Disney Baby Must Haves

by Kayla Peloquin
Disney Baby Must Haves

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Disney is magical. Having a baby is magical. Putting the two together is a perfect fit! If you’re obsessed, like me, you’ll want these adorable Disney baby must haves for your newborn.

Swaddle Blankets

I received aden + anais muslin cloth swaddle blankets as a gift with my first baby, little did I know those blankets would be a MUST HAVE once my little bundle of joy arrived. This pregnancy, I literally squealed when I learned that aden + anais had partnered with Disney for several sets of blankets including Minnie, Mickey, Bambi, The Lion King, Winnie the Pooh and Dumbo. Now all they need is a Disney Princess version (hint, hint).

Clothes Fit for a Princess

It’s so much fun to dress your baby in sweet, adorable clothes. While not all clothing is practical, these rompers and onesies are the perfect mixture of Disney style and comfort. I can’t wait to try them on my little princess when she arrives later this summer.

Baby Toys

Even at a young age, toys can be developmentally challenging and helpful in growth. These toys are perfect for your young baby. From a sweet cuddly lovey, to teething rings and building blocks, these cover the first year seamlessly.

Bathtime Essentials

I was never a fan of using my kitchen sink for baby baths. I loved using a baby bathtub instead! This one has soft mesh and would grow perfectly as baby does. Bath time is fun time in our house! These soft and squishy toys make the perfect addition to bath time. Lastly, I love using the hooded towels when my daughter was little. This princess one is just too cute to resist!

The ‘Big’ Stuff

Babies need so much stuff! Having somewhere safe to sleep, a stroller for trips to the store (or Disney) and a carseat are three of the most essential must haves for a new baby. I love this sweet princess themed basinet which is perfect for the first few months when baby is still in mom’s room. This carseat and stroller travel system is absolutely adorable and perfect for a little princess (and it’s a good price too)!


These Disney must haves for your baby are fun and certain to show your Disneyside. Already planning your first Disney trip? Be sure to read 5 Reasons to Take Your Baby to Disney World. I hope one of these favorites inspired you as you prepare for your little bundle of joy!

Disney Must Haves for your Baby

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