DIY Toddler Makeup Tutorial for less than $5

Pretend Make up for Kids DIY Tutorial

My toddler loves to mimic everything I do, including putting on makeup. To keep her out of my makeup bag, I needed a cheap and mess free alternative. Here’s my easy toddler makeup tutorial.

What You’ll Need

Before you begin, you’ll need to find a few makeup sets. I chose these from the Dollar Tree including a foundation compact, blush and eye color palette. Alternativrly, you can use your old makeup items if you’ve run out of product. These were only $1 each so I didn’t mind buying them new since mine aren’t running low. You will also need craft foam in various colors (I chose pink, beige and pink/purple/white sparkle), hot glue/glue gun and scissors.

Pretend Make up for Kids DIY Tutorial

Scrape Out Makeup

Using a butter knife, scrape out all of the ‘real’ makeup from each palette. Use a makeup remover wipe to clean up any excess and leave them to dry before continuing with this toddler makeup tutorial.

Use Craft Foam

Using craft foam sheets, press the palette into the sheet to leave indentions. This will be your guide for cutting out the foam. I chose a rosy pink color for the blush set, a nude beige for the compact and glitter sheets in pink, purple and white for the eye shadow container. You can choose whatever colors you wish to suit your daughter’s complexion.

Pretend Make up for Kids DIY Tutorial

Cut and Glue

Next, cut out the foam sheets to fit inside the makeup containers. Using hot glue, glue the back of the foam and place in the makeup palette.

Pretend Make up for Kids DIY Tutorial

Play & Enjoy!

Now your daughter has a play makeup set that she can enjoy without the mess. I hope this toddler makeup tutorial was helpful and easy to follow!

Pretend Make up for Kids DIY Tutorial