Baby’s First Haircut at Disney World Review

Baby's First Haircut at Disney World

What’s more magical than having Baby’s First Haircut at Disney World?! I read about the barbershop located on Main Street in Magic Kingdom and was eager to experience their “Baby’s First Haircut” package. 

Main Street Magic

The barbershop is located to the far left when you first enter Magic Kingdom. We didn’t need a reservation. It was about 1:30pm on a Wednesday afternoon. We popped in to ask and they told us they’d add us to the list and the wait would be about 10 mins. That gave us just enoigh time to run next door and pick up some more Sorcerer Mickey cards.

The barbershop is relatively small with only three cutting stations. The staff was extremely friendly and we loved working with Barabara, our assigned Stylist.While a photo pass photographer isn’t on location full time, you can request one to be there to capture the magic. They said they typically prefer at least 30 minutes notice to get a photographer on site but the client before us requested one so we had a photographer right away.

First Haircut at Disney

When I first sat my daughter in the chair, Barbara handed her two toys, a Rapunzel and a Minnie Mouse. She was all smiles and immediately at ease sitting in the barber chair. The stylist then consulted me on how I wanted her hair cut. Since her hair was falling in her eyes, I requested bangs without the need to remove any length, which she happily accommodated.

Once her hair was cut, Barbara styled it in two adorable pigtails. Then it was time for the signature Mickey Mouse ears with “First Hair Cut” embroidered on the back. We snapped tons of pictures to capture the special moment.

Magical Memories

Barbara was also nice enough to save Evie’s hair for me. She placed it in a small envelope which she titled “faith, trust and first haircut”. This was such a great way to save her first locks without having to awkwardly store them for the rest of the day while walking around the park.
You can also request “pixie dust” which is a mixture of gel and large confetti chunks for younger kids and gold glitter for older ones. We skipped this only because I didn’t want it all over her car seat on the 2 hour drive home.

First Haircut at Disney World

Upon checkout, we were provided with a personalized certificate, Mickey Mouse stickers and a bag to hold all of the goodies. I was surprised with the $25 cost for this experience. It seemed like a pretty cheap price for all that is included. There wasn’t even an additional tax or a prompt or signature line to add a tip.

Overall I was extremely pleased with our first haircut experience. It’s certainly a memorable way to celebrate a fun milestone.