Blizzard Beach with Young Kids

Ultimate Guide to Disney’s Blizzard Beach with Young Kids

Thank you to Walt Disney World for inviting us to visit Blizzard Beach for the day!

Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park is the perfect way to cool off while visiting Walt Disney theme parks. While each park has something special to offer, Blizzard Beach is the best Disney Water Park for toddlers. Disney Water Parks are a must do when traveling to Florida during the warm summer months. Here are my tips for Blizzard Beach for toddlers.

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Ski Vacation Meets Beach Getaway

We loved the immersive ski resort experience at Disney’s Blizzard Beach. When we arrived and saw all of the snow, my daughter said “oh this is Elsa’s water park!” She couldn’t be more right. Everywhere you look there is snow. From snowflakes on the inflatable tubes to the Christmas music (with an Island flair) playing throughout the park, you will really feel like you’re on a tropical ski trip paradise.There are even Snowgies and Frozen favorites in the kid area to enhance the Frozen appeal.

Blizzard Beach for toddlers
Blizzard Beach review
Blizzard Beach review

Fun for the Whole Family

Blizzard Beach only has three attractions that have a height requirement. Everything else can be enjoyed by guests of all ages. We loved Tike’s Peak, which is the perfect play area for toddlers and preschoolers. There are six slides for little kids, plus a shallow wading pool. We also loved playing in the wave pool. The lazy river is the longest in the US, at nearly one mile long with about a 25 minute float time. I loved that most of the river is shaded.

Blizzard Beach with toddlers
Blizzard Beach with toddlers
Blizzard Beach with toddlers
Blizzard Beach with toddlers
Blizzard Beach with toddlers

Delicious Food at Blizzard Beach

One of the most surprising things about Blizzard Beach was all the delicious food options. Who knew a water park had such incredible food? I had the pleasure of speaking to Chef Hal who shared about the fresh food prepared and served at Blizzard Beach. There are lots of vegan and vegetarian options too. According to my brother, they also have the best chicken tenders. They even have a WHOLE BUCKET of ice cream which makes for the perfect dessert.

Blizzard Beach with Young Kids
Blizzard Beach with Young Kids
Blizzard Beach with Young Kids
Blizzard Beach with Young Kids
Blizzard Beach with Young Kids
Blizzard Beach with Young Kids
Blizzard Beach with Young Kids

Rapid Refills for Endless Hydration

If you’re planning a trip to Blizzard Beach, I highly recommend buying a Rapid Fill Souvenir Cup. The refillable mugs are $11.99 and include endless refills during your visit. The hydration stations are clearly marked with misters. The coolest part about these cups are the magic chime sound the machine makes as it fills up your cup.

Blizzard Beach with Young Kids

Tips for Visiting Blizzard Beach with Toddlers

Arrive Early

During the Summer months, afternoon thunderstorms are pretty regular and will cause all attractions to temporarily close. Arrive at park open and try to accomplish as much as possible before lunch. As you arrive, Cast Members line the entrance tossing beach balls, giving out high fives and dancing to upbeat music. Definitely a warm welcome! Don’t forget to grab a photo with the Blizzard Beach frame and meet Goofy on the way in. They won’t be there on the way out at park close, or if there is inclement weather.

Blizzard Beach with a 3 yr old
Blizzard Beach with toddlers
Blizzard Beach with toddlers
Blizzard Beach with toddlers

Bring the Stroller

I have never brought a stroller to a water park before, but it certainly was helpful! Having a place to contain the kids, and store all the ‘stuff’ made it very convenient. There are plenty of shaded and covered lounge areas for parking a stroller. Generally, no one will rummage through the stroller, though I would leave all valuables in the car, or at home. A stroller is essential when planning a trip to Blizzard Beach for toddlers, and is a great place for naps.

Find a Good Spot

With young kids, having an area to relax for nap time and retreat to if (and when) it storms is a must. While you can’t bring your own beach umbrella, there are lots of shaded pavilions in Tike’s Peak (the toddler play area). I recommend finding a few lounge chairs and a place to park the stroller under cover upon arrival. Keep coming back to the place throughout the day for naps, snack time or sunscreen reapplication. They also have sand pits here that the kids will love playing in. All kids meals also come with a bucket and shovel which come in handy later in the day. My three year old played in the sand for almost two hours while her sister napped.

Blizzard Beach with Young Kids
Blizzard Beach with Young Kids

Bring the Necessities

When visiting a water park with little kids, it’s important to come prepared. Small children who are not potty trained will need Swim Diapers to enter the water. Be sure to bring extras too! You can also bring in your own food and waters. I saw several families with small coolers. Bringing water to keep you hydrated, fresh fruit or juice boxes are great for younger kids. Lastly, don’t forget the sunscreen. Florida sun is unrelenting and skin protection is essential.

FAQs About Visiting Blizzard Beach for Kids

What age is best for Blizzard Beach?

Blizzard Beach offers attractions suitable for all ages, from toddlers to adults. The park has areas like Tike’s Peak for younger children, Ski Patrol Training Camp for older kids and more thrilling rides for teens and adults. Plus a fun wave pool and lazy river for all ages.

What rides are at Blizzard Beach?

  • 1. Summit Plummet: A thrilling 120-foot free fall body slide, one of the park’s most iconic and exhilarating attractions.
  • Slush Gusher: A thrilling waterslide experience that twists and turns with exhilarating speed.
  • Teamboat Springs: A family raft ride where multiple riders can enjoy a wild and fun-filled journey down the mountain.
  • Toboggan Racers: A set of side-by-side racing slides for competitive fun.
  • Runoff Rapids: Three twisting, turning water slides, each with varying speeds and experiences.
  • Snow Stormers: Body slides that send guests racing downhill on toboggan-style mats through a series of twists and turns.
  • Downhill Double Dipper: A side-by-side racing slide that offers a high-speed competitive plunge.
  • Chairlift: Not a ride but these aerial chair lifts provide scenic views as it transports guests up to the top of Mount Gushmore.
  • Melt-Away Bay: A relaxing wave pool where guests can float and enjoy gentle waves.
  • Cross Country Creek: A lazy river experience winding around the park, offering a relaxing float.
  • Tike’s Peak: A kid-friendly area featuring scaled-down slides, play areas, and a snow-castle fountain.
  • Ski Patrol Training Camp: An area filled with activities like zip lines, floating icebergs, and challenging ice-flow walks.

These attractions cater to various ages and thrill levels, ensuring there’s something for everyone at Blizzard Beach!

How many hours do you need at Blizzard Beach?

Plan to spend at least half a day to a full day at Blizzard Beach to enjoy all the rides, lazy rivers, and relaxation zones. But you could easily spend the entire day here! Keep in mind during the summer months, afternoon thunderstorms are very common so be sure to have a plan for early afternoon if the weather turns sour.

Is Blizzard Beach better?

Both Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon offer fantastic experiences. The choice between them often depends on personal preferences in terms of theme, rides, and attractions.

Is Blizzard Beach busy?

Like any theme park, Blizzard Beach can get busy, especially during peak summer seasons and weekends. Arriving early or on weekdays might offer a bit more space and help you avoid long lines.

Does Blizzard Beach have a lazy river?

Yes, Blizzard Beach features Cross Country Creek, a relaxing lazy river that winds around the park, providing a soothing, scenic float. Grab an inner tube and start floating!

What is the best day of the week to go to Blizzard Beach?

Weekdays, especially Tuesdays through Thursdays, generally see lighter crowds compared to weekends.

How cold is the water at Blizzard Beach?

The water temperature at Blizzard Beach is usually comfortable, especially during the summer months, ranging from pleasantly cool to refreshing. It’s typically around 80 degrees, but can be cold water during months with lower temperatures.

Do you need water shoes at Blizzard Beach?

While not mandatory, water shoes can be helpful, especially on hot days, to protect your feet from the hot pavement. They can also provide extra traction on certain surfaces.

Can you bring snacks into Blizzard Beach?

Outside food is permitted in Blizzard Beach. Bringing snacks or a packed lunch can be a convenient and cost-effective option. However, glass containers and alcoholic beverages are not allowed.

Are towels free at Blizzard Beach?

Towels are available for rent at Blizzard Beach, or you can bring your own. If you’re staying at a Disney Resort hotel, complimentary towels are usually provided.


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