Disney Diaper Bag Must Haves

Disney Diaper Bag Essentials

Our diaper bag needs have doubled since adding a second princess to the family, especially on our Disney days. A handy, well stocked diaper bag is essential when headed to Walt Disney World. If you’re planning a trip, check out these Disney diaper bag essentials to ensure you’re prepared.

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The Perfect Diaper Bag

It all starts with finding the perfect diaper bag. I absolutely love the Disney Baby collection from Petunia Pickle Bottom. The sketchbook Mickey and Minnie print is perfect for a day at the parks. The Axis Backpack is the perfect size to hold all our baby and toddler gear. It also has an insulated bottom, perfect for baby bottles and toddler snacks. The bag comes with a convenient changing pad and wipes container too.

Disney Diaper Bag

The Essentials

Diapers– Of course this is a must for a DIAPER bag. The best rule of thumb I’ve heard is one diaper per hour you’ll be gone. I usually pack 8-10 for the baby and 5 for the toddler per day.

Wipes– I love using a disposable wipes bag (like this) or a reusable plastic case to cut down on the bulk. In addition to diaper changes, wipes come in handy for sticky hands after Mickey shaped treats.

Hand Sanitizer– I love the Bath and Body Works mini hand sanitizers to clip to bag for easy access. After diaper changes or before eating, this can be a life saver when a sink isn’t nearby.

Changing Pad– While the Baby Care Centers have paper sheets to ensure a clean surface for every change, the regular bathroom changing areas do not. The Petunia Pickle Bottom bag comes with a reusable changing pad, but I like these disposable ones too.

Plastic Bags-A roll of disposable plastic bags comes in handy for dirty, smelly diapers or soiled clothes. The roll is small and takes up little to no space, but is great to have in a pinch. I save money by purchasing doggy bags instead since they serve the same function but are usually cheaper.

Extra Clothes– Pack an extra outfit for each kid and seal them in a Ziplock bag. In the event of a mess, you have an airtight bag to store the dirty clothes.

Bottles– If you’re bottle feeding be sure to pack extra bottles and formula or store a cold pack in an insulated pouch for expressed breastmilk. The Baby Care Centers also offer private nursing rooms for breastfeeding or pumping.

Must Haves Disney Diaper Bag

Check out my reviews of the Disney World Baby Care Centers at Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.

Food– For babies you may need baby food, cereal, spoons and a bib or two. For a toddler, great snack ideas include Goldfish, peanut butter crackers, fruit gummies, cheese sticks or cut fruit.

Sippy Cup– I always freeze water bottles and juice boxes to store in the insulated compartment of my diaper bag. Not only does this help keep other food items cold, but it ensures we have a refreshing drink later in the day. I recommend bringing a disposable sip cup (like this) and I also love this strap when in use to keep it from falling out of the stroller.

Muslin Blanket– A lightweight blanket is versatile and essential for any diaper bag. I love the Disney blankets from Aden & Anais. This can serve as a blanket for cooler weather (early morning or late at night), a carseat or stroller cover to protect from the sun or light rain, a nursing cover or burp cloth in a pinch.

Pacifier– If you’re little one uses a pacifier, it’s essential to have a back up, just in case.

Sunscreen– In Florida sunshine, sensitive skin can burn regardless of the time of year. Kid friendly sunblock is a must if spending the day at Disney World.

Nail Clippers– You never know when these will come in handy, for baby or for you!

Medicine– When my first daughter was 6 months old, she cut a tooth AT DISNEY. Talk about misery. Ever since, I have made sure to pack baby Tylonel just in case. Storing it in a Ziplock bag can also prevent any spills.


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