DIY Dr Seuss Baby Shower + FREE Printables

by Kayla Peloquin

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Celebrating New Beginnings with a Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Extravaganza

Welcome to the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss, where vibrant colors and imaginative tales bring joy to readers of all ages. What better theme for a baby shower than the delightful and timeless Dr. Seuss, capturing the essence of childhood wonder and excitement? 

This theme is not only a great decoration idea but also a perfect theme to celebrate new beginnings with fun, laughter, and a dash of nostalgia. I absolutely loved Dr Seuss books as a kid.

Today, I’m sharing details and the most dreamy decor for an adorable Dr. Seuss baby shower, complete with DIY projects, free printables, and a slew of ideas to make this special day as fun and colorful as the books we’ve all come to cherish.

DIY Truffla Trees

I wanted to make Truffla Trees based on The Lorax. That was my favorite Dr Seuss story growing up, and the trees just look like so much fun! These were really easy and cheap to make for this Dr Seuss party. Here’s how to make your own decorations inspired by Truffla Trees. 

Materials included:

  • Tissue Pom Poms (from Hobby Lobby) in various colors $4.99 each
  • Two Foam Pool Sticks (from the Dollar Tree) $1.00 each
  • A roll of black electrical tape (from the Dollar Tree) $1.00
  • Hot glue gun which I had at home

To prep the tree trunks, you simply wrap the black tape in a diagonal motion down the length of the foam pool stick. Once complete, you want to open the tissue pom poms and assemble/fluff out per the instructions on the packaging.

Use a little bit of hot glue on the end of the foam pool stick and gently place the assembled tissue pom pom to the end. Hold until the glue is dry and YOU’RE DONE! Super easy!

The additional tissue pom poms were hung around the house for decoration. We also had balloons in various colors floating around the house which really popped and gave the whole space a nice colorful and whimsical look.

More Dr Seuss Baby Shower Decorations

Beyond the iconic Truffula Trees, there are countless ways to bring the Dr Seuss theme to life for your baby shower. Imagine vibrant balloon arches in red, blue, and yellow, mimicking the whimsical landscapes of Seuss’s stories.

Create wild centerpieces with potted flowers or paper straws and cotton candy resembling the fluffy tops of Truffula trees, set in mason jars tied with white ribbons for that elegant touch.

For a fun and interactive element, set up a photo booth with Dr. Seuss props and backdrops, where guests can snap memories in true Seussian style.

A diaper cake adorned with bright colors and Dr. Seuss characters can serve as a great decoration and a practical gift for the new mom. Scatter quotes from beloved Dr. Seuss books around the party area using the free printables provided at the end of this post, adding a literary and heartfelt touch to the decor.

Dr Seuss Themed Food

One of the most important elements of any party is the food, and a Dr Seuss Baby Shower is no exception. My mom and best friend hosted this shower for me and planned the food based on popular Dr. Seuss books.

I made the food labels (see printables below) and we taped them to tooth picks. If you mouse over the images below you’ll see the description of the foods accordingly.

My aunt made the cake. She was given free reign to be creative and design whatever she wanted. This was the result. Quite amazing, right?!

Fun Games for a Dr Seuss Baby Shower

Dive into the fantastical world of Dr. Seuss with these delightfully themed baby shower games. They’re not just activities; they’re a leap into the imaginative realms that Dr. Seuss himself conjured up. Perfect for adding laughter and a touch of whimsy to your celebration, these games will entertain guests of all ages and create memorable moments.

The Cat in the Hat” Hat Toss

Inspired by the mischievous Cat in the Hat, this game involves tossing rings or bean bags onto a tall, striped hat. You can DIY the hat with some cardboard and fabric or find a suitable stand-in at a dollar store. It’s a simple yet engaging game that brings a bit of the Cat’s playful spirit to your party.

Green Eggs and Ham” Relay

Channel the persistence of Sam-I-Am in a fun relay race. Participants can balance “green eggs” (painted or dyed eggs, or green water balloons for a messier version) on spoons and navigate an obstacle course. This game not only pays homage to the classic book but also adds an exciting competitive edge to your shower.

“One Fish, Two Fish” Fishing Game

Create a small “pond” using a blue plastic tablecloth or a kiddie pool. Fill it with red and blue fish cutouts or toy fish, each with a paper clip or magnet attached. Guests use fishing poles with magnets to “catch” the fish, tallying points based on color or markings, just like the varied fish in the book.

“Oh, The Places You’ll Go” Balloon Pop

Write down different baby-related tasks or funny actions on slips of paper and insert them into balloons before inflating them. Participants choose a balloon to pop and must perform the task or action written on the slip. It’s a lively game that echoes the adventurous spirit of the book, promising laughter and fun.

“Finish That Seuss Rhyme!” Challenge

Prepare cards with incomplete famous Dr. Seuss rhymes and challenge guests to finish them. It’s a great test of who knows their Seuss best, and you can reward correct answers with themed prizes like bookmarks or mini Dr. Seuss books.

We played a super fun trivia game for everyone to fill in the missing word to popular Dr. Suess rhymes. You can download a PDF of the game here: Dr. Suess Trivia Game

Each of these Dr. Seuss-themed baby shower games offers a unique way to celebrate and embrace the whimsical world of one of the most beloved children’s authors. They’re not just entertaining; they’re a gateway to reliving the joy and playfulness of Dr. Seuss’s stories, making your baby shower a truly unforgettable event.

Dr. Seuss Themed Shower Favors: Charming Keepsakes 

After a day filled with whimsy and laughter at a Dr. Seuss-themed baby shower, send your guests home with thoughtful favors that capture the essence of the beloved author’s world. These favor ideas are designed with adult women and moms in mind, blending the playful spirit of Dr. Seuss with a touch of sophistication and practicality.

Seussical Scented Candles

Gift your guests with small, scented candles wrapped in paper featuring Dr. Seuss quotes or illustrations. Choose calming scents like lavender or vanilla to offer a bit of relaxation after the day’s festivities. These candles serve as a cozy reminder of the shower and can bring a warm, comforting glow to any space.

Truffula Seeds Packet

Create little seed packets with a photo of the Lorax and lovingly write a quote from the beloved book. 

Grinch Green Tea Packs

For a playful nod to “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” assemble small packs of green tea, labeling them as “Grinch Green Tea.” Attach a cute note encouraging guests to take a moment for themselves, savoring the tea’s soothing qualities. It’s a delightful and healthful favor that acknowledges the busy lives of moms and women.

Custom Dr. Seuss Bookmarks

Create elegant bookmarks featuring beloved Dr. Seuss characters and quotes, perhaps laminated or crafted from durable cardstock. Bookmarks are a practical and cherished favor, perfect for the book-loving guest and a sweet reminder of the day spent in the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss.

Lorax-inspired Eco-friendly Totes

In the spirit of “The Lorax” and its message of environmental conservation, offer guests eco-friendly tote bags featuring Lorax-inspired designs or quotes. These totes are not only practical for everyday use but also serve as a gentle reminder to care for our planet, resonating with the environmentally conscious ethos many moms and women hold dear.

Each of these Dr. Seuss-themed shower favors is crafted to delight and serve a purpose in the lives of your guests, blending the enchanting charm of Dr. Seuss with elements of utility and style. They’re not just mementos of a special day but tokens of appreciation that celebrate the whimsy and wisdom of Dr. Seuss in a way that resonates with adult women and moms.

Dr Seuss Baby Shower Printables

Hosting a Dr. Seuss-themed baby shower is not just about celebrating the upcoming arrival of a new little one; it’s about recapturing the joy and boundless imagination of our own childhoods.

With these ideas, decorations, and free printables, your Dr. Seuss baby shower is sure to be a hit, filled with laughter, fun, and the whimsical spirit of Dr. Seuss that we’ve all grown to love.

So, without further ado, let the planning begin, and may your Dr. Seuss baby shower be as magical and memorable as the stories themselves!

  • Dr. Seuss Trivia Game
  • Food Labels #1
  • Food Labels #2
  • Born to Stand Out Quote
  • Youer Than You Quote
  • No Matter How Small Quote
  • Welcome Sign


For more fun ideas, DIY projects, and tips for your next themed shower, keep an eye on our blog posts. If you’ve hosted or attended a Dr. Seuss-themed event, we’d love to hear about your favorite thing from the day.

Share your experiences and photos with us on social media or by email, and let’s spread the joy of Dr. Seuss to parents and babies everywhere!

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