3 Ways to Encourage Your Daughter to Dream Big with Disney Princess

This is an #AD from Hasbro

It’s no secret that we love Disney Princess. My blog was inspired by our love for all things Disney and raising little princesses of my own. There is just something so magical about the classic stories we know and love.

We were so excited when Hasbro sent us this box full of Disney magic including four Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Fashion Dolls, a tiara craft and a custom notebook to remind my girls that they are responsible for writing their own Happily Ever After. Of course my girls wanted to put on their favorite Disney Princess dresses from home for the occasion.

There's a Disney Princess for Everyone

There’s a Disney Princess for Everyone

Every princess has a story and I strive to empower my daughters to write their own. I love that every Disney Princess has her own unique and iconic personality. There is a Disney Princess who is relatable for every one, from every walk of life.

I resonate with Cinderella, a born dreamer and hard worker. My 5-yr-old has a personality similar to Ariel, filled with curiosity and a passion for collecting little treasures. On the other hand, my 3-year-old is more like Rapunzel, adventurous with a witty sense of humor.

There's a Disney Princess for Everyone

3 Ways to Encourage Your Daughter to Dream Big

From kindness to courage, strength and compassion, there are important lessons to be learned from Disney Princess characters. Above all, the Disney Princess stories share the importance of dreaming big and working hard to achieve those dreams. Here are three ways to encourage your daughter to Dream Big.

1. Set Goals

Talking about setting goals early on will set your daughter up for success in the future. Introduce the idea of writing down goals/dreams and using inspiring reminders to help them work toward achieving them. Even something simple like riding a bike or learning to tie shoes are little dreams that can teach important lessons.

2. Inspire Creativity

Big dreams require big innovation. I encourage my girls to use their imagination as much as possible. Doing art projects, playing pretend, and creating our own stories are just a few ways to help inspire creativity from a young age.

3. Read Stories

Dreaming big starts with broadening your horizons. We read stories to learn about other places and people. My hope is that fostering an early love for reading will create a lifelong desire to continue learning, growing and dreaming.

Hasbro Disney Princess dolls

Iconic Dolls with Sparkly Style

This year, the Hasbro Disney Princess brand has introduced an exciting new line of dolls and playsets based on classic Disney characters and franchises, including these Royal Shimmer Fashion Dolls.

Hasbro Disney Princess dolls

My girls spend hours imagining and creating new stories with their Disney Princess dolls. With gorgeous glitter accents, these dolls showcase iconic charm that meets fresh, modern style.

Hasbro Disney Princess dolls make an amazing gift idea for little girls. If you want to empower your daughter to dream big and create her own fairytale, parents can shop the Disney Princess Line here.


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