Best Princess Dress for Toddlers

Best Princess Dresses for Toddlers

Best Princess Dresses for Toddlers

Like most little girls, my daughters live in princess dresses. Not just playing dress up in our home, but wearing them out in public on a daily basis. There is only a short time that a little girl wholeheartedly believes in fairytales. If she wants to wear a Cinderella dress grocery shopping, so be it! So, what are the best princess dresses for toddlers? I’m glad you asked! Keep scrolling to see our favorite princess dress for toddlers and click on each photo to shop the dress featured.

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Best Princess Dress for Toddlers
Princess dress for toddlers that’s comfortable, machine washable and glitter free!

The Perfect Toddler Disney Princess Dress

When my daughter first expressed interest in dressing up, I searched far and wide for the perfect princess dress. Many brands are really scratchy and uncomfortable. Some are so cheap that they fall apart after a few wears, or won’t even survive the washing machine. Others are full of glitter which rubs off EVERYWHERE. While I don’t mind the glitter, it drives my husband crazy. I was thrilled to stumble upon the Little Adventures brand of dresses. These particular toddler princess dresses are absolutely perfect for little ones.

Best Princess Dresses for Toddlers

I was SO excited to discover the Little Adventures brand of dresses. Not only are their princess dresses comfy and lightweight, they are also machine washable and sparkly, but without loose glitter. Their line of princess dresses are available on Amazon (Prime eligible) and are also all under $40. The cheap princess dresses for toddlers runs about $15-25! I also love that the small size is suitable for 1-3 yrs. Other brands are too big (even in extra small) for my toddler, so they drag the ground when she walks. We have dozens of these dresses and they have withstood countless wears and washes, craft, snacks, trips to Disney and more. 

Guide to Meeting Princesses at Disney World

My toddler wears one of her Little Adventures princess dresses almost every time we visit Disney World. Read my Disney World Tips with Toddlers. The material is lightweight and breathable in the Florida heat and humidity. On every trip, I have multiple moms ask me where I bought her dress. I’m not being paid for this post, I just simply LOVE this brand of dresses and want to share it with fellow mommies who have princess-loving daughters like me.

Best Princess Dresses for Toddlers

Little girls everywhere dream of becoming their favorite Disney princess, whether it’s Snow White, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Elsa in her enchanting blue dress, or the graceful Sleeping Beauty. These magical moments don’t have to be reserved for Disney World or special occasions. With Little Adventures princess costumes, your toddler girl can transform into a beloved character for everyday wear, dress-up parties, and imaginative play.

Disney World Dress Up Must Haves for Your Princess

Why Little Adventures Princess Dresses Are Perfect

Machine Washable

Unlike some princess dresses, these are easy to clean, so your little one can have fun without worry. They survive the washing machine, ready for the next adventure.

Comfortable Fit

Little Adventures understands that comfort is crucial, especially for young children who love to play all day. Their dresses are made from soft materials, with no scratchy seams or uncomfortable details.

A Rainbow of Colors

These dresses come in different colors to suit every princess’s preferences. Whether it’s the iconic pink princess dresses or Elsa’s dazzling blue gown, your little girl will find the perfect dress.

Everyday Wear

Little Adventures’ princess dresses aren’t just for costume parties. Your toddler girl can wear them every day, letting her inner princess shine during trips to the grocery store, playdates, or birthday parties.

Disney Princess Wardrobes

Not sure which Princess Dress is best? Let’s delve into the enchanting wardrobes of some beloved Disney princesses and queens, each with their unique style:

Elsa (Frozen)

Step into the ethereal world of Elsa, the Snow Queen of Arendelle, with a dazzling, ice-blue gown that captures the very essence of her magical kingdom. This gown, adorned with intricate snowflake patterns, is perfect not only for Elsa costume parties but also for unleashing your inner ice queen at any Disney-themed event. Other wardrobe options include the Coronation Gown from Frozen, Travel Outfit from Frozen 2 and White Dress from Frozen 2.

Anna (Frozen)

If you’re seeking dress-up clothes that’s as adventurous and warm-hearted as Anna, you’ll adore her dresses. Whether you choose her charming winter outfit with a bright blue skirt and floral motifs or her elegant coronation dress, you’ll feel like the true heroine of Arendelle. Anna’s costumes are a delightful choice for little girls who share her spirited personality.

Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

Dive beneath the waves and into the magical world of Ariel with a mermaid-inspired dress. These dresses shimmer with iridescent fabrics, capturing the essence of the ocean. They’re the ideal choice for young Disney fans who dream of a life under the sea or simply want to add a touch of aquatic enchantment to their everyday play. Other options include Ariel’s Town Dress and Pink Ballgown.

Snow White

For the little princess who adores classic fairy tales, Snow White’s dress is an enduring favorite. Her iconic ensemble, with its royal blue bodice, bright yellow skirt, and striking red bow, is perfect for role-playing in the forest or even in the comfort of your own living room. Your child can become the fairest of them all with this timeless gown.

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Transform into royalty with Aurora’s signature pink gown. Whether it’s a birthday party fit for a princess, a costume gathering, or everyday adventures, this regal dress makes every girl feel like a royal dreamer. Its delicate details and graceful design are sure to enchant little ones and adults alike.


Bring a touch of enchantment to your little one’s world with Cinderella’s iconic blue ballgown. Fit for the grandest of occasions, this dress transports any young princess to a world of magic and fairy godmothers. From birthdays to costume parties, Cinderella’s attire is the embodiment of elegance and charm.

Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)

Explore the vibrant charm of New Orleans with Tiana’s green lily pad gown. This dress captures the spirit of the bayou and is perfect for embracing Tiana’s determination, optimism, and love for cooking. Your child will feel like a true bayou princess in this splendid outfit.


Embrace the spirit of adventure with Pocahontas’ earth-toned ensemble. Her fringed dress captures the essence of the natural world and is perfect for exploring the great outdoors. Whether it’s a day of imaginative play or a themed event, Pocahontas’ outfit invokes the wonder of the wilderness.


Channel the fierce determination and bravery of Mulan with her warrior-inspired attire. This ensemble, complete with a tunic, pants, and a warrior’s sash, is ideal for little warriors-in-training. It’s not just a costume; it’s a testament to courage and honor.

Merida (Brave)

Step into the Scottish Highlands with Merida’s adventurous attire. Her forest green dress, accented with gold trim, is a tribute to her fiery spirit and archery skills. This dress is perfect for young adventurers who are ready to write their own destiny.

Rapunzel (Tangled)

Embark on a journey with Rapunzel’s radiant purple dress, adorned with delicate flowers. This dress is not just for letting down your hair but also for embracing creativity, curiosity, and the joy of discovery. It’s a splendid choice for artistic and free-spirited little princesses.

Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

Enchant your child with Belle’s iconic golden ballgown. This gown is perfect for storytelling, reading, and dancing in the library or for feeling like the guest of honor at any occasion. Its timeless beauty and grace captivate hearts.

Jasmine (Aladdin)

Unleash the magic of Agrabah with Jasmine’s elegant, aqua-blue ensemble. This attire is perfect for imagining flying on a magic carpet and embarking on adventures in far-off lands. It’s a wonderful choice for young dreamers who seek a whole new world of exploration.


Sail across the vast ocean with Moana’s adventurous outfit. Her ensemble, featuring a vibrant orange skirt and a coconuts-inspired top, is perfect for embracing the spirit of adventure. It’s an excellent choice for little voyagers and fans of this modern-day Disney heroine.

Raya (Raya and the Last Dragon)

Embrace the strength and bravery of Raya with her warrior-inspired attire. This ensemble, complete with a tunic, pants, and a warrior’s sash, is ideal for young warriors-in-training. It’s a testament to courage, unity, and the power of trust.

From the icy magic of Elsa to the adventurous spirit of Moana and Raya, each Disney princess’s attire offers a unique opportunity for imaginative play, storytelling, and unforgettable memories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Best Princess Dresses for Toddlers

Where can I find the best Disney princess dresses for my toddler?

You can find a wide range of Disney princess dresses for toddlers at various retailers. The Disney Store, Amazon, and specialty costume shops are great places to start.

Are these dresses suitable for costume parties or special occasions?

Yes, many Disney princess dresses for toddlers are designed to be versatile. They can be worn for costume parties, themed events, or special occasions like birthdays.

Are these dresses machine washable?

Some Disney princess dresses are machine washable, but it’s important to check the care instructions for each specific dress. Be sure to follow the recommended washing guidelines. We’ve had Little Adventures brand dresses for 6 years and washed them over and over for years of pretend play!

Do these dresses come in different sizes and colors?

Yes, you can find Disney princess dresses in various sizes to suit different age groups. While the colors may remain true to the original designs, there may be slight variations in shade.

What’s the best way to complete a Disney princess costume?

To complete a Disney princess costume, consider adding matching accessories, such as tiaras, wands, and shoes, to enhance the overall look.

What’s the most popular Disney princess dress for toddlers?

The popularity of Disney princess dresses can vary among toddlers depending on their favorite Disney movies and characters. Elsa (Frozen), Cinderella, and Belle (Beauty and the Beast) dresses are often top favorites, but the best choice depends on your child’s preferences.

Are there Disney princess dresses that are suitable for everyday wear?

While some Disney princess dresses are designed for special occasions, there are more casual options available for everyday wear, allowing young girls to embody their favorite princesses at any time. We love the Twirl Dress line of dresses for everyday casual wear.

Can these dresses be used as Halloween costumes?

Many Disney princess dresses are perfect for Halloween costumes, enabling your child to become their favorite princess for this magical holiday.

What makes Little Adventures the best choice for princess dresses?*

Little Adventures offers machine washable, comfortable, and affordable princess dresses. The soft material is sensory friendly. They’re perfect for dress-up play, halloween costume parties, or everyday wear.

What age are these dresses designed for?

Little Adventures offers small sizes suitable for 1-3-year-olds, making them an excellent choice for toddlers. They also have dresses available for older children and even adults!

Do these dresses come in other themes besides Disney princesses?

Yes, Little Adventures has a wide range of costumes for pretend play, including Minnie Mouse, Toy Story characters, unicorn costumes, and many more. They’re sure to make your little girl feel special and make a perfect gift!

Tips for Wearing Princess Dresses at Walt Disney World

Planning a trip to Disney Parks? Read my Disney Princess Guide and check out these tips for parents when taking their toddlers to Walt Disney World while they’re dressed in princess costumes:

Comfort is Key

Make sure your toddler’s princess dress is comfortable for long days in the park. Look for soft, breathable fabrics and consider adding a light layer underneath if it’s chilly.

Practical Shoes

Choose comfortable and practical shoes for walking. Glittery princess shoes might look great, but they’re not ideal for long walks.


Check the weather forecast and dress your child accordingly. You don’t want them to be too hot or too cold in their princess attire.

Backup Outfit

Bring a spare outfit for your toddler, just in case. Spills and accidents happen, and it’s better to be prepared.


Avoid accessories that might get lost or are uncomfortable for your child, such as crowns or jewelry. Opt for hair accessories that stay in place better.

Princess Autographs

Bring an autograph book for your little princess to collect signatures from her favorite Disney characters. It’s a fun way to interact with the princesses.

Priceless Photos

Take lots of photos of your little one. These moments are priceless, and the princess dress will make them even more magical. If able, take advantage of Disney’s Photopass photographers to capture your child’s magical moments in the park.

Character Meets

Check the My Disney Experience app for character meet-and-greet locations and times. This way, you can plan to meet your toddler’s favorite princesses. Certain princesses are only available at specific parks so do your research ahead of time!

Regular Breaks

Toddlers can get tired quickly, so schedule regular breaks, especially if you’re visiting during a hot season. Find a quiet place to rest and cool down. Check out these Disney play areas for a break!

Food Options

Some princess dresses can be delicate, so be mindful of food choices to prevent spills and stains. Consider quick-service restaurants where your child can eat without sitting in a fancy dress.

Changing Facilities

Walt Disney World offers baby care centers in every park. These are great places to change your child into and out of their princess dress if needed.

Character Dining

Consider character dining experiences at Disney restaurants. Your toddler can enjoy meals with princesses in a relaxed setting. Kids 3 and under eat free!

Stay Hydrated

Florida’s weather can be hot and humid. Make sure your child stays hydrated throughout the day. Read these additional tips to help beat the heat.

Enjoy the Moment

Let your child’s imagination run wild. They’re in a world of magic and fairy tales, so let them enjoy every moment. Finally, don’t rush through the park. Enjoy the experience, and let your little one fully immerse themselves in the magic of Disney.

Remember that the main goal is to make your toddler’s experience as magical as possible. So, ensure that they’re comfortable, happy, and safe while enjoying their time as a Disney princess.

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