Tips for Bringing Little Kids Disney on Ice

by Kayla Peloquin
Disney on Ice Age Recommendation

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Disney on Age Range & Tips for Bringing Little Kids

My family was invited to experience the magic of Disney on Ice recently by Feld Entertainment and we had such a magical night! If you’re wondering what the best Disney on Ice Age range is, I have you covered! Here are my tips for bringing little kids Disney on Ice.

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Disney on Ice Age Recommendation
What’s the Disney on Ice Age Range Recommendation?
Read my tips for bringing little kids and what age is best for Disney on Ice shows!

Dress the part. 

Disney World isn’t the only place to show your Disneyside. Let your kids dress in their favorite costumes (here are our favorite Disney Princess Dresses for toddlers). For adults or older kids, try dressing in Disneybound style or your favorite Disney tee. Mickey Ears are totally welcome. If you need some Sparkly Mickey Ears, check out this easy DIY.

Arrive Early. 

Large scale events take a lot of time to find parking, go through security, and find your seat. The last thing you want is to be rushing to get to your section or miss the show opening. Give yourself plenty of extra time and insist on a bathroom stop right before the show starts, especially for preschoolers. Arrive early to join Miguel from Pixar’s Coco in a special sing-a-long guest appearance. 

Check your local venue 

Be sure to check to see what is allowed to be brought in. While they typically allow diaper bags, they must be within certain dimensions and may have other restrictions. If acceptable, plan to bring in a few snacks to keep your little ones entertained during the show. Mine almost always do better with food in their hands. Some great snack ideas include Goldfish, Popcorn, fruits, granola bars and boxed candy (like the Movie Theatre sells).

Dress warm. 

Full winter clothes aren’t necessary but dressing on the warmer side is. I always bring a light jacket for myself and dress my girls in long sleeves and pants under their princess dresses.

Disney on Ice Age Recommendation, Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream

Know the Show. 

Give your little ones a heads up on which characters they will see during the show. Curb any disappointment early if their ‘favorite’ won’t make an appearance. There are lots of YouTube videos of the show. Watch the show prior to going to give your kids expectations of what they’ll see at the arena.

Just GLOW with it.

There will be LOTS of flashy things for sale. If you’re on a budget or have multiple kids, pick up glow sticks from the Dollar Tree before you go. I like to bring past Disney World souvenirs too to keep us from spending too much.

See an early show.

The night time shows begin at 7:30pm and at two hours long can be hard for tired little ones to stay awake. Make sure they get great naps before hand because they definitely won’t want to miss the end. Frozen and Moana are the final two scenes! If possible to buy tickets for an earlier showtime, do it.

Disney on Ice Age Recommendation

Disney on Ice is a magical show for kids and adults of all ages to enjoy. Both of my daughters (at almost 2 and 4) enjoyed the show and seeing their favorite characters. My sister and I (who are not kid age) also LOVED the show. From toddlers to teenagers, Disney on Ice is full of music, laughter, impressive skills and surprises perfect for the whole family to enjoy. If you love Disney, you’ll love Disney on Ice!

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