Disney World Dress Up Must Haves for Your Princess

by Kayla Peloquin
Disney Dress Up Must Haves fo Kids

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Planning a trip to Walt Disney World? Dressing up at Disney is a magical experience for young kids and really adds to the overall experience. Here are my princess must haves for Disney World dress up.

The Dress

For my daughter, it’s not a Disney trip if she isn’t wearing a princess dress. Our favorite brand of dresses is available through LittleDressUpShop.com. These dresses are not your ‘normal’ princess costumes. They’re comfortable with zero itchiness, lightweight and cool to wear in the Florida heat, and free from any loose glitter. The best part, they’re also machine washable!

Disney World Dress Up Must Haves for Your Princess

Shoes & More

You will be doing a lot of walking on your Disney World vacation. Skip the cutesy dress shoes and prepare your child with comfy walking shoes. During most of our trips, you can see my daughter in her favorite Minnie Mouse light up sneakers. No outfit is complete without a few fun accessories. Whether your daughter loves wearing a princess tiara, satin gloves, or jewelry, LittleDressUpShop.com has you covered.

5 Tips for Wearing a Princess Dress to Disney

My daughter wears a princess dress most days of the week and our regular trips to Disney are no exception! Here are a few tips to help ensure a practically perfect parks wardrobe.

  1. Choose Wisely! Not all princess dresses are made the same. You’ll want something that is comfortable, not itchy, lightweight and easily cleaned. We love the dresses from LittleDressUpShop.com because they meet ALL these requirements.
  2. Don’t layer clothes underneath! Florida is HOT, even during some of the more mild months. Layering extra clothes with a dress on top is a recipe for overheating. My daughter sometimes wears a pair of stretchy shorts or bloomers underneath but nothing more.
  3. Hair up! As discussed above, the Florida weather can be brutal. Ensure you put your little one’s hair up and out of their face/off their neck to ensure they stay nice and cool.
  4. Fluff it up! We love the underskirts from LittleDressUpShop.com. They are so comfy and give princess dresses the perfect amount of poof without being too overwhelming. Your daughter will want to twirl non stop in one of these!
  5. Visit the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique! And no I don’t mean for an appointment. The Fairy Godmothers in Training will do FREE Pixie Dust and ‘wishes’ for princesses of any age. No matter what costume we’re in for the day, we always stop by to get some sparkly pixie dust to complete the look.


If you’re planning to meet the princesses on your Disney trip, I highly recommend booking a character dining experience. We love Akershus in Epcot (choose breakfast for the most affordable option). If you would rather meet the princesses individually, here’s where to find a few of our favorites!

Disney World Dress Up Must Haves for Your Princess

Snow White

We love meeting Snow White at Magic Kingdom. She’s located to the left, right next to Guest Services, when you first enter the park. She hardly ever has a long wait time. She’s tucked away in a tiny courtyard so most guests walk by without even knowing she’s there. Snow White is also available for a meet and greet in Germany in the World Showcase in Epcot. For both locations, there are set meet times and they typically conclude in the afternoon. Check the MyDisneyExperience App to ensure you don’t miss your chance to meet Snow White.


This iconic princess is only available to meet at Magic Kingdom. Paired with Elena of Avalor, Cinderella is located in Fairytale Hall inside of Fantasyland on the back side of Cinderella’s castle. Wait times can rise as high as 90 minutes on a busy day. I recommend going toward park close or securing a FastPass+ if you don’t want to wait. Magic Hours are great too if you’re staying in a resort. The line queue is air conditioned, but quite boring with nothing for kids to do. Cinderella meets from park open to park close.

Disney World Dress Up Must Haves for Your Princess

BONUS- Meet Cinderella’s stepsisters in Magic Kingdom too! They’re so funny to interact with.

Rapunzel & Tiana

These two princesses can also be found at Fairytale Hall in Magic Kingdom, though the line is different from Cinderella. The wait time is usually 30-60 minutes. Similar to Cinderella/Elena, the queue is inside but boring. Rapunzel can also be found at the Bon Voyage character breakfast on the Boardwalk as well.

Disney World Dress Up Must Haves for Your Princess

Sofia the First

This princess is located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios next to the Disney Junior Live show. The wait time is typically pretty low and the line is outside, though it is shaded. Sofia can’t talk to kids like the other princesses can, but she’s still lots of fun to meet.

Guide to Meeting Princesses at Disney World


The only place to meet Anna and Elsa is in Norway in the World Showcase in Epcot. Wait times usually fluctuate between 20-45 minutes. FastPasses+ are not available for this attraction. The line queue is mostly inside and you can bring a stroller in line with you. While both sisters are in the same room, it’s not possible to get one photo with both characters.

Little Mermaid

Ariel meets in her grotto at Magic Kingdom (next to her ride) from park open to park close. The wait time fluctuates between 20-50 minutes on a regular day. The wait queue is boring and not air conditioned so it’s not ideal for mid-day. Ariel is seated in her tail for this meet and greet. You can also find Ariel at the back entrance of Epcot in her teal ballgown, though this isn’t a scheduled meet and greet. She just happens to appear every now and then. Alternatively, meet Ariel in her ballgown (and Prince Eric) at the Bon Voyage breakfast on the Boardwalk.

Ultimate Guide to Meeting Princesses at Disney World

Disney World Dress Up


Belle is available for meet and greet inside Enchanting Tales with Belle at Magic Kingdom and in France in Epcot’s World Showcase. Storytime with Belle is a fun interactive experience, however, it is not like a typical meet and greet. You’ll get a photo opportunity with Belle, but no further talking or interaction. If your little one likes to chat, the Epcot meet and greet is much better.

Disney World Dress Up

Sleeping Beauty

Aurora meets in France at Epcot’s World Showcase as well. She’s not too far from Belle. Her meet and greet happens at various time slots throughout the day. Usually the last one is around 5pm. We have waited 15-30 minutes in the past to see Aurora in her beautiful pink gown.

Other Princesses

Pocahontas available to meet in Animal Kingdom to the right before the bridge to Dinoland.
Disney World Dress Up: Best Princess Dresses for Toddlers
Merida, available for meet and greet at Magic Kingdom near the Mad Tea Party attraction.
Belle in her Christmas Gown during the Epcot Holiday Festival, located in France in the World Showcase


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