30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

Spring is in the air and you know what that means, time for spring cleaning. If you’re anything like me, this isn’t an easy or remotely appealing task. Ask anyone who enters my home, cleaning is NOT¬†a top priority. It’s not that I don’t enjoy having a clean home, but in reality, there are so many other things I would rather spend my time doing.

Here’s my challenge to both myself and to you, one 30 minute project per day for 30 days, and in the end, a (hopefully) cleaner and more organized home. Let’s get started!


Let’s start with YOUR room. Seeing the progress here will help motivate you throughout the entire challenge.

Day 1- Clothes

Go through YOUR clothes. The dresser, the closet, etc. Anything you haven’t worn in the past year? Donate it! I have so many dresses that I say “I’ll wear that in the future” but haven’t touched in years, and the next time I need a dress I’ll probably go out and buy a new one anyway ūüėČ If it doesn’t fit, it’s not your favorite or it hasn’t been worn in the past year, it’s time to send it to a new home.

Day 2- Accesories

How many countless purses, belts, shoes and scarves do you have that aren’t worn or used on a regular basis? Simplifying these items to your select favorites will greatly help in decluttering your closet.

Day 3- Nightstand

If you’re anything like me, your nightstand tends to collect a ton of unnecessary stuff. Time to go through and get rid of everything that is not essential.

Day 4- Jewelry

Like most ladies, I have a bunch of costume jewelry, some I wear regularly and some I don’t. Determine which pieces can be given away to Goodwill and organize the remaining. The Dollar Tree has TONS of cute little trays and organizing boxes right now. Grab some in a few bright a vibrant colors. I especially love using ice cube trays for earrings and utensil trays for longer necklaces and bracelets. A belt hanger is also great if you would prefer to hang your necklaces.

Day 5- Bathroom

Do you have various scented lotions, perfumes or sprays? Do you use ALL of them? If not, it’s time to cleanse! Throw away any that are almost gone, older than an year or simply aren’t used on a weekly basis. I also recommend going through your other toiletry items, nail polish, hair stuff, etc. This is a great time to check your bathroom cleaning supplies too. Anything old or almost gone needs to be thrown away. Lastly, take a look at your bath towels. Are any stained or losing their fluff? This may be the perfect time to convert them to cleaning rags for the rest of our challenge and replace them with new ones.

Day 6- Deep Clean the Bathroom

Now that all the trinkets and products have been cleansed, it’s time to give your bathroom a nice scrub. Clean the sink(s), toilet, tub, shower, floors, baseboards and every nook and cranny you can see. The master bathroom is normally a smaller space in the house so really take the full 30 minutes¬†to deep clean every inch! It’s helpful to use an all purpose cleaner to save time, and use the old towels (from yesterday) as rags that can be thrown away as needed.

Day 7- Dust and Vacuum

From top to bottom, wipe everything in your room clean. Clean off picture frames or wall hangings as they can collect tons of dust. Wipe down blinds (use an old unmatched sock to make this easier), clean off your ceiling fan blades (try using an old pillow case) and wipe down anything else that may have collected dust. Once everything has been wiped, vacuum or sweep the floor and bask in your clean room glow.

WEEK TWO- Kitchen/Dining Area

Day 8- Go through dishes

I have¬†an addiction to cool, unique cups. It takes up so much cabinet space! Spend 30 minutes on day 8 going through your cabinets. Are there dishes that aren’t used on a regular basis? Donate them. Pots and pans that look kinda old? Trash them and purchase new ones. Nothing is more inviting than a fresh and clean kitchen.

Day 9- Deep Clean Fridge

In addition to cleaning out any leftovers, expired items or old foods, give the fridge a nice scrub. I like to use an all natural all purpose cleaner and a scrub pad for a quick and effective scrub down.

Day 10- Deep Clean Small Appliances

We have all stainless steel appliances which collect SO MANY FINGERPRINTS. I love the stainless steel wipes made specifically for appliances! They make cleaning so easy and fast. Take a few minutes to also clean the inside of the microwave. Put a cup of water with vinegar in there and microwave for 2 minutes. The steam easily loosens food to make wiping faster. Also take a few minutes to clean out the toaster oven(s).

Day 11- Dining Area

Start with the dining room light fixture and work your way down. Be sure to wipe down all decor items too. This is a great opportunity to clean up your chairs and cushions as well!

Day 12- Cabinet Scrub Down

How often do your cabinets get cleaned? For me, it’s only if something is spilled on them! Take today’s 30 mins to wipe down all the cabinet doors. Using a nice wood polish will give them a beautiful shine too ūüėČ

Day 13- Lighting Fixtures & Cabinet Decor

Clean up the light fixtures and take a few minutes to climb up to access the top of the cabinets. I have several decor items on top of my cabinets. This is a great time of year to wipe these items down and get rid of any dust that has collected. Even if you don’t have decor items, the top of the cabinets still probably have a nice layer of dust to clean off.

Day 14- Sweep/Mop

Saving this for the last day of our kitchen cleaning. Give the floor a thorough sweep and mop! I love using a Clorox Bleach Pen to spruce up the grout, and Swiffers are life savers for easy mopping.

WEEK THREE- Miscellaneous 

Day 15- Office Space

Where is your desk located? It could probably use some TLC. Throw away old papers, wipe down your computer monitor and through away old supplies (pens that don’t work, etc). If you are in need of new office space organization items, check out the Dollar Tree! They have so many cute baskets in various bright and cheery colors.

Day 16- Laundry Room

Throw away broken, bent or old hangers. Wipe down your washer and dryer. Organize your cleaning products and throw away any empty (or almost empty) containers.

Day 17- Entry Way

Jackets, jackets, jackets! My entry way hooks collect SO MANY JACKETS. Now that the cool weather is gone, so should all the un-necessary clothing hanging by the entry way. Whether it is shoes, clothes, backpacks or something else cluttering up your entry way (or mudroom) take a few moments to direct these items to the rooms in which they belong. Which brings us to our next project…

Day 18- Closets

Everyone has a closet that is ‘unorganized’ and collects items that are somewhat random. I least I hope I’m not the only one? Tackle that closet TODAY! Even if it is just getting rid of a few unused items or tidying it up a bit. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but dedicate a good 30 mins to making it better!

Day 19- Junk Drawer

Similar to a crazy closet, every home HAS to have a junk drawer! I’m not by any means suggesting to get rid of the junk drawer, BUT clean some of the junk out. Toss old pens that don’t work, organize those push pins or batteries and find a way to condense. I love using utensil organizers in our junk drawer. It gives me smaller compartments to make organizing a little easier.

Day 20- Walls

My walls get NASTY. Kids dragging their hands along them, dogs brushing up against them, etc. Grab a magic eraser and rub those messes away! You’ll have the look of a fresh coat of a paint when you’re done.

Day 21- Sweep/Mop

Sweep/Mop/Vacuum the common areas not previously covered (entry way, living room, hallways, etc). Take a few extra minutes to vacuum near the creases and under furniture.

WEEK FOUR-¬†Kid’s Room(s)

Day 22- Toys

Does your child have toys he/she doesn’t play with any more? Time to donate them to a new owner! I like to keep one bin of toys. If it doesn’t fit, it needs a new home.

Day 23- Clothes

Go through your child’s clothing and get rid of the ones they have out grown. I like to make a¬†save and donate bin. Some clothing is great to hold on to for sentimental reasons or for another child who will eventually grow into it.

Day 24- Books

My daughter has a whole bookshelf! Some of the stories we’ve read a ton of times and others aren’t as interesting. It’s great to keep the favorites and send the others packing.

Day 25- Kids Bathroom

Scrub from top to bottom! The bathtub, toilet, sink, mirror, baseboards and floors could all use a great cleaning ūüėČ

Day 26- Curtains

Throw your curtains in the wash! Get rid of all those dust mites and have fresh clean curtains to kick off spring.

Day 27- Throw Pillows

These don’t get washed often, after all they are primarily for decor. But they still get quite the abuse throughout the year. Spring cleaning is a great chance to throw them in the wash on a low cycle, or at the very least vacuum them clean and spray them with Febreeze!

Day 28- Windows

Last step for the house! Today, let’s wipe down all of the windows and mirrors for a new, clean fingerprint free look (not sure how long that will last with an almost toddler walking around)

WEEK FIVE (Home Stretch)- The Car!

I spend nearly as much time in my car (or away from home) as I do at home. Cleaning my car is a rare occurrence but certainly a great spring cleaning opportunity!

Day 29-Inside

Grab a couple trash bags and fill one with items that need to be taken inside and sorted and the other with actual trash. Wipe down the dash board, windows (inside), steering wheel, radio and everything else you can see. I love using baby wipes in a pinch, those Armor-All wipes certainly work better!

Day 30- Outside

Take your car to a car wash. This is not only an easy spring cleaning step (I mean you just have to drive through right?) but it is also a fun experience for kids! If you have a few spare moments, pay a few quarters to use the industrial vacuum to tackle the interior carpet too.

AND YOUR DONE! Congratulations! By now you have a clean room, clean kitchen, clean house and clean car! Spring cleaning can be daunting, but breaking it down into tiny projects makes it far less overwhelming.

Are you participating? Tag your pictures on social media with #30DayCleaningChallenge or tell me in the comments below so I can help cheer you on!