5 Fun Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

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Spring is in the air and with the changing of seasons comes the excitement of Easter. My girls love holidays and I’m always on the lookout for ways to make it more fun and magical. I try to find toy alternatives for their baskets so we don’t have a surplus of candy on Easter morning. Check out these unique Easter basket fillers for kids from one of the most creative toy companies in the industry, Moose Toys.

Shopkins Real Littles Snack Time

My older daughters LOVE Shopkins and they make such a great (non-candy) stuffer for Easter eggs. The new Shopkins Real Littles – Snack Time Refresh features some of our favorite brands that we buy at the store in adorable mini form! There are over 55 new figures to collect across series 17 including delicious desserts, candy, savory snacks, drinks, frozen foods and even slushies. My girls enjoy collecting these and use them for creative play with some of their other dolls and figurines.

Treasure X Dino Gold Armored Egg

What kid doesn’t love dinosaurs?? Treasure X Dino Gold has all new dinosaurs in a stunning gold colored armored egg. Kids will love breaking open the egg and squeezing out the ooze inside to find all the dino parts and accessories. It’s a surprise toy and treasure hunt all in one! This toy kept my kids busy building their new dino creature and playing with the oozing slime.

Real Littles Micro Craft Kits

My daughters are always inventing fun and creative craft projects, so these Micro Crafts from Real Littles are the perfect Easter basket stuffer. A mini sized craft kit in an adorable, reusable box, how cute! Each kit is filled with mini surprises and supplies to create a new craft activity. There are 6 different DIY micro crafts to create and collect and all of them really work. The attention to detail is amazing and makes it so much fun for kids to play with.

Little Live Pets Surprise Chick

When I was a kid, my mom bought real live chicks one year for Easter. I can’t imagine welcoming real winged pets into our crazy family, but I found the next best thing! The new Surprise Chick from Little Live Pets is a great idea for Easter baskets this year. My girls loved watching their chick hatch and hop out of the egg. It is so soft and really reacts to being pet, just like a real chick. The chick even sings a cute little song after receiving enough love. With multiple girls, I love that we can hatch the egg again and again!

HGJZ Glow Shifters

These super stretchy, squishy heroes are amazingly fun and really GLOW when you crush the core. My girls were amazed as it activated right in front of their eyes. This toy is a fun sensory experience for any kids who love to play hands-on.

All of these unique Easter basket fillers for kids, from Moose Toys, can be found at Walmart, Target or Amazon for easy shopping. If you’re searching for creative, non candy Easter fillers, be sure to check out these fun ideas.


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