Tips for Visiting SeaWorld Orlando for Toddlers

SeaWorld Orlando is a great destination for families with smaller children. With spectacular shows, captivating aquariums and tons of animals, it’s a memorable vacation for people of all ages. If you’re planning a trip, here are my tips for SeaWorld Orlando with toddlers.

Thank you to SeaWorld Orlando for providing my family with free tickets. All opinions are my own. 

See the Shows

SeaWorld Orlando has so many incredible shows that really give you an up close look at these magnificent animals. We loved One Ocean in Shamu Stadium which featured the iconic Killer Whales. One was even named Kayla! My preschooler loved watching the whales splash and jump out of the water. We also enjoyed the Dolphin Days show. This one showcases the trainers in the water with the animals and even includes a surprise fly in from a few feathered friends.

Visiting SeaWorld with young kids Shamu One Ocean Show
SeaWorld Orlando with small kids
SeaWorld Orlando with small kids

See the Animals

There are tons of exhibits at SeaWorld Orlando showcasing all types of aquatic animals. We loved the dolphins, stingrays, sharks, and penguins. The penguin exhibit at Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin was so neat and freezing cold! A nice break from the Florida heat. We also loved the Wild Arctic exhibit and the Mako shark tunnel (both were in AC).

SeaWorld with young kids: Animal Exhibits
SeaWorld with Young Kids: Penguins
SeaWorld with young kids Empire of the Penguin
SeaWorld with Young Kids: Penguins
SeaWorld with Young Kids: Penguins

SeaWorld Orlando Baby Care Center Review

When visiting with little ones, you have to make a stop at the SeaWorld Orlando Baby Care Center. Equipped with a kitchen with microwave and bottle warmer, changing facilities, private nursing room and restrooms with kid size toilets, this space provides lots of comfort when traveling with young kids. The Baby Care Center is located in Shamu’s Happy Harbor near the kiddie rides.

Baby Care Center: SeaWorld with a Baby
Baby Care Center SeaWorld with a Baby

What to Do if it Rains

Often during the summer months, Florida has thunderstorms daily. Luckily SeaWorld has a “Sunny Day Guarantee”. You can read more about it here. When we visited, it started raining around 3pm and didn’t stop  until the park closed. Fortunately, we had a few umbrellas and a stroller cover to keep us nice and dry. While all rides close down if there is rain or lightning nearby, the animal attractions do not. If you find yourself facing a stormy afternoon, check out the indoor attractions to make the most of your time at the park. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to test out any of the kid rids at Happy Harbor due to inclement weather. If you have young kids, and are traveling there during the summer, be sure to ride these first to avoid afternoon thunderstorm closures.

Rain at SeaWorld Orlando
Rain at SeaWorld Orlando

Important Tips for SeaWorld Orlando with Toddlers

Be aware that outside food is not permitted, though they will let you bring in baby food items. Utilize the child swap feature if you and other members of your party want to ride ‘adult’ rides. This means everyone will wait in line (with the baby) together. You will swap right near the ride entrance to allow everyone to ride while someone swaps taking care of the baby. Handheld infants are not allowed to ride ANYTHING, even the kiddie rides. They must be able to take 3 controlled steps by themselves to demonstrate control to ride. It’s Florida, so remember to bring lots of sunscreen, hats and weather appropriate clothes.

SeaWorld Toddler Pass

While children 3 and under enter for free at SeaWorld, there is a preschool pass that you can register for. Kids 5 and younger get into SeaWorld Orlando and Aquatica Water Park FREE for the entire year! Advanced sign up on their website and proof of age via Birth Certificate are both required. Sign ups are only available for a limited time only. Check this page to get your FREE Preschool Card.

Final Tips for SeaWorld Orlando with Toddlers

Be sure to download the SeaWorld app to keep track of show times, park open/close and see an interactive map right on your phone. SeaWorld Orlando offers FREE WiFi when inside the park. My phone was dead by the end of the day between checking the app and taking lots of photos/videos. Bring a portable charger with you to keep your battery life up.

Invest in a souvenir cup. They include free refills all day at various stations throughout the park and $1 goes to the SeaWorld conservation fund, you can’t beat that!

SeaWorld Orlando for toddlers and young kids is lots of fun. Start planning your SeaWorld Orlando vacation today!

Guide to visiting SeaWorld with young kids


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