No Carve Moana Inspired Pumpkins

by Kayla Peloquin

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The Moana craze is still going strong in our house and is the inspiration for these easy Moana no carve pumpkins. I purchased the pumpkins from the Dollar Tree and gathered the remaining supplies from my craft collection. These pumpkins are quick, easy and kid friendly! See how I made them below.

Moana No Carve Pumpkins

Hei Hei Chicken Pumpkin

I used a red pumpkin base with cut pieces of yellow and green felt and a piece of red craft foam for the top.

Hei Hei Moana themed pumpkin

Te Fiti Pumpkin

For this Te Fiti Moana no carve pumpkin craft, I used a green pumpkin and small flowers. It would be lots of fun to make a Te Kah version too. You could use an orange pumpkin, red rock candy and some crushed black Oreo cookies.

Tefiti No Carve Pumpkin

Moana No Carve Pumpkin

For the Moana pumpkin, I started with a red pumpkin base. Next I added burlap ribbon, some sea shell accents and of course a little flower on top. It would be cute to add some details with a Sharpie that mimic her top designe too!

Moana Pumpkin Inspiration

Maui Pumpkin

I started with an orange pumpkin base for Maui. I added some ‘tattoo’ designs using a black Sharpie marker and glued leaves on as a skirt.

Maui No Carve Pumpkin



Pinterest No Carve Moana Pumpkins

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