Rapunzel Themed Birthday Party Ideas + Free Printables

Unlock the Magic with Fun & Creative Rapunzel Birthday Party Ideas

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Step into a world of enchantment and let down your hair with these fun Rapunzel Birthday Party Ideas! Inspired by the beloved Disney princess, this magical Happy Birthday celebration will transport your guests to the kingdom of Corona.

From DIY decorations to delectable treats and engaging activities and FREE Rapunzel birthday printables, here’s everything you’ll need to make your child’s birthday the BEST DAY EVER.

Rapunzel Birthday Party Invitations FREE Template

Rapunzel Birthday Party Invitations FREE Template

Invite your guests to a magical journey in the kingdom of Corona with our delightful Rapunzel themed invitation template. Designed with Rapunzel’s iconic elements, such as her radiant hair and the sun emblem, this free printable invitation captures the spirit of adventure and whimsy.

Simply click on this link to access the template. Next, customize the details, then save and send it to your loved ones. Let the enchantment begin as you extend this invitation to join in the festivities of your Rapunzel themed birthday party.

Rapunzel Tangled Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Rapunzel Birthday Decoration Ideas

Use purple and gold tablecloths and place settings to match the theme

Elevate the Rapunzel-themed food table aesthetic by incorporating purple and gold tablecloths and place settings that perfectly match the enchanting theme. First, start with purple tablecloths. Accentuate the tablescape by layering gold sequin table runners or overlays, adding a touch of elegance and richness.

Rapunzel Tangled Birthday Party

Next, consider adding Rapunzel-themed accents like mini lanterns, a Pascal figurine or flower arrangements as centerpieces to tie it all together.

These coordinated tablecloths and place settings will immerse your guests in the magical world of Rapunzel, adding a touch of royalty and ensuring a visually stunning dining experience to your Rapunzel party decorations.

Create floating lanterns using paper lanterns and LED tea lights

To create captivating floating lanterns for your Rapunzel birthday party, gather a collection of paper lanterns in various sizes and colors. Inside each lantern, place an LED tea light, ensuring a safe and flameless glow. The LED tea lights not only provide a warm and inviting ambiance but also eliminate any fire hazards.

Once the lanterns are ready, find a large open space, such as an outdoor area or a spacious indoor room with high ceilings. String the lanterns to create a mesmerizing look reminiscent of the iconic floating lantern scene from the movie Tangled.

Craft a vibrant “Rapunzel Tower” centerpiece with cardboard tube

Bring the magic of Rapunzel’s tower to your party table by crafting a vibrant centerpiece using a cardboard shipping tube and fun accents. Begin by cutting a tall circular shape from cardboard.

Next, add glue and roll in tiny pebbles. Aquarium rocks work great! Add details like windows, vines, and flowers using construction paper and hot glue. Finally, top it off with a cute roof made from paper or craft foam.

For a fun, magical touch, add a braid made from yellow yarn hanging out of the top window.

Rapunzel Birthday Decoration Ideas

Hang cascades of yellow braids to represent Rapunzel’s flowing locks

Transform your party space into a magical realm by hanging cascades of streamers to represent Rapunzel’s flowing locks. Use yellow plastic tablecloths, yellow yarn or tulle from the dollar store. Secure one end to a central point on the ceiling or a high fixture. Create three separate pieces so they can be braided together.

Allow them to drape down like Rapunzel’s hair, gently twisting and intertwining as they descend. Add flowers for a festive colorful touch. This works perfectly from a second story window or the roof to decorate the outside of your home to greet your guests and set the tone for the party.

Adorn the Tangled party area with flower garlands and sun-shaped cutouts

Infuse the party area with the beauty and radiance of Rapunzel’s world by adorning it with delicate flower garlands and sun-shaped cutouts.

Create flower garlands by stringing together artificial flowers in shades of purple, pink, and also yellow, interlacing them with green foliage for a lush and vibrant look.

Hang these garlands across doorways, along walls, or above the party table to evoke the enchanting atmosphere of Rapunzel’s tower. Check out this stunning flower backdrop!

Complement the floral decor by adding sun-shaped cutouts made from yellow cardstock or construction paper. Hang them at various heights to mimic the golden sun that represents Rapunzel’s destiny.

Together, these whimsical accents will create a visually stunning backdrop for your Rapunzel themed birthday party. A balloon arch, like this one, makes an amazing photo backdrop too.

Design a Rapunzel-themed photo booth backdrop with a long braid and sun motif

Create a captivating Rapunzel-themed photo booth backdrop that will transport your guests into the magical world of Tangled.

Start by crafting a long braid using a combination of yellow, golden, and blonde ribbons or yarn, securing them together with braiding techniques. Hang the braid vertically as the centerpiece of the backdrop.

Enhance the backdrop further by incorporating Rapunzel-themed props like floating lights, tiaras, flowers, and lanterns, and provide a camera or smartphone stand to capture memorable moments against this enchanting backdrop.

Your guests will feel like they are in the midst of Rapunzel’s tower, ready to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Delicious Rapunzel Party Food Ideas

Indulge your taste buds with these delectable Rapunzel-themed party food ideas. From enchanting desserts to savory delights, these culinary creations will not only please the palate but also capture the spirit of the beloved Tangled movie.

Rapunzel’s Golden Nuggets: (chicken nuggets) with your favorite dipping sauce served in a mini cast iron frying pan

Pascal’s Fruit Skewers: Create colorful fruit skewers using a variety of fresh fruits like strawberries, grapes, pineapple chunks, and melon balls. Arrange them in the shape of Pascal, Rapunzel’s loyal chameleon friend.

Tangled Tower Sandwiches: Prepare tower-shaped sandwiches by stacking layers of different fillings, such as ham, turkey, cheese, lettuce, and tomato. Use toothpicks to secure the layers together and create the illusion of a Rapunzel-inspired tower. Alternatively, use a sun cookie cutter to make them look like the Rapunzel sun.

Maximus’s Carrot Sticks: Serve carrot sticks with a twist by naming them after Rapunzel’s trusty steed. Pair them with a flavorful dip like ranch or hummus for a healthy and theme-appropriate snack.

More Yummy Food Suggestions…

Golden Sun Cheese Platter: Arrange a selection of golden-hued cheeses, such as cheddar, gouda, or colby jack, in the shape of the iconic sun motif from the movie. Add some crackers and grapes to complement the cheese platter.

Rapunzel’s Braided Breadsticks: Bake long, braided breadsticks using your favorite bread dough recipe. Brush them with melted butter and sprinkle with garlic salt or parmesan cheese for added flavor.

Flynn Rider’s Smoldering Meatballs: Prepare savory meatballs and serve them with toothpicks as appetizers. Create a tangy glaze using barbecue sauce, honey, and a hint of chili powder for a touch of smokiness.

Gothel’s Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries: Dip fresh strawberries in dark chocolate, and let them set before serving. Decorate them with edible gold sprinkles or drizzle white chocolate to add a contrasting touch.

Royal Purple Punch: Create a refreshing purple punch using a combination of grape juice, lemon-lime soda, and a splash of cranberry juice. Add some frozen grapes or edible flowers as a garnish for an extra touch of elegance.

Rapunzel Birthday Party Activities

Tangled Paper Lanterns DIY

Add a touch of whimsy and creativity to your Rapunzel theme birthday party with charming Tangled paper lanterns that you can easily craft yourself.

Download THIS printable. Print on beige paper. Invite guests to color them. Suggest for them to write their “dream” on the back. To complete the lanterns, roll them into a circle and tape the ends together. Finally, attach a small handle made from ribbon or string.

Set up a “Design Your Own Crown” station

Engage your young guests’ creativity and make them feel like royalty by setting up a “Design Your Own Flower Crown” station at your Rapunzel-themed birthday party.

This kit includes everything you’ll need for guests to make their own flower crown. Encourage the children to let their imagination soar as they personalize their crowns, adding their own unique touch and embellishments.

Organize a “Tangled Pascal Scavenger Hunt”

Add an element of adventure and excitement to your Rapunzel-themed birthday party by organizing a “Tangled Pascal Scavenger Hunt.” Hide small Pascal chameleon figurines or cutouts throughout the party area.

Award small prizes or treats to those who successfully find all the Pascals. The “Tangled Pascal Scavenger Hunt” will keep the little adventurers entertained and immersed in the magical world of Rapunzel throughout the celebration.

Create a “Rapunzel’s Art Corner” for guests to unleash their creativity

Spark the artistic talents of all the little princesses attending by creating a captivating “Rapunzel’s Art Corner” at your birthday party. Set up a designated area with a variety of Rapunzel-themed coloring pages.

Include scenes from the movie to illustrations of Rapunzel herself. Provide a selection of coloring supplies, such as colored pencils, markers, and crayons. Display the finished masterpieces on a designated wall during the party.

Rapunzel Birthday Party Activities

Rapunzel Birthday Party Ideas: Hair & Makeup Station

Add a touch of Rapunzel’s signature style to your birthday party by arranging a delightful “Hair Braiding Station.”

Set up a designated area with mirrors, hairbrushes, and a variety of colorful ribbons, clips, and accessories. Enlist the help of a few willing adults or older children who can serve as hairstylists.

Provide a pretty makeup palette and supplies for princess makeovers too. This interactive and imaginative activity will create lasting memories and make your Rapunzel-themed party truly unforgettable.

Paint Rapunzel Canvases

Another fun Rapunzel birthday party activity is painting canvases, just like Rapunzel. Purchase mini canvases and trace a sun on there. Instruct guests to paint the sun yellow and the background purple.

Provide glitter to sprinkle onto the yellow paint while drying. Have flowers available and a willing adult to help hot glue them on for a beautiful craft and take-home craft for guests to enjoy.

rapunzel themed birthday party ideas

Hire a Rapunzel Look-Alike

Add a touch of magic and bring the enchanting world of Rapunzel to life by hiring a Rapunzel look-alike to attend your party. Imagine the delight on your little one’s face when they come face-to-face with their favorite long-haired princess.

A professional Rapunzel impersonator will captivate the guests with her stunning appearance, engaging personality, and also enchanting storytelling. From braiding hair to singing Tangled songs, the presence of a Rapunzel look-alike will create an unforgettable experience.

Adventurous Rapunzel Party Game Ideas

Play “Rapunzel Says,” a lively game where the designated leader gives themed commands related to the movie. For example, “Rapunzel says brush your hair” or “Rapunzel says let down your braid,” challenging the participants to follow along.

Organize a thrilling “Tangled Limbo” game using a long ribbon or streamer as the limbo bar. Encourage kids to limbo under it while the Tangled soundtrack sets the mood and adds to the excitement.

Engage the guests’ knowledge with a fun “Rapunzel Trivia” contest. Test their familiarity with the Tangled movie and its characters through a series of questions, creating a friendly competition to see who knows the most about Rapunzel’s world.

Arrange a captivating “Rapunzel Treasure Hunt” where guests search high and low for hidden treasures throughout the party area, following clues and unraveling the adventure just like Rapunzel on her journey.

Play “Tangled Charades,” a game that gets everyone involved, with participants acting out characters, actions, and memorable scenes from the movie, encouraging creativity and also laughter among the players.

More Fun Rapunzel Games to Play…

Set up an exciting “Tower Relay Race” where teams compete to build a tower using blocks or cups, passing them along to their teammates to construct the tallest tower within a set time limit, adding a competitive element and fostering teamwork.

Arrange a whimsical “Pin the Flower on Rapunzel’s Braid” game. Similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey, blindfolded participants try to place a flower sticker in the correct spot on a large picture of Rapunzel’s braid.

Play “Rapunzel Freeze Dance” to the enchanting tunes of the Tangled soundtrack, where participants dance to the music but must freeze when it stops, adding a magical twist to the classic game of Freeze Dance.

Play “Tangled” where two teams race each other to see who can wrap someone up first. Use rolls of yellow streamers to resemble Rapunzel’s long locks.

Rapunzel Birthday Party Favor Ideas

Complete your Rapunzel-themed birthday party on a delightful note by offering enchanting party favors that your young guests will cherish. Prepare to send your little guests home with a touch of Rapunzel’s magic with these fun favor ideas:

With these Rapunzel birthday party ideas, you can also create a fairy tale experience that will make your little one’s dreams come true. Let your creativity flow as you transform your space into a vibrant kingdom filled with joy and wonder. From DIY decor to themed food, activities, games, and party favors, every detail will contribute to party inspiration to make this the Best Birthday Ever!

Free Rapunzel Birthday Printables

Download these free printables and embark on a magical journey with Rapunzel and her friends. Let your imagination soar and create a birthday party that will be cherished for years to come Simply print on card stock, cut and use in your party planning!


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