Dealing with Deployment

See Ya Real Soon: Dealing with Deployment

This week, we said good bye as my husband embarks on a year long deployment as a civilian contractor. Before we started dating, my husband spent 6 years in US Navy and toured the Pacific on a Air Craft Carrier while stationed in Japan. Ever since he got out of the military, he’s been talking about going back in. After trying out several different career paths, it was clear something was just missing. I wasn’t willing to relocate as my family and my businesses are here in Florida. So the next viable option was working as a civilian contractor.

Earlier this year, he received an offer to go over seas for a year long deployment. After a lot of consideration, prayer and discussion, he felt led to accept the contract. While the deployment is a full year, he will receive a 30 day R&R at some point to visit home. Here’s how we’ll be dealing with deployment while he’s gone.

Get Excited

This one sounds difficult to get behind. Who is excited about being separated from a loved one? My husband is excited for this job and while it may mean a temporary separation, we’re excited too.

Stay in Touch

Luckily, we will still be able to communicate while he’s gone. Since he will be on a military base, there is WiFi access. I’ll send lots of pictures and videos of the kids, so when he has the chance to check, he can see what we’re up to.

Make Memories

A deployment doesn’t stop the world from turning and it won’t stop us from making memories as a family. With the holidays coming up, I intend to make them extra memorable for my girls. Perhaps a few extra trips to Disney, days spent at the playground and reading at the library will help the next year fly by.

Stay Busy

I already have a ‘project’ list to help keep me busy starting with painting our kitchen and refinishing our dining table thrift store find. Two little kids and a couple businesses will certainly help to to keep me busy.

Find Your Support

I am so lucky to have family and good friends in my hometown. Without their support I wouldn’t feel confident in going through a year long deployment. While nothing can replace my husband, having a strong support system will certainly help in his absence.

Dealing with deployment isn’t easy, and while we’re just beginning this journey, I know there are countless families in similar situations who have survived it before. Leaving was the toughest part, and now we start counting down the days until we’re reunited again.

Dealing with Deployment

Dealing with Deployment


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