Summer Pool Safety & Essentials for Little Kids

3 Summer Pool Safety Tips & Essentials for Little Kids from SwimWays

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How will you be spending the summer with your family this year? My family is always excited to hit the pool once the weather warms up and this year is no different. I’m so excited to partner with SwimWays to share a few of the awesome pool products we’ll be using this summer. Especially for a Florida family, pool safety is of the utmost importance, so I’m also sharing three important pool safety tips to help keep your family safe.

Important Summer Pool Safety Tips

It is incredibly important for kids to learn to swim at a young age. I love the SwimWays Swim Steps program and the variety of products they offer to help teach children how to swim. Lessons with a professional to teach your child the basics is a great investment as well. With young kids, it is also important to keep them within reach at all times when in the pool, and keep a diligent eye on them when around the water. Like with all things in life, practice makes perfect, so spend time with each child practicing their swimming skills.

In addition to being safe in the water, it’s important to consider sun safety too. UV rays are strongest between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Avoiding peak times is ideal but not always practical. Regardless of when you swim, ensure skin protection with proper sunscreen application. Reapply as needed, and use hats and sunglasses as additional steps to protect sensitive skin.

While playing IN the water, it is also vital to DRINK water too. Being outside in the summer heat can be dehydrating, even when you’re surrounded by water. Be sure to drink lots of water and take a break for some hydrating snacks like watermelon, strawberries or oranges.

Best Pool Float for Baby with Canopy

My youngest daughter is only 4 months old, so this is her first summer to experience the pool. The SwimWays Infant Baby Spring Float withSun Canopy is the one of the best pool floats for babies I have ever used. This float is designed for babies 3 months until approximately 9 months old, or whenever the baby can fully sit up or attempt to climb out.

Summer Pool Safety with Best Pool Float for Baby with Canopy

I love the fabric covering and reclined seat which makes this shaded pool float for babies extra comfy. It also lets her experience the water but doesn’t submerge her too much. There is a three point harness for safety and the adjustable canopy with UPF 50+ is perfect to keep her shaded. The float also has built in handles to make it easy for me to hold onto at all times. Lastly, it folds flat into 3 compact rings and includes a handy carrying case for easy portability and storage. Super easy for moms who have to carry ALL THE THINGS when heading to the pool.

Best Swim Vest for Kids

For my older two daughters (ages 5 and 3) we use the SwimWays Swim Vest. This swim vest for kids is a secure flotation device to help little ones who are just learning to swim. As a swim trainer for toddlers and preschoolers, it helps build confidence for kids to float upright and learn to lean forward to paddle.

Summer Pool Safety with Best Swim Vest for Kids

I love that the vests are covered with soft, comfortable fabric and have UPF 50+ sun protection. They also include an adjustable leg strap to ensure the vest stays in place. The front zipper makes it easy to take on and off while at the pool and gives my kids security and confidence as they continue practicing their swimming skills.

Summer Pool Safety with Best Swim Vest for Kids

Another fun product my girls love from SwimWays is the Learn to Swim Dive Sticks. They can be adjusted to float for beginner swimmers or sink for more advanced swimmers by simply twisting open for buoyancy or twist closed to sink. They make practicing their swimming skills a fun game.

Summer Pool Safety with SwimWays

Pool Safety Essentials for Little Kids

The SwimWays Swim Steps Program is the best option for parents and children when it comes to summer pool safety. Their easy to follow steps are clearly marked on each product and explain the skills each item helps build. The products help give my girls security in the pool while encouraging them to build their swim skills.

SwimWays has been helping children learn to swim for over 50 years and is a trusted brand for families. Their products make my littles ones feel safe and happy as they build confidence to navigate the waters. You can shop for SwimWays pool essentials for your family this summer at Walmart, Target, and Amazon. For helpful tips on pool safety and teaching your kids to swim, check out SwimWays on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Want more? Read these tips on how to savor the summer with your kids this year.

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