Tips for Visiting LEGOLAND Florida with Young Kids

Legoland Florida tips with young kids

I’ve partnered with LEGOLAND for this post. All opinions are my own. 

LEGOLAND Florida is full of wonder, adventure and fun for the whole family. Located just 45 minutes from Orlando, LEGOLAND is the perfect destination for young families. If you’re planning a trip, here’s my tips for visiting LEGOLAND Florida with young kids.


Legoland Florida tips with young kids

Plan Ahead

There is so much to see and do, it’s hard to accomplish everything in one day. Check out the website before you go to understand what attractions your children can ride and what shows might be of interest to your family. Pick up a park map upon entry to ensure you don’t miss anything along the way. The park is quite large. Having a game plan will help make the most of your time spent in the park. If you’re visiting during the summer months, plan for afternoon thunderstorms. Rain, thunder and lightening close down most outdoor rides and play centers. Try to accomplish your ‘must dos’ early in the day and grab a late lunch when storms start rolling in.

LEGOLAND Florida with Young Kids LEGOS everywhere

LEGOS Everywhere!

It probably goes without saying, but there are LEGOS everywhere! From the intricate sculptures around the park to the Imagination play center to the play stations in ride wait queues, there are LEGOS around every turn. This kept my little one’s hands busy and kept her entertained throughout our trip.

Know Your Kid’s Height

The height restrictions for certain rides can be a little confusing. Visit Guest Services upon entry and have your child(ren) measured. They’ll be given a wristband to indicate which rides they can enjoy. For the larger rides, there are play areas located throughout the park, typically close to more mature attractions. Take advantage of these spots and let your little ones burn off some energy. My daughter had so much fun playing. I particularly loved the play spaces in AC as a nice reprieve from the Florida Summer heat.

Fueled for Fun

When visiting any theme park, it’s important to keep little ones hydrated and fueled. When visiting any theme park, we always pack plenty of snacks and extra waters. When you stop for lunch/dinner, plan to sit inside to cool off. LEGOLAND has some delicious snacks too. Try the Granny Smith Apple fries if you’re looking for a yummy and unique treat.

Bring a Stroller: Tips for Visiting Legoland Florida with young kids

Bring a Stroller

Like most theme parks, LEGOLAND makes bringing a stroller into the park super easy. There’s parking near most ride entrances. Strollers can also be brought into restaurants and most indoor attractions. Even with older kids, a stroller is a great place to store all of the ‘stuff’ (snacks, extra clothes, water bottles, etc). If visiting during summertime, I highly recommend investing in a plastic stroller cover for when it inevitably rains. We always keep a few small umbrellas in the stroller too. Strollers are also available for rent if you’re traveling and can’t bring your own.

LEGOLAND with Preschooler

My 3 year old loved LEGOLAND and there was so much for her to do! If you’re planning a trip with young kids, be prepared to spend a lot of time at Duplo Village. My daughter loved the rides and playing at Duplo Farm and in the Tot Spot.

LegoLand Florida with a preschooler

Legoland Florida tips with young kids

MINILAND USA was another favorite for us. There were dozens of major cities modeled in legos. Evie loved all the buttons which triggered music, lights or water effects in the display. There was also an entire Star Wars land which was perfect for our Jedi Princess. (See her Star Wars themed 3rd Birthday here)

Miniland USA LEGOLAND Florida

Cool Off at the LEGOLAND Water Park

Located at the back of LEGOLAND Florida is a water park. While it requires an additional ticket purchase, it is completely worth it when visiting during the summer. The water park was the perfect way to cool off and beat the Florida heat. Everything had floating LEGOS in it which made for even more fun for my kids. We loved the DUPLO toddler area with small slides, shallow water and fun water spouts everywhere. The lazy river tubes had platforms to build with blocks while floating. Near the wave pool there were two LEGO water tables and a ‘Coast Guard’ station where you could build and race a boat. We could have spent all day just in the water park.

LEGOLAND Florida Water Park

LEGOLAND Florida with a baby Exploring the Water Park

Cypress Gardens Lives On

When I was a kid, LEGOLAND Florida didn’t exist. In it’s spot stood a small park called Cypress Gardens. I remember visiting as a kid, walking through the gardens, dressing up as a Southern Belle, and watching the ski show. I was so happy to learn that LEGOLAND kept a section of this iconic park and made it accessible for guests to walk through. Evie loved walking through the nature paths and it was a nice break from the typical ‘theme park’ scenery. There’s a gigantic Banyan tree that was planted as a seedling in 1939 along with the historical gazebo and LEGO creations of the classic ‘Southern Belles’.

LEGOLAND Florida with Young Kids: Exploring Cypress Gardens

We had so much visiting LEGOLAND Florida and can’t wait to go back! Have you ever been with your family? Tell me your favorite tip for traveling with young kids below.

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Visiting Legoland with young kids