3 Easy Steps for the Best Bedtime Routine for Baby

by Kayla Peloquin
Easy Bath and Bedtime Routine for Baby

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This post is sponsored by Johnson & Johnson. All opinions are my own.

As a mom of three little girls, I know just how important a good bedtime routine is to keep baby (and mom) happy. There are lots of “easy fixes” that claim to help your baby sleep better, but I know of a proven method that is extremely easy to implement. Can you believe it all starts with a simple bath?

I shared a little about the importance of a routine and newborn sleep tips when my daughter was first born, but a crucial part of our regular routine is a calming bath.

For my family, I trust JOHNSON’S® Bedtime® Collection to help get my babies clean, cuddly and ready for bedtime. The JOHNSON’S® 3-Step Bedtime® routine is essential in building the best bedtime routine for baby.

Johnson's 3 step bedtime routine to help baby sleep better

Why a Bedtime Routine for Baby is Important

Sleep plays an important role in learning and memory. It helps baby retain existing memories and create new ones. Nighttime is crucial for baby’s development and their health relies on restful nights. Not to mention, more sleep for mom too.

Johnson's 3 step bedtime routine to help baby sleep better

The JOHNSON’S® Bedtime® routine is proven to decrease night awakenings by 38% to give babies better sleep. In fact, it is the only routine clinically proven to increase continuous sleep and reduce night wakings.

It even helps babies fall asleep up to 30% faster and be 58% less likely to wake up during the night *in two weeks. So what is this magic formula? It’s actually really simple!

Easy 3-step Bedtime Routine for Baby

Step 1: Warm Bath

A warm bath does wonders to help my baby wind down before bedtime. JOHNSON’S® Bedtime® Bath has relaxing NaturalCalm® aromas to help soothe baby. It’s hypoallergenic, pediatrician and dermatologist-tested with no parabens, phthalates, sulfates or dyes. The No More Tears® formula allows for a tear-free experience and is as gentle to the eyes as pure water.

Easy Bath and Bedtime Routine for Baby

In addition, JOHNSON’S® Calming Shampoo rinses easily, leaving baby’s hair soft, shiny and smelling wonderfully fresh. Plus JOHNSON’S® Bedtime® Moisture Wash hydrates to ensure baby’s skin stays moisturized and kissably soft.

Step 2: Gentle Massage

After bath time, the next step is a gentle massage. I use JOHNSON’S® Bedtime® Baby Lotion with a soothing scent to lock in hydration. It’s Clinically Proven Mildness formula is designed for baby’s delicate skin. I carefully massage my baby’s shoulders, back, legs and feet to relax her and prepare her for sleep.

Easy Bath and Bedtime Routine for Baby

Step 3: Quiet Time

The last step of the JOHNSON’S® Bedtime® routine for baby is quiet time. Whether you read a story, sing a lullaby, or just snuggle your sweet babe, this step is my favorite. By this stage in the routine, my daughter is usually already closing her eyes and ready to relax for the night.

Johnson's 3 step bedtime routine to help baby sleep better

If you’re ready to help your baby have more restful nights, you can follow the JOHNSON’S® 3-Step Bedtime® routine  and find all the necessary products at Walmart in-store or online.

Easy Bath and Bedtime Routine for Baby

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