Hollywood Studios Baby Center Review Disney with a baby is easy as long as you’re prepared! All Disney World parks offer Baby Care Centers, sponsored by Huggies to make your Disney trip a little easier with little ones. The Hollywood Studios Baby Care Center is located immediately to the left once you enter the main gates, in the Guest Relations area. The door is clearly marked and easy to spot. The facility is equipped with a kid sized bathroom (with smaller toilet), two changing areas with a sink, a food prep area (with sink, microwave, paper cups and adult sized spoons), a small couch and TV playing Disney Junior (or kids appropriate movie), one high chair and two individual nursing stations (each with a rocking chair and a curtain closure).

This is the smallest baby care facility that Disney offers. They do not have products available for purchase inside the Baby Care Center (like the ones at Epcot and Magic Kingdom). However, items are available for purchase in a nearby gift shop.

The changing areas in all Baby Care Centers are always great because they are much bigger, cleaner and more comfortable than the ones in Disney’s regular restrooms. No matter which park we visit, we always stop by the Baby Care Center AT LEAST once, usually on the way in and on the way out.

The Hollywood Studios Baby Care Center is great if you’re the only one in there. However, when two families or more are trying to use the facility at the same time it can feel a bit crowded. Check out these pictures I took on our last visit. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about Disney with a baby! Just comment below Happy traveling!

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