Seas the Day: Toddler’s First Boating Adventure

by Kayla Peloquin
Toddler Boating Adventure

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As a born and raised Florida girl, I discovered a love for boating at a young age. My family spent countless summers on the water. Whether we were fishing in the river, tubing in the intercostal or just cruising along the scenic First Coast, boating was certainly an integral part of my childhood. When I became pregnant with my daughter, I knew that my family’s love for boating was something that I wanted to pass along to her as well. From an early age, we began planning her first boating adventure.

Toddler’s First Boating Adventure

I was so excited this past spring when my daughter was able to truly experience the boat for the first time. She had been on the boat before, but this time was particularly different. As an almost 2 year old, she could now walk and talk. She knew exactly what a “boat” was and was genuinely excited. We spent a few weeks playing in ‘Papa’s Boat’ in my parents’ yard preparing her for her first big trip on the water.

We planned our trip for Easter Sunday so the whole family could be part of our boating adventure. My daughter was so excited when we pulled up to the boat ramp. She squealed with delight as we cruised out of the harbor and toward the intercostal to spend the day soaking up the sun and fishing in a few local spots.

As we fished, she insisted on saying “bye bye” to every fish (including the bait). She loved steering the boat with her Papa and enjoyed pointing out all the fun wildlife we encountered along the way (birds, dolphins, etc). Overall, our toddler boating adventure was the perfect start to the summer. Even now my daughter points out boats we pass while driving through town. I know she can’t wait to get back out on the water again.

Toddler Boating Adventure

Plan Your Own Trip with these Tips

Are you ready to plan your own boating adventure? You don’t need to own a boat to experience what it’s like to have a vacation at your fingertips. has an interactive Go Boating Today tool that generates local options for boat rentals, classes, charters and more, by simply entering a city or zip code. If you’re ready to plan your boating adventure, be sure to follow these helpful tips to ensure your toddler’s first boat outing is a success:

Safety First

When going out in the boat, it’s important to ensure kids are properly fitted for a life jacket. We tried a couple of styles on in the store to ensure a comfortable fit too.

Bring Snacks & Stay Hydrated

In the Florida heat, it’s so easy to become dehydrated! Pack plenty of nutritious snacks along with water and juice to ensure your toddler stays hydrated and refreshed.

Don’t Forget Sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential for any boating adventure with a toddler. Ensure you use a high SPF sunscreen and re-apply often to keep their delicate skin from burning. Packing a hat and sunglasses is a great idea too!

Whether you own a boat or you’re just interested in ways to get on the water, Discover Boating has resources to help you get on the water & have a vacation at your fingertips.

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