you’ll need bright colors (like a rainbow) that the birthday girl will love! My favorite combination is the look of the pastel colors more so than the true rainbow of colors.

To get this look, we used colorful curtain panels, a Hot Pink Sequin Curtain, a Rainbow Sequin Tablecloth and some fun Tissue Paper Tassels. I found the ceramic rainbow in the Dollar Spot at Target.

The centerpiece is made using a tissue pom pom, a horn made from gold glitter paper, faux flowers and two eyes cut from black card stock.

Unicorn Birthday Theme Party Decorations

Here are some enchanting ideas to decorate for a magical unicorn-themed birthday party that your little party guests will love.

Unicorn Balloon Garland

Create a majestic entrance or a picturesque photo backdrop with a balloon arch. Use a pastel color palette or unicorn balloons, including iridescent or metallic ones, to craft a beautiful rainbow arch resembling a unicorn’s mane.

Rainbow Streamers

Hang rainbow-colored streamers from the ceiling or along walls to add a pop of color and simulate the vibrant hues of a rainbow, a key symbol in unicorn lore.

Glittery Unicorn Horns

Craft or purchase glittery unicorn horns to place on tables as centerpieces or as props for a unicorn-themed photo booth. These horns add a touch of sparkle and fantasy to the decor.

Unicorn Cutouts and Silhouettes

Cut out unicorn shapes from cardstock or poster board and hang them around the party area. You can also use vinyl or decals to create unicorn silhouettes on walls or windows.

Sparkling Table Settings

Set the party table with iridescent or sequin tablecloths and sprinkle glitter or confetti shaped like stars or unicorns for a magical touch. Use unicorn-themed paper plates, paper cups, and napkins from a local party store to enhance the theme further.

Fairy Lights and Tulle

Drape twinkling fairy lights or strings of pearls around the party space to create a magical glow. Use tulle fabric to create a whimsical canopy or drapes for a soft and ethereal atmosphere for a magical party.

DIY Cloud Backdrop

Craft a cloud backdrop using cotton balls or stuffing attached to a cardboard or fabric backdrop. This cloud backdrop can serve as a charming setting for photos.

Floral Arrangements

Incorporate pastel-colored flowers such as roses, peonies, and hydrangeas in floral arrangements or bouquets. Place them in unicorn-themed vases or containers for a graceful and enchanting touch.

Plush Unicorn Stuffed Animals

Display plush unicorn toys or stuffed animals strategically around the party area as adorable decor accents that will delight the young guests.

These decor ideas will help transform your party space into a whimsical wonderland fit for a magical unicorn-themed birthday celebration!

Unicorn Birthday Party Theme Food Ideas

This fun dessert table included Unicorn Poop (Sixlets), Unicorn Horns (swirled lollipops), Unicorn Fluff (cotton candy), Unicorn Bacon (sour patch strips) and of course cupcakes. There was also Unicorn Punch for guests to enjoy (I love this recipe) and water bottles with custom Unicorn labels.

Don’t forget a magical unicorn drip cake, cake pops or unicorn cupcakes for the perfect way to celebrate your child’s special day.

Get the food card printables, water bottle labels, and 5×7 ‘Be a Unicorn in a Field or Horses’ image below. 

Strike A Pose (and other fun Unicorn Theme activities)

These fun photo booth props are available in the full printable package in my Etsy shop. A photo area with a few fun props is a great way to entertain guests!

Additionally, some other magical unicorn ideas include face paint, glitter tattoos, unicorn hair with a glitter part, sparkly makeup, mini manicures, pin the horn on the unicorn and unicorn horn ring toss. Check out these fun pre-made Unicorn Photo Booth Props too!

DIY Unicorn Horn Craft Station

Magical Unicorn Birthday Party Favor Bags

Favor bags can be a fun way to give your guests a special ‘thank you’ for coming to the party. TIP: Include a sweet Thank You card inside the bag so that it saves you the hassle of having to write Thank You cards after the party.

These white favor bags have my printable horn, flower and ear sets (included in my Etsy shop listing) to make cute and easy take home favors for your guests. You can add extra paper flowers for a fun, upgraded look!

Here are some delightful unicorn-themed party favor ideas that will leave your young guests feeling enchanted.

Unicorn Birthday Party Favors

Unicorn Headbands

Hand out unicorn headbands with a horn, ears, and a rainbow-colored mane. These will make for adorable and wearable favors for the guests to take home.

Unicorn Glitter Putty

Provide small containers of glitter putty in pastel shades. Kids can enjoy molding and playing with this glittery putty, reminiscent of magical unicorn slime.

Rainbow-colored Bracelets

Give out bracelets adorned with colorful beads in the pattern of a rainbow. These charming accessories will remind the kids of the colorful magic of unicorns.

Unicorn Stickers and Tattoos

Offer sheets of unicorn-themed stickers and temporary tattoos. Kids can decorate their notebooks or wear the tattoos, adding a touch of whimsy to their day.

Magical Unicorn Crayons

Create or purchase unicorn-shaped crayons in various pastel colors. Pack them in cute bags or boxes for a creative and fun party favor.

Unicorn-themed Coloring Books

Provide small unicorn-themed coloring books paired with a set of crayons or markers. This favor will keep kids entertained and engaged after the party.

Unicorn Keychains

Gift mini plush unicorn keychains or keyrings. These adorable accessories will make for a delightful addition to the kids’ backpacks or keys.

Unicorn Mini Notebooks

Hand out mini notebooks with unicorn-themed covers. Include pencils or colorful pens, allowing kids to jot down their thoughts or drawings.

Rainbow Hair Clips or Hair Ties

Offer hair accessories in vibrant colors, resembling rainbows or unicorns. These fun and practical favors will add a touch of magic to kids’ outfits.

Unicorn Sipper Cups

Provide sippy cups or tumblers with unicorn designs. These reusable cups will be a hit with the kids and can be used long after the party.

These unicorn-themed party favor ideas will send your young guests home with a bit of magic, ensuring that the enchantment of the party lingers on!

Free Printable Download for Unicorn Birthday Parties

Don’t forget your Free Unicorn Birthday Party Printables (water bottle label, pre-filled treat cards and 5×7 Unicorn in a field of Horses sign).

Join my VIP Facebook group to access the following:

Unicorn in Field of Horses 5×7″
Pre-filled Treat Cards
Water Bottle Label

Follow this link to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mommyofaprincess/</a>

First click the link. Next, answer ALL the questions. Lastly, you’ll be granted access. Click on “files” to see all free printables. You can also search the group for past Unicorn parties that other moms have shared.

Everyone shares ideas and additional printables for other party themes too so it’s a great resource for moms who love to party plan.

If you want more Unicorn Birthday party fun, check out my Etsy listing for the full set for only $10 including:

  • 8×10 Happy Birthday Sign
  • 4 Photo Booth Prop Signs
  • Cupcake Toppers
  • Thank You Favor Tags
  • Favor Bag Horn, Ears and Flower Sets
  • 5×7 Photo Booth Sign
  • Treat Cards (prefilled and blank to hand write in)
  • Water Bottle Labels
  • 5×7 Unicorn In Field of Horses Sign

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Is a way to get custom treat labels? These are so cute but id love for all of the cards to match (instead of handwriting in on them)

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