Guide to Using Minnie Vans at Walt Disney World

Minnie Van Transportation at Walt Disney World

It’s official, the Minnie Vans are here to stay! If you’ve been to Walt Disney World Resort, you’ve probably seen the red polka dot vans driving around. These vehicles are part of Disney’s newest transportation method in partnership with Lyft. The vans offer a comfortable and convenient option to travel between resorts and parks. We received free vouchers during the Preschool Fam event to be able to test out the Minnie Van experience, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Minnie Vans at Disney World

What are Minnie Vans?

Minnie Vans are the newest method of transportation at Walt Disney World, providing guests with a new option to travel between parks and resorts in a comfortable and convenient setting. All Minnie Vans are driven by Disney Cast Members, though the service is powered by Lyft. The vans seat up to six passengers. Each vehicle includes two Graco 4 Ever carseats that can be used rear facing, forward facing or as a booster seat. The vans provide quick and convenient transportation to and from all Disney Parks and resorts (except for the Allstar resorts).

How it Works

To use the Minnie Van service, you must first download the Lyft app. When near the exit of the park, open the app and input your desired destination. Scroll to the bottom of the vehicle options and click on “Minnie Van”. Once selected, it will place you in a virtual queue to wait for a van. The app will also ping your location and tell you where to go. All Minnie Van pick up locations are near the buses. Most Uber or Lyft drivers don’t have access to bus pick up areas or bus lanes, so choosing a Minnie Van has quicker pick up service. Though they are subject to change, here are the current pick up places for each park:

  • Epcot: between bus stops 5 and 6
  • Magic Kingdom: bus stop 11
  • Animal Kingdom: behind bus stop 17
  • Hollywood Studios: bus stop 36
  • Disney Springs: Marketplace or Westside (Minnie Vans do NOT pick up in the central bus station)

The Lyft app will notify you when a driver is on their way. If the queue is long, your screen may time out. This lets you know that all drivers are currently busy. You can either input your destination and search for drivers again or pursue another travel option. This can happen during peak times, like around park close. The screenshots below are to better showcase the process.

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The app does let you know when a driver is available and on their way. It will tell you which number van to look for and provide convenient links to call or text the driver if needed. If you are not at the meeting place, the driver will attempt to call you. They typically won’t wait any longer than 5 minutes if you haven’t arrived, before moving on to the next client. Most Cast Members at park exit were not able to tell us exactly where to go. My advice would be to call your driver as they will offer the best advice.

How to use Minnie Van Service at Disney World

Pick up can be a little confusing. Only your van number can pick you up, so be sure to look out for your designated number. Once your driver arrives and greets you by name, they may need to install car seats. Let them know how many (each van has two) and how they need to be installed (forward facing, rear facing or as a booster). All Cast Members go through meticulous training on how to properly install car seats.

Once buckled up and ready to go, your driver will confirm drop off location and then proceed on the route. All of our Cast Members were extremely friendly and very knowledgable about Disney. Each of them had been with Disney in different capacities for 10+ years. This made for a very pleasant trip. If you have questions about what to see and do at the parks, be sure to ask away.

Minnie Van Transportation Disney WorldMinnie Van Transportation Disney World

Why Choose Minnie Van Transportation

The best part about taking Minnie Van transportation is they can drop you off fairly close to your actual room, not just in the general bus drop off. This saves time and is extremely helpful with little ones. Once your trip is complete, the app will give you the option to rate your ride and confirm your chosen payment option. Tipping is not required but highly appreciated.

Ultimately, Minnie Vans are a great transportation option. I loved the peace of mind of having my kids buckled into carseats, which isn’t an option on bus transportation. The service was friendly, the pick up was fairly quick and the process was convenient. The ride is only $25 which is cheaper than a regular Lyft ride. If you’re planning a vacation to Walt Disney World Resorts, be sure to keep Minnie Van transportation in mind.