Wednesday Addams Party Ideas & FREE Printables

Wednesday Addams Party Ideas & FREE Printables

Embrace the Darkness with a Wednesday Addams Themed Birthday Party Including Birthday Decor & Food Ideas, Activities, and Free Printables

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My oldest daughter loves unique party themes. Her past birthdays have included Chewbacca, Super Mario, She-Ra, and Black Widow, just to name a few. This year, she insisted on a Wednesday Addams birthday party, and had LOTS of ideas on how to make it happen.

If you’re a fan of this brooding yet captivating character, why not celebrate your next party with a Wednesday Addams theme?Step into the delightfully dark and enchanting world of Wednesday Addams from the popular Netflix Wednesday series.

Get ready to embrace the macabre and create a spooktacular event that will leave your guests thrilled and enchanted.

In this post, I’ll dive into chillingly creative ideas for creepy decorations, activities, food, and even provide you with free printables to make your party planning a breeze.

Easy Steps to Throw Your Wednesday Addams Birthday Party

Wondering how to have a Wednesday Addams birthday party? Look no further! From gothic decorations to sinister treats, this post will guide you through the steps to create a memorable celebration that embodies the essence of Wednesday Addams herself and leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

  1. Choose a Date and Venue
  2. Send Spooky Invitations
  3. Decorate with Darkness
  4. Create a Sinister Soundtrack
  5. Dress the Part
  6. Serve Sinister Snacks
  7. Engage in Creepy Activities
  8. Offer Spooky Party Favors

By following these clear and concise steps, you’ll be well on your way to the spooky side of life planning the perfect Wednesday Addams party, creating an enchantingly eerie experience that will leave your guests captivated and immersed in the dark charm of the Addams Family world.


First and foremost, when planning a party, it’s important to hash out the major details. Select a date that works for you and secure a venue that matches the eerie ambiance you want to create, such as a darkly decorated living room, a backyard with dim lighting, or a rented gothic-inspired space.

For my 8-yr-old’s party, she specifically wanted the theme to be half Wednesday and half Enid Sinclair. We selected Sunshine Play & Learn because of their pretty party room and the play space entertainment since many of the guests (and her little sisters) were younger.

Once the venue and date are selected, it’s time to invite the guests. Design and send out invitations that capture the essence of Wednesday Addams. Include details like date, time, venue, and a request for guests to dress in gothic attire or all black.

Here’s a FREE Wednesday Addams Party Invitation template you can use to create and print your own invites.

Wednesday Addams Party Decorations & Ideas

Secondly, setting the eerie atmosphere is crucial for a Wednesday Addams party. Embrace the macabre and create an atmosphere that exudes eerie elegance.

From black and white decor featuring spiderwebs and antique frames to activities that channel her fascination with the supernatural, there are endless possibilities to bring the world of Wednesday Addams to life.

Consider these easy DIY Wednesday Addams party decorations:

Creepy-Chic Backdrop

Create a stunning backdrop using black and white striped fabric or wallpaper, evoking Wednesday’s signature style. We purchased this backdrop which is inspired by the painted stained glass window in her shared dorm room at Nevermore Academy.

My daughter loved that half was black and white while the other half was vibrant and colorful. We thumbtacked the fabric to the wall and then added this balloon arch kit. It even included “Thing” and Wednesday printed balloons.

Haunted Mansion Entrance

Set the stage for your guests’ arrival by transforming the front door into a foreboding entryway. Hang black drapes, place flickering candle lanterns, and add a welcome sign that reads, “Enter if you dare.” If hosting the party at your home, try to incorporate antique furniture, candelabras, and vintage chandeliers.

Use black lace tablecloths and place bouquets of blood-red roses as centerpieces. Try thrift shopping for some old (and cheap) items OR ask in your local Buy Nothing Group on Facebook.

Chilling Centerpieces

Adorn your tables with unique centerpieces such as black feather bouquets, black candles in ornate candlesticks, or glass vases filled with dark-colored water and floating candles. I used a spiderweb lace table runner and black glittery sticks from our Halloween decor in antique white Milk Glass vases.

I also made printable “Happy Birthday” signs (you can download those at the bottom of this post) and used black and white striped candle holders from Dollar Tree.

Cobweb Ceiling

Another fun and easy idea for Wednesday Addams party decorations is to drape black and white streamers or cheesecloth across your ceiling to create the illusion of spiderwebs. Hang plastic spiders at different lengths for an extra creepy touch.

Creepy Family Portraits

Create your own eerie family portraits reminiscent of the Addams Family. Dress up as the characters or use photos of the characters from the show. Print the images in black and white, frame them in ornate black frames, and display them on a wall or mantel.

Remember to incorporate elements of darkness, black and white, and a touch of vintage elegance to capture the essence of Wednesday Addams. Also, purchasing a Thing prop definitely helps set the stage. These DIY decorations will set the stage for an enchantingly eerie Wednesday Addams-themed party.

Create a Sinister Soundtrack

Nothing sets the mood better than a good party music. Curate a playlist featuring hauntingly beautiful music, creepy sound effects, and eerie tunes to play in the background and set the mood throughout the party.

Here is the playlist I made for my daughter’s party:

Dress the Part

Encourage guests to embrace the Wednesday Addams theme by dressing in gothic-inspired attire. You could also provide a dress up table with accessories like black chokers, spiderweb veils, and top hats for those who want to enhance their look.

My daughter loves the iconic “dance” dress from the Rave’N. We found a kid size replica from Taylor Joelle which was PERFECT! I also found some cheaper options on Amazon, like this and this one.

Wednesday Addams Birthday Party Ideas

To dress like Wednesday Addams, follow these steps for her iconic gothic-inspired look:

Start with a Black Dress

First, choose a knee-length or longer black dress with a simple silhouette. Look for a collared dress with long sleeves for an authentic Wednesday Addams style.

Opt for a White Collar

Attach a white Peter Pan collar or a detachable collar accessory to your dress. The contrast between the black dress and the white collar is a signature element of Wednesday’s look.

Embrace Dark Accessories

Next, pair your dress with black opaque tights or knee-high socks. For footwear, go for black Mary Jane shoes or plain black flats, but avoid overly fancy or colorful shoes.

Style Your Hair

Wednesday Addams is also known for her sleek and straight hairstyle. Part your hair down the middle and straighten it using a flat iron. Keep your hair loose or tie it into two braids for a younger Wednesday Addams look.

Minimal Makeup

Wednesday Addams typically wears minimal makeup. Keep your complexion natural with a light foundation or powder. Add a touch of black mascara to your lashes for definition. Also consider applying a deep red or dark burgundy lipstick for a subtle gothic touch.

Dark Nail Polish

Lastly, paint your nails with black or dark-colored nail polish for a final gothic detail.

Remember, Wednesday Addams’ style is characterized by simplicity, dark colors, and a touch of vintage elegance. By incorporating these key elements into your outfit, you can successfully capture the essence of Wednesday’s iconic and timeless look.

Wednesday Addams Birthday Party Food Ideas

Plan a menu that includes spooky-themed treats like “Witch’s Brew” punch, “Graveyard” dip platters, and “Poisoned” apple desserts. Offer both sweet and savory options to cater to all tastes.

Serve up some sinister yet delicious treats to satisfy your guests’ appetites. Here are some fun ideas:

Graveyard Dip Platter

Arrange a platter with different dips and crudité, creating a graveyard scene. Decorate with tombstone-shaped crackers and use black food coloring to write spooky messages on sliced vegetables. Serve with “Grave Digger” tortilla chips or bat-shaped pita crisps.

Spiderweb Pizza

Prepare personal-sized pizzas and use black olive slices to create a spiderweb design on top of the cheese. This ghoulish twist will surely delight your guests. Serve alongside “Creepy Crawly” breadsticks or “Witch Fingers” made from breadstick dough and almond “nails.”

Poisoned Apple Punch

Serve a refreshing and eerie drink by infusing apple juice or cider with blackberry or black currant syrup. Add dry ice for a magical, smoky effect. Another unique idea is to offer “Morticia’s Mocktail” as a non-alcoholic alternative, combining blackberry juice, limeade, and sparkling water.

Wednesday’s Dark Delights

Lastly, prepare a dessert table filled with treats inspired by Wednesday Addams’ favorite indulgences. Include “Poisoned” chocolate truffles, “Dark Secrets” cupcakes with black icing, or “Ghastly Graveyard” pudding cups layered with crushed chocolate cookies and gummy worms.

We did a dessert table with half black and white treats to represent Wednesday and half colorful treats to represent Enid.

Wednesday Addams Birthday Party Food Ideas

Wednesday Addams Party Ideas: Fun Birthday Activities

Engage your guests with delightfully dark activities inspired by Wednesday Addams. Here are some fun ideas to inspire your party planning!

DIY Potion Station

Channel Wednesday’s fascination with the supernatural by setting up a potion station. Provide various colored liquids, jars, and creepy ingredients for guests to mix and create their own magical concoctions.

Label the potions with spooky names like “Elixir of Shadows” or “Witch’s Brew.” Mixing White Vinegar and Baking Soda will also give a bubbling effect that kids absolutely love.

Mystery Scavenger Hunt

Create an eerie scavenger hunt, leading your guests through dark corners and hidden clues. Incorporate riddles and puzzles inspired by the Addams Family series to keep the excitement alive.

Offer small prizes or themed trinkets for those who successfully solve the mysteries.

Spooky Crafts

Another fun activity ideas is to host a craft corner where guests can make their own spiderweb dreamcatchers, black cat masks, or decorate skull-shaped cookies with edible markers.

Let their creativity flow in a delightfully chilling way. Provide craft supplies and templates to guide them through the process.

Hire Entertainers

We hired Wednesday and Enid look-alike characters from Girly-Girl Partea’s. They were amazing and stayed true to the character for their entire visit. Wednesday painted everyone’s nails black, while Enid offered Glitter Tattoos for every guest.

They also did the signature “Wednesday dance” to the Goo Goo Muck song which my daughter went crazy for. If you can find impersonators in your area, I highly recommend booking them for your party.

Goo Goo Muck DIY Slime

We did a DIY slime mixing station that was a hit with guests! I purchased a pre-made slime kit and divided it into little jars prior to the party. We set up a table with various mix in options and a bowl so each guest could custom create their own slime to bring home.

Haunted Photo Booth

Set up a photo booth area with eerie props like black feather boas, top hats, fake spiders, or skull masks. Use a gothic-inspired backdrop and encourage guests to capture their spooky moments.

You could also provide a Polaroid Camera or a designated hashtag for sharing on social media.

Fun Ideas for Wednesday Addams Party Favors

Mini Coffin Favor Boxes: Fill small coffin-shaped favor boxes with treats like black licorice, dark chocolate truffles, or skull-shaped candies.

Gothic-inspired Jewelry: Provide guests with spooky yet stylish accessories such as black choker necklaces, spiderweb earrings, or spooky shaped rings.

Potion Bottles: Another fun option is to create mini potion bottles filled with colorful candies or themed drinks. Attach labels that read “Love Potion” or “Elixir of Darkness” for an extra touch.

Addams Family Stickers: Give guests Addams Family-themed stickers featuring characters like Wednesday, Morticia, Gomez, Pugsley, Thing, or Enid. They can use them to personalize notebooks, laptops, or phone cases.

Black Nail Polish: Offer small bottles of black nail polish for guests to embrace their inner Wednesday Addams and add a touch of darkness to their manicures.

Dark Chocolate Bars: Give guests individually wrapped dark chocolate bars with custom wrappers that feature Wednesday Addams-inspired designs or quotes.

Remember to wrap and present the party favors in black or dark-colored favor bags or boxes to maintain the Wednesday Addams aesthetic.

These party favors will also serve as memorable keepsakes that guests can take home to remember the enchanting darkness of your Wednesday Addams-themed party.

With the dark and enchanting world of Wednesday Addams as your inspiration, you can also create a memorable and thrilling party experience. From chilling decorations to engaging activities and sinisterly delicious food, your guests will be immersed in the spooky ambiance.

Don’t forget to also download our free printables to effortlessly elevate your Wednesday Addams-themed celebration. Embrace the darkness and let your inner Wednesday Addams shine!

Free Printables

To make your Wednesday Addams party planning even more convenient, I’ve created a set of exclusive free printables just for you! Including:

  • Happy Birthday Sign
  • Paint it Black, Glitter Tattoos and Slime Station Signs
  • Thing – Grab Your Favorite Treat Sign
  • Two Wednesday Quote Signs
  • Dance With My Hands Sign
  • *All signs are designed as 4×6″

Click here to access your free Wednesday Addams party printables.


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