The Holidays are Right Around the Corner – The Ultimate Gift Guide for Girls Ages 5+

by Kayla Peloquin

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Hey there, fellow parents and gift givers! With the holiday season rapidly approaching, we’re all on the hunt for the perfect presents to delight our little girls. That’s why I’m thrilled to share some fantastic gift ideas for girls ages 5 and up.

Whether you’re a parent, aunt, uncle, or friend, this ultimate gift guide has something to make every girl’s heart skip a beat. So, let’s dive right into the magic, courtesy of Moose Toys!

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Little Live Pets Minis – Surprise Baby Pets

I’m not sure about you, but my daughter is absolutely obsessed with anything cute and tiny. That’s why the Little Live Pets Mama Surprise Minis make for an irresistible treat. With this toy, you get to be part of an enchanting journey into the world of baby pets.

Fill the water bottle, and prepare to be amazed as the water vanishes, revealing not just one, but 2, 3, or even 4 adorable baby pets! Each one is a surprise, so get ready for some magical moments.

These Little Live Pets offer kids the chance to experience the joys of nurturing and wonder. It’s like having a real-life pet in a compact, delightful form. Your child will be smitten with these adorable additions to the family.

Little Live Pets Zoogooz – The Squishy, Stretchy, Gooey Friends

Say hello to HUG n’ HANG Zoogooz – the newest, gooey pet sensation. These tactile pets are made of stretchy, gooey material, with arms that stretch out wide and hands that link up, allowing them to hang around wherever you please. These Zoogooz are the squishiest, stretchiest, and cutest pals your child could wish for.

Interactive and fun, Zoogooz are perfect for those who love sensory play. And, trust me, these squishy friends are as delightful for adults as they are for kids.

Magic Mixies Potion Cauldron Game – An Enchanting Race to Magic

The Magic Mixies Potion Cauldron Game is an enchanting “Pop-Up” style board game that promises lots of family fun. In this game, you’ll race around the board to collect magical ingredients. As you place the ingredients into the correct position in the cauldron, the Magic Mixie magically pops up, and you win the game!

It’s a game of excitement and anticipation, which makes it a perfect choice for cozy family game nights. With captivating gameplay and plenty of surprises, it’s a great addition to your holiday gift list.

Magic Mixies Pixlings Dolls – Unlock the Magic Within

If your child is a fan of magical surprises, the Magic Mixies Pixlings Dolls will absolutely captivate them. Each Pixling is unlike any other, and mixing the ingredients is an enchanting experience.

Uncover the magical Pixlings within – will you find Unia the Unicorn Pixling, Deerlee the Deer Pixling, or Marena the Mermaid Pixling? Each doll is intricately detailed, boasting long, brushable hair, soft fashion ensembles, and beautifully crafted shoes.

These charming dolls are perfect for imaginative play, and your little one will adore collecting them all.

Real Littles Desktop Caddy Mini Fridge – Cool and Cute

Prepare to be amazed by the Real Littles Desktop Caddy Mini Fridge. It’s as cool as it gets when it comes to stationery. What’s more, every piece inside this tiny fridge is shaped like food, drinks, and other items you’d find in a real refrigerator.

Open the fridge and freezer doors to discover over twenty surprises, including pens, an ice-box tape dispenser, egg erasers, produce paper clips, pencils, and even a cute drink-can pencil sharpener. This adorable, functional miniature fridge provides a unique and exciting way to organize stationery and adds a delightful touch to your workspace.

Gift Guide for Girls Moose Toys 2023

Don’t miss out on these exciting gift options for your little one this holiday season. Each of these items is a delightful addition to your holiday shopping list, guaranteed to bring joy and excitement.

So, let’s make this holiday season the most magical one yet for the girls in your life. Get ready to share the happiness and create unforgettable moments with this fantastic gift guide for girls from Moose Toys. Happy gifting!

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