Christmas Gifts for Little Girls

Christmas Gifts for Little Girls

If you’re struggling to find the best gifts for your little girl, I’ve compiled an easy to shop list of awesome ideas for Christmas gifts for little girls from infancy to 5 years old.

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Christmas gifts for little girls

Christmas Gifts for a Baby Girl

Shopping for an infant can be really hard, especially since they can’t really express what they want. Here are a few good gift ideas for a baby girl. If it’s your child’s first Christmas, check out these Traditions to Start for Baby’s First Christmas.

New Pajamas

As the temperature drops, cuddly soft pajamas become a must have for baby girls. These fleece PJ’s are the perfect Christmas gifts for a baby girl and are so practical for the cooler winter months ahead.

Something Cuddly

As infants grow into toddlers, it’s the perfect time to introduce a lovey or security blanket. My daughter absolutely loves this Peak-a-Boo elephant which sings and wiggles it’s ears. The princess plush set is super soft and perfect for teething babies. Lastly, this customized blanket makes a beautiful keepsake and something your daughter will love to snuggle for years to come.

Teething Essentials

Another great gift idea for infant baby girls is teething essentials. Sofie the Giraffe is a must have soft teething toy that’s classic for infant girls. My girls both also loved these net holders for mashed up fruits and these fun and fruity teething toys are perfect for little ones.

Activity Cubes

Activity cubes are a fun and educational way for little ones to work on their exploration and motor skills. Whether you prefer a traditional wooden toy or plastic cube with lights and sounds, this gift idea is sure to be a hit with your infant or toddler.

Musical Tea Set

When my daughter was one, we bought her an adorable singing tea set. She loved it and still plays with it nearly two years later. I highly recommend adding this to your list of Christmas gifts for little girls.

Christmas Gifts for a 2 Year Old Baby Girl

Two years old is such a fun age! They’re finally able to open presents on their own and show their opinions about whether or not they actually love a gift. Here are a few of my very favorite Christmas gifts for little girls who are 18 months to 2.5 years old.

Love to Hug Elmo

New this year, the Love to Hug Elmo is super sweet with lots of sayings, songs and real hugging functionality. My two year old has this toy and absolutely loves playing with it.

Little People Disney Set

When my first daughter was two, we bought her a Little People Disney Princess castle which she played with for years. This year, I am planning to give my younger daughter (who is currently 2) the new Little People Disney Frozen Castle set. With music, lights and figures that are perfect for little hands, this line of toys is perfect for little girls.

Ball Pit

Last year, I bought my girls a ball pit for Christmas and they absolutely loved it! I found pink, purple and white balls on Amazon which made the set even more fun and girly. Our ball pit folds up so it can easily be stored away when needed, but if you have the space, this grey foam pit is so cool!

Kids Cleaning Set

My 2-yr-old is currently obsessed with cleaning. She loves to help clean around the house. I bought her a broom and mop set with a fake vacuum and she plays with it all the time. The spray bottle and squeegee is also a favorite!

Play Doh Set(s)

Play Doh is such a fun way to keep little fingers busy. My daughters both love playing with Play Doh, so you can’t go wrong with a new set for Christmas. This sparkly Play Doh and Rapunzel hair set are both so much fun!

Christmas Gift for 3 Years Old Girl

I love the 3 year old age. My daughter genuinely loved opening presents and could show her excitement and gratitude at this stage. This was also the first year she was able to “ask” for what she wanted. Here are a few of my must have ideas for a Christmas gift for 3 years old girl.


A tricycle is a perfect Christmas gift for 3 years old girl. It’s a great starter for a little one who isn’t quite ready for a two wheel bike but still loves to be active. Don’t forget to also purchase a helmet to go with it!

Princess Dress

You can’t go wrong with princess dresses. We love the Little Adventures brand of dresses from They also have dozens of styles for all the modern princesses with a few different wardrobe options for each. These dresses are comfortable and machine washable with no loose glitter. They’re perfect for sensitive little ones. My girls own dozens of them and practically live in them daily.

Play Make-Up

My daughters both love getting into my make-up. These sets are perfect because while they look real, they’re actually fake. I love these pretend makeup kits for little girls.

Baby Doll & Accessories

Most little girls love baby dolls and this one is super realistic and even fits premie size baby clothes. Baby accessories are a great idea too like this baby doll stroller, baby feeding set or even a baby carrier to mimic mommy.

Pretend Kitchen

Although it’s a larger, more expensive gift, a pretend kitchen will give you years of imaginative play. I love these two kitchens because they include all the major components without taking up too much room or being too short for growing kiddos.

Christmas Gift for 4 Years Old Girl

We are just reaching this stage with my oldest daughter, she will be 4.5 this Christmas season. These gift ideas are things she would absolutely love to open on Christmas morning.

Journey Girls

Journey Girls are a new line of 18″ dolls from Amazon. They have hand painted facial features and beautiful hair/outfits. My daughter has one that looks just like her and she absolutely loves it. These dolls are also pretty affordable compared to similar ones on the market with such a high quality of product.

Hairdorables Dolls

These surprise collectible dolls are lots of fun for 4 year olds. My daughter can’t get enough of surprise toys and these definitely deliver a lot of bang for your buck. The boxes even turn into a stage or scene setting for playtime.


A traditional gift for a 4-yr-old girl is a bicycle. This vibrant, fun bike from Dynacraft Wheels and is themed to the popular Nick Jr. show Rainbow Rangers.

Kids Camera

My daughter loves taking pictures (just like mommy) so a kid friendly digital camera is also a great idea! These two options are both really affordable but provide good grip, drop proof design and easy to use interface.

Pop Up Tent

A pop up tent is another fun Christmas gift idea for 4 years old girl. Whether you choose a character pop up, full size round princess tent or more subtle teepee, your daughter will love having a space that is all her own.

Christmas Gift for 5 Years Old Girl

These gift ideas are a little more advanced for 5+ age little girls. From surprise dolls to Barbies and craft kits, these Christmas gifts for little girls are sure to be a hit with your daughter.

LOL Surprise Dolls

LOL Surprise Dolls have been popular for several years and continue to be a best selling toy for girls. These surprise sets come with lots of little items so it’s best for kids who are a little bit older without little siblings.

Barbie Doll Sets

My daughter received her first Barbie sets this year and hasn’t stopped playing with them. Her two very favorite are this Barbie Jet and travel set and the Barbie cake decorating set (with real ‘Cake Dough’).

Make-up Kit

The first real make-up set is such a fun milestone for little girls. My daughter loves doing her makeup so she would be so excited to receive these gifts for Christmas.

Fire Tablet

I love the Fire tablet because it’s a closed system for parents to install specific apps on. My daughters can’t search the Internet or end up trying to buy some weird app thanks to an ad. They enjoy the games and stories on the Fire Tablet too. I also love the warranty which helps protect the tablet regardless of what your kids may do to it. Headphones make a great addition to this gift!

Craft Kits

My older daughter absolutely loves to craft. Two of her favorite things are this Disney Princess necklace making kit and the DIY Bath Bombs set. If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for little girls, be sure to check both of these out.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Little Girls

Christmas gifts for little girls


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