Indulgent Moments: 10 Ways to Make the Most of Summer with Little Kids

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This is my favorite time of summer: after the 4th of July rush but before the Back-to-School chaos begins. The weeks that fall between are the perfect time to really soak up the memories and spend days making the most of summer. My oldest daughter starts VPK this fall, so I’m really taking every opportunity to indulge in the summer season and savor all the sweet moments with my girls. Here are some of my favorite ways to make the most of summer.

Get Outside to Make the Most of Summer

Florida summers can be brutally hot, but getting outside is such a fun way to make summertime memories. Hit the pool, plan a trip to the beach, or visit your local parks (here are my favorite parks in St Augustine, FL). Just remember to stay hydrated and reapply lots of sunscreen. 

Indulge in a Sweet Snack

Our family favorite snacks this summer are the new Nature Valley Wafer Bars available now at Walmart. We love the Peanut Butter and Peanut Butter Chocolate flavors. This yummy, sweet treat has both a crispy and creamy texture. They’re the perfect balance of sweet and savory. Plus, they’re made with real peanut butter and have no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. If you’re spending the day by the pool, throw these in the freezer for a delicious refreshing snack to help beat the heat. 

Make the most of summer with Nature Valley Wafer Bars

Play Tourist In Your Own Town

The term ‘staycation’ has become pretty popular in recent years. We live in St Augustine, FL and enjoy exploring our hometown. There are so many attractions, museums, and restaurants to visit that there is always something new to do. Check out your local city event calendar or try something for the first time, you may just find a new favorite.

Go Mini Golfing

Mini Golfing with kids can be so much fun. When my husband and I were dating, we played mini golf all the time. It has become a tradition to also enjoy an occasional game of mini golf as a family. Even though my kids are little, they love trying to hit the ball in the hole, and it creates so many great family memories. 

Do Something Together as a Family

Whether it’s a planned family vacation or just a day doing something fun, spending family time is a perfect way to make the most of summer. Nature Valley Wafer Bars are the perfect snack no matter where we go. My family loves pool days, visiting Legoland or Disney World, or going to the movie theater to see a summer blockbuster. Regardless of what we do, we always make it memorable because we’re together. 

Make the most of summer with Nature Valley Wafer Bars

Get Crafty & Make Something

If you want to beat the summer heat, find a fun craft to do with your kids. My girls enjoy creating whether it’s painting, coloring, sculpting with PlayDough, drawing with chalk or playing with sensory bins. Here is a fun Summer Hat DIY from last year.

Blow Bubbles

Bubbles are one of the easiest ways to entertain little kids. My girls love blowing bubbles. Investing in an automatic bubble blower is a great way to keep the kids playing.

Go Fishing

As Florida locals, fishing is a great way to make memories this summer. Nothing beats being on a boat and learning how to hold a fishing pole. My dad is a big fisherman, so naturally, my family spent a lot of time on the boat growing up. I’m happy to pass along those experiences for my kids to share and create their own memories. Here are some tips for bringing little ones fishing for the first time. 

Have a Movie Night

Build a pillow fort on the floor, make all the snacks and put on your favorite family movie. Nature Valley Crispy Creamy Wafer Bars make the perfect movie night treat. We love crushing up the Nature Valley Wafer Bars to sprinkle over popcorn for a sweet and crispy topping. 

Make the most of summer with Nature Valley Wafer Bars

Visit the Library

Curb the summer slide with trips to your local library. Our library has story time, crafts, events, and lots of free play areas inside for kids to enjoy. We love to check out new books and find ways to make learning fun to help get my daughter excited for school this fall. 

Make the Most of Summer with Delicious Snacks

Whatever your plans are, make the most of summer by giving your family the most delicious snacks! My girls LOVE the new Nature Valley Wafer Bars. The Peanut Butter and Peanut Butter Chocolate flavors are the perfect sweet treat with both a crispy and creamy texture. I love that they’re made with real peanut butter and have no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. The perfect combination for my family. You can find these snacks on your next trip to Walmart, our go-to for all summer essentials. 

Make the most of summer with Nature Valley Wafer Bars

Buy Nature Valley Wafer Bars from Walmart in Peanut Butter and Peanut Butter Chocolate flavors to make the most of your summer!


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