Maternity Style Hacks for the Thrifty Mom

Pregnancy doesn’t require a whole new wardrobe, despite the quick changes associated with growing a human. I’ve found ways to be be both thrifty and stylish through both pregnancies. Here’s my Maternity Style Hacks for the Thrifty Mom.

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Invest in a Belly Band

These magical waist bands are fairly cheap and come in multiple colors. I used belly bands for the first 6 months or so without the need for maternity pants/shorts. Simply put, the band covers the bottom of your belly, allowing you to wear your pants unbuttoned and cover the gap from non maternity shirts.

Buy Nursing Bras

When pregnant, your chest size inevitably increases, sometimes quite drastically. Instead of purchasing new bras in a larger size, purchase nursing bras that can be worn during pregnancy and also after the baby is born.

Double Duty Staples

I love anything that can be used for an extended period of time. Instead of shopping for just ‘maternity’ clothes, be on the lookout for convertible nursing tops or dresses that can also be worn during pregnancy. I love these dresses from Pink Blush, they’re so soft and useful as both a maternity and nursing dress.

Maternity Fashion

Shop Second Hand

With both pregnancies, I purchased second hand maternity clothes at incredibly cheap prices. Search your local swip swap sites, or local second hand stores for items you may need based on season and style. Women typically only wear maternity clothes for a few months so buying used pieces mean they’re generally in good condition. I scored a bag full of maternity clothes with over 25 pieces for less than $30, you really can’t beat that!

Borrow from a Friend

If you have a friend who was recently pregnant, ask to borrow her maternity wardrobe. My church group has a bag of maternity clothes that we pass from one pregnant lady to the next which saves us all a little extra money.

Mix Regular and Maternity Clothes

I rarely ever wore a maternity shirt and shorts together, simply because I wanted to stretch my wardrobe options to the max. I would mix a pair of maternity shorts with a non maternity stretchy tee shirt or tank top. Or mix a looser maternity shirt with a pair of elastic band (non maternity) shorts. For example, in the picture below,  I am wearing a ‘regular’ shirt and a pair of maternity shorts (that I found on clearance from Motherhood Maternity for only $10!)

Maternity Fashion

Plan Ahead

I was able to find some great deals by shopping in the clearance section of local maternity stores. You can typically find out of season items for cheap. For example, shorts during the winter or long sleeve shirts during the summer. The trick is to plan ahead and know what size clothing you will be in during which season. If you find out you’re pregnant in November (for example) you could easily shop for summer clearance stuff once the temperature drops since you will NEED maternity clothes come summer time.

Maximize Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are absolute lifesavers during pregnancy. They aren’t maternity clothes per say, but they offer great coverage and are loose in all the right places to accentuate a growing bump. It’s so much easier to throw on a maxi dress than finding a shirt and bottoms that fit and match. Toward the end of both pregnancies I practically lived in dresses because of their simplicity and comfort.

Maxi Dress Maternity Fashion

Those are my Maternity Style Hacks for the Thrifty Mom. What’s yours?! I’d love to hear your suggestions for affordable and stylish wardrobe options while pregnant.




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