How to Get Sponsored Blog Post Opportunities

by Kayla Peloquin

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Most bloggers start with the intention of eventually securing sponsored posts to make money. One of the best ways to start is with sponsored blog post opportunities. It can be a little intimidating to ask companies for sponsorship and sometimes the fear of rejection is a hard pill to swallow. Here are some tips for sending pitches, a collaboration pitch email template and a list of the best sites for sponsored posts.

Pitching Brands for Sponsored Content

  • Start with the name of your blog and include a link
  • Customize each email you send. DO NOT blanket send emails to tons of companies. They will see it as spammy. Do your research. Find the proper contact person, address him/her personally, include the name of the brand you’re approaching and be sure to include specific details for your sponsorship ideas in the email. Compliment the brand and be sure to mention their products that you already “love and use”
  • Keep YOUR brand in mind. Ask yourself if the sponsorship is aligned with your blog and it’s mission. Accepting random sponsorship opportunities for a quick buck can be crippling in the long run.
  • Give a clear, concise overview of your blog including the categories you write most about or your most popular blog post (provide a link to a past post that aligns with what you are proposing)
  • Know and include your stats (social following, monthly page views, unique visitors, subscribers, etc)
  • If you have big accounts you have worked with in the past, mention them (but avoid competitors)
  • Include your name, blog link, email and most prevalent social media site in your signature. Be sure to say “thank you” at the end of your email too
  • Design a ‘Media Kit’. Keep the image size small so your email doesn’t get blocked. I recommend using and designing it as an 8.5×11″. Include your picture, logos of companies you’ve worked with, a short bio, a simple description of your blog, most popular posts and your social and reader statistics.

Collaboration Pitch Email Template

Hello (Contact Name)!

My name is (Your name) and I am the owner of (your blog’s name and URL).(1-2 sentences that briefly describe your blog). (Include a personal experience with the brand and why you want to work with them). I am writing to see if you would like to work with me on (project you are proposing) for my site.

All of my posts are promoted via my social media channels which has a collective reach of (your reach). With (monthly page views) views monthly I think your product (be descriptive) would be particularly appealing to my audience of (describe your audience moms, dads, millennials, etc). I specifically would feature your brand (how you would promote their brand on your blog). 

I currently have XXXX Facebook followers, XXXX Twitter followers and XXXX Instagram followers. Please check out links to my social sites below. Some companies I have worked with in the past include XXXX

I know my readers would love to hear about your (describe the company product). Please take a moment to visit my blog and let me know your thoughts.  Thank you for your time and consideration! I look forward to hearing from you. 

First Last Name
Blog URL
Email Address
Instagram Link | Twitter Link | Facebook Link

Best Sites for Sponsored Posts

In addition to reaching out to companies on your own, there are several influencer agencies that are always seeking new bloggers to work with. Below is a list of some of my favorite media companies which offer sponsored post opportunities. Many of these opportunities come in the form of emails so be sure to check spam and junk mail to ensure nothing is missed! I would recommend joining at least 3-4 to start and then adding one per week until you have established your own favorites. Here are the best sites for sponsored posts.

BrandBacker (lots of beauty products)

Cooperatize *affiliate link

Linqia (paid per click) *affiliate link


MomSelect (works with Disney SMMC)

Mom it Forward

SoFab (lots of food opportunities)


The Cirqle (International and US campaigns)

Everywhere Agency (sends monthly email with opportunities)

Massive Sway *relies on Google Analytics

Weave Made Media

Pollinate Media *20,000 pageview requirement

Compensation Doesn’t Always Mean Cash

While a lot of people may envision a sponsored post coming in the form of a check, sometimes brands are only able (or willing) to offer their product or service in exchange for a post. It’s up to you to decide if your time and post is “worth” the value of the product. I have received several free products in exchange for reviews because I truly loved (and wanted) the product they offered.

If asked about your posting “rate” for cash compensation, and don’t know what to say, I always refer to the website SocialBlueBook which provides easy pay ranges based on your current following.

Proper Disclosure

Don’t forget to follow all FTC guidelines when writing sponsored posts. Even “product compensation” is now deemed advertising and must be labeled correctly. Read all about the Native Advertising Guidelines from the FTC here:

Learn how to get Sponsored Blog Post Opportunities with a collaboration pitch email template and my list of the best sites for sponsored posts.

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