Finding Nemo Disneybound

by Kayla Peloquin

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In honor of the release of Finding Dory, hitting theaters this week, check out our family Finding Nemo Disneybound day at Epcot in Orlando, FL.

My husband has wanted to ‘disneybound’ for quite a while. However, finding a family theme that was easy and acceptable for him was a little challenging. We finally settled on a Finding Nemo Disneybound, which came together perfectly!

My husband was Marlin with a simple orange shirt from his closet and a black hat. I was Dory with blue pants/shirt and a black sweater. I even made 5 minute Mickey Ears made of craft foam and hot glue, because no Disneybound is complete without custom ears. Our little princess was Nemo in a striped onesie from Walmart for only $5. This was one of the cheapest Disneybound looks I’ve ever created, primarily because most of the items came from what we already owned.

Once you have your Finding Nemo Disneybound ready, be sure to visit Animal Kingdom to see the broadway themed show. Then, head over to Epcot to ride Nemo and Friends. Take a few pictures in front of the characters outside the attraction too. Make plans to see Turtle Talk with Crush (it’s hilarious) and enjoy exploring the shark play area and aquariums. Lastly, eat at the Coral Reef Restaurant located right next door. It’s delicious and a great atmosphere for your Nemo inspired day!

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