DIY Easter Photos

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IMG_1076Spring is in the air and Easter is quickly approaching! Here’s my tips for a quick and easy DIY Easter photo session.

1. Use natural light. Open the curtains and set up facing a large window if you’re staying inside or go outside and find a nice shaded area. Natural lighting always looks so much better!
2. Grab some props. It doesn’t take much. I bought a $3 Easter sign from Walmart and spray painted it pink. It’s actually part of my Easter decor too! I also bought a few bunny ears from the Dollar Tree and spent a few dollars on Easter eggs.
3. Snap away! Some of the best pictures are totally candid, not posed 🙂 Take a million pictures (ok so that’s an exaggeration), but you want to take a ton. I always go through and delete the ones that are blurry or she’s not looking after we finish.
4. Make sure baby’s in the mood. Ensure your baby is fed, well rested and content before taking pictures. My princess photographs best within 30 mins of waking up. If she’s tired or even slightly hungry she’s way too fussy for pictures. You know your baby best so be sure to take pictures when you’re most likely to get a good and cooperative attitude.

Good luck with your Easter pictures! I hope these tips help and they come out egg-cellent 😉

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