Disney Princess Pumpkins No Carve Dollar Tree Pumpkin Ideas

No Carve Disney Princess Pumpkins for Halloween

No Carve Disney Princess Pumpkins for Halloween

Fall is right around the corner and that means PUMPKINS! We love holidays and any excuse to craft, especially during the Halloween season. My daughter wanted to make Disney princess pumpkins this year so we headed to the Dollar Tree to grab cheap foam pumpkins for a fun and thrifty craft.

DIY Disney Princess Pumpkins

Here are our no carve Disney Princess pumpkins. Inspired by Cinderella, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel and Rapunzel, these pumpkins are easy and fun to make.

Check out these Moana pumpkins from last year! 

No Carve Disney Princess Pumpkins

These pumpkins are really easy to make and so fun for Halloween. Using a little paint, some rhinestones and other fun leftover craft scraps, these came together quite nicely . The base pumpkins are styrofoam orange pumpkins from the Dollar Tree. I love the size of these pumpkins for crafting and you can’t beat $1!

DIY No-Carve Little Mermaid Pumpkin for Halloween

First, I started this pumpkin by painting the top half a nude beige color and painting the bottom half green. Once dry, I added a layer of Mod Podge to the bottom green half and sprinkled on fine green glitter for some added sparkly. Next, I colored two similar shaped sea shells (also from Dollar Tree) in purple paint and purple glitter. Then, I added flat back pearls and rhinestones to the top around the stem.

Finally, I completed the Ariel inspired Little Mermaid pumpkin with a red glittery bow and a miniature plastic fork. Both of these items I had on hand from previous crafts.

DIY Disney Princess Pumpkins: Ariel Little Mermaid Pumpkin Ideas

Rapunzel Tangled DIY No-Carve Pumpkin Craft for Kids

Make Halloween the Best Day Ever, with this fun Rapunzel themed pumpkin. First, I painted the base of the pumpkin a pretty purple, inspired by Rapunzel’s dress color. I added white lace and pink sparkly lace around the center using hot glue. Finally, I glued on paper flowers in various colors and sizes to the top. I styled the photo with this adorable mini cast iron skillet (found at a thrift store) and this fun Pascal plush.

DIY Disney Princess Pumpkins: Tangled Rapunzel Pumpkin Ideas

DIY Beauty & the Beast No-Carve Pumpkin Craft

I absolutely love how this Belle Disney Princess pumpkin turned out. I painted the pumpkin a yellow base color and then added a layer of metallic gold for extra sheen. Next, I glued on flat back pearls, equally spaced, all the way around. I used the gold bead ribbon to imitate the swag look of Belle’s dress. Lastly, I topped the pumpkin with mini faux red roses and red rhinestones.

DIY Disney Princess Pumpkins: Beauty and the Beast Belle Pumpkin Ideas

Sleeping Beauty Inspired DIY Aurora No Carve Pumpkin for Halloween

Of all these Disney Princess Pumpkin crafts, this one is my favorite! I made the base with two clashing colors, pale pink and baby blue. This captures the end scene when the fairies are changing Aurora’s dress color. I followed this tutorial for how to make a Sleeping Beauty Tiara using craft foam and puff paint.

DIY Disney Princess Pumpkins: Sleeping Beauty Pumpkin Ideas

Cinderella No Carve Pumpkin Craft for Kids

You can’t make Disney Princess Pumpkins without a nod to Cinderella, she is the Pumpkin princess after all. This inspired pumpkin was started with a base coat of pastel blue paint. Then, I added a layer of iridescent fine glitter paint, followed by sprinkling a bit of chunky round iridescent glitter at the top of the pumpkin. Next, I painted the stem black and added fine black glitter. Finally, I added a few AB rhinestones and this pretty acrylic pink butterfly.

DIY Disney Princess Pumpkins: Cinderella Pumpkin Ideas

Disney Princess Pumpkins Craft for Halloween

I hope these Disney Princess pumpkins inspire you to make a fun craft for Halloween! I love no-carve pumpkins because they last so much longer and can be kept from year to year. These princess pumpkins are perfect if you have little girls or just want to make a fun and sparkly craft for Halloween.

Disney Princess Pumpkins No Carve Dollar Tree Pumpkin Ideas

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