3 Simple Tips for Parents of Picky Eaters

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Many of my friends have kids who will eat ANYTHING. With my kids, no such luck. My girls are extremely picky eaters and typically ask for the same three things on repeat. Over the past couple years, I have discovered a few easy ways to expand their palate. Here are 3 simple tips for other parents of picky eaters.

Let Picky Eaters Help with Food Prep

Most kids love any opportunity to help in the kitchen. Of course, they are more likely to eat a meal that they help prepare. Encourage your picky eaters to become more open to trying new foods, by letting them get their hands dirty. Even something as simple as making a sandwich can be an enjoyable activity for a little kid.

Let Picky Eaters Help with Food Prep

Swap Loved Foods for More Nutritious Alternatives

Speaking of sandwiches, my girls LOVE peanut butter and jelly. They eat a lot of bread in general including various sandwiches and toast for breakfast or snacks. I was so thrilled to learn about Arnold all-new Organic bread for kids, a perfect alternative to other bread options.

Arnold Organic White Made with Whole Wheat Bread made with Whole Wheat is the yummiest Organic bread that is also soft and smooth in texture. This bread is also plant-based and provides a good source of Vitamins A, D, & E. Plus the packaging even has Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, a feature my girls absolutely love!

Swap Loved Foods for Healthy Alternatives

In addition to being good for my family, Arnold Organic is also good for the environment. They use USDA Organic ingredients and uphold a commitment to sustainable baking practices. Arnold Organic bakes its bread using renewable wind energy and donates 1% of its revenues to environmental causes. Swapping out Arnold Organic bread gives my family a more nutritious alternative that I know they will also enjoy eating.

Get Creative with Your Food

Another easy way to encourage picky eaters to try something new is to make food more fun. Using shaped cutters (like the Disney’s Mickey Mouse cutter below), bright colors (easy with fresh fruits and veggies), and cool plates is a great way to get kids excited about trying new things.

We also enjoy making open face sandwiches with adorable faces or animals made from fresh ingredients. It’s like art that we can eat! If you have a picky eater, try getting more creative with the presentation to spark your child’s interest.

I hope these ideas help introduce your picky eater to a few new foods. Be sure to add Arnold Organic White made with Whole Wheat Bread to your cart on your next grocery run.


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